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  1. Looking forward to this now. I just hope I can get over the fact that Cloud looks like Heather Mills.
  2. A real chance to own a piece of history. A Sony console with a decent controller...
  3. jimmbob

    Titanfall 2

    TitanFall 2 is a belter of a game and only about 40p or something, I recommend to everyone if they've not played it.
  4. Yeah they’re OK. I didn’t really use them very much to be honest. I have a play style very much like Frank from It’s Always Sunny.
  5. Yeah they’re not too great on regular BTs. Hematic grenades are probably the best thing throughout for them to be honest, as long as you keep your supplies up and use backpack slots you won’t need to worry at all. Might be teaching you to suck eggs, but also check you’re using the correct ammo.
  6. Building them is admittedly a bit of work, (which I guess is the point, kind of) but when they’re built it’s makes the game a lot more fun. I assume that’s what Kojima was going for. You can have fun, but first you work for it, or something. I dunno. But yeah zip lines are great, as are the roads when fully restored. Also the ... ... helps tremendously when finding places to put your structures.
  7. 70 odd hours or so later it's finished. Overall I loved it, the ending however did erm, drag, for want of a better word. Zip lines are a hoot. My top-tip would be to place them everywhere, particularly in the colder areas. The productions values are amazing, as is the stupid BB! Story-wise, though I like to think I got the gist of it, there was definitely a lot of Kojima wankery in there, like a LOT! The online aspects were fun in the same way they are on Dark Souls etc, so a thumbs up there from me, and unlike Dark Souls I think almost every sign that was placed by others was there to help instead of troll. Peter Englert and his pizzas, hugely enjoyable, and I'm glad there was actually a bit of a pay off to doing his bidding. It reminds me of the first Assassins Creed, in so far as it looks lovely, has some great ideas, if a few missteps here and there. But with a little refinement you know that there could be a wonderful sequel.
  8. All of a sudden my three copies of Skyrim don't seem so excessive.
  9. All those terrible polls, quizes, and Bing searches for naught!
  10. Well I've been saving my points for ages, in the hope of redeeming them against a month or so's worth of Gamepass Ultimate. Today was the day for redemption. However it seems today is also the day they took Gamepass Ultimate off the damn rewards page.
  11. Haha! He’s a proper bellend and no mistake. Keep (on keeping on) at it.
  12. It’s a proper pant shitter. It reminds me of games like Condemned, Silent Hill etc. In so far as while you want to play it, you also want to get through each room without meeting a single thing. It’s brilliant. Intense is probably the best way to describe it as @Jamie John said.
  13. I'm absolutely loving this. I think it’s marvellous that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I like the generally snappy pace. To draw a comparison, I like that it’s different to Game Of Thrones in so far as, well it’s not totally grim dark all the time, and it’s refreshing to watch a show about a guy who kills monsters, ghouls, orcs, dragons and goblins etc, and actually have it happen, instead of episode after episode of people standing around fancy maps, drinking wine and bonking their sisters. There’s a place for that of course (Shropshire) but I like this because it’s just FUN. Something that with the resurgence of big budget TV shows/Comic book movies etc has been missing a little, perhaps.
  14. Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing, heating to dry, light rub with oil, heat until it just starts to smoke, forget it’s hot, burn hand, leave to cool.
  15. Yeah I’ve used the same method, a quick wash, dry, heat on hob for max dryness! Then a light rub with oil.
  16. Yeah when tied up there’s an icon above their head. If it’s “Zzz” (I think!) then they’re out. If it’s “Ooo”, (or something like that) they’re still awake.
  17. The wife got me a Lodge cast iron pan for Christmas. I’ve been pining after one for ages. They take a little looking after (seasoning etc) but I like all that sort of stuff. Highly recommended. So far it’s behaved admirably especially as the seasoning hasn’t really fully developed yet. Sausage. Potatoes. Steak. And today’s lunch, Mexican Corned Beef Hash.
  18. I don't know much about chips, CPU's, frame rates and RAMs and all that, but I do know that a huge portion of us (Myself included) will buy one or both of these machines, and then promptly download a game where you play as a cartoon goose.
  19. The PSN Store is terrible in pretty much all aspects. Unless of course you want your card details stealing or whatever.
  20. I'd be interested to read the DS review. It's scored very well in most places. IMO on production value and scope alone it's higher than a 6. But it'll be interesting to read. Am I misremembering, or did they get a little salty because they were asked to finish the game before reviewing?
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