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  1. However they bought Rare and we all went berserk. Then Rare went to shit, so...
  2. Well blimmin' 'eck. I assume we now get all the Bethdesa games on Gamepass then?
  3. I was hoping for Danny Devito. Ah well maybe next time.
  4. I bottled my IPA at the weekend. I’m not really sure what I’m doing, and I think I broke my crown capper. Anyway. They need another week or two, but They seem to be clearing without too much gunk and pubes floating around in there, so... The clear bottle is simply so I can see how the thing develops over time. It’s in a box out of sunlight. I also have a smaller 330ml bottle that was drawn from the bottom of the FV. It had a bit more floaty stuff in it, but that’s also clearing, It’ll be my cheeky taster bottle next Saturday. The reasoning being, if that one’s OK then the rest
  5. jimmbob

    The Messenger

    I think, well I know, I was too impatient. Up to that point the bosses had been fairly simple, but this one just has loads of HP. I'm used to the long con in games like Souls, but this got on my tits, anyway other than that I'm enjoying it. If it goes to shit later I expect (And demand as my right!) to have more strops though.
  6. jimmbob

    The Messenger

    Right I beat him then turned it off in a huff. Will carry on with it later.
  7. I hope they do one where you have to lie in wait for hours at a time until your unsuspecting victims walk into frame. You then attack with your glorious tentacles, sneering like Kenneth Williams, "Matron take them away!". They could call it Carrion Camping.
  8. I’ve recently finished off a simple bitter from the pressure barrel. Very nice indeed over lockdown. It got better as time went on, and lost that home brew tang. It was around 3.9%. So nice and drinkable. I’ve just kicked off an American IPA which is bubbling nicely, and has blown the airlock off three times so far! But it’s doing the job. I’ve tried not to fiddle with the brew too much, other than obviously sanitising everything and then just sort of forgetting about it, I figure they used to make beer hundreds of years ago without much hassle so... With the IPA, as soon as I’ve ra
  9. I'm enjoying this tremendously. Very funny, and not too much to think about after a day at the office. Achievements that aren't multiples of 5 need to go away though.
  10. jimmbob

    The Messenger

    Right I've been enjoying this, but the Tower of shit was a hell of a leap in difficulty, none the less I got to the top, then the Timekeeper boss fight starts, and quite frankly, he can piss right away for good. I think I broke every tooth from clenching so hard, and have developed crippling carpel tunnel from hammering the slash and jump buttons over and over in perfect rhythm.
  11. I thought that too, but all my settings are as they should be. I think it's just a bit rubbish. Will double check tonight though.
  12. OK, not just me then. I got a pop up the other day saying my account was banned, then it disappeared. As far as I know I haven't been banned, so it's either full of bugs, or I can't remember being disrespectful towards someone's mother while playing on line. It's just as easy to download via the console, but when out of the house it's nice to be able to have it sat on the HD when you get home. Ah well.
  13. Is the gamepass app really shit for anyone else? Specifically the remote downloading option? It simply doesn't work for me at all on iPhone, if that makes a difference.
  14. I think that's why I liked the first so much. As well as feeling a bit grindhouse, it also felt like a janky, PS2 obscuro, japanese horror game. Basically I have always had a very dear love of shit games.
  15. Big Silent Hill vibes from the trailer. I'm in.
  16. Jack Black. If ever there was a reason not to play a game...
  17. I'm well jealous of those who will be playing this for the first time. I played it pre-lockdown, and now, post lockdown I'm pretty sure Kojima is a fucking Soothsayer or something. Anyway enjoy, it's fantastic and weird as hell.
  18. I haven’t watched a Sony thingy for a while so I’m quite excited for this. I assume we’re getting a console/game reveal, or are they wheeling out Captain Interesting and his terrifying fact book of flopps, and chips again? I only ask because the last big PlayStation thing I watched was like one of those early 70’s university programs that they used to stick on BBC two at 6 in the morning.
  19. The thing about St Anger, is that while horribly produced, it is actually decent when paired with the documentary Some Kind of Monster. The story behind the album is better than the album as it were. Granted that doesn't make it any less unpleasant on the ears, but as a product of the band and where they were at that time it's a decent little time capsule. Same with Justice, and all the no bass stuff. *Edit* The documentary was called some kind of monster, not St Anger. I should know that considering the DVD is in the shelf in front of me!
  20. Same here. “The Nasties”, took me quite by surprise. I had a proper, snorty, real laugh at that one.
  21. Today I’ve made a pineapple cake with more than a dash of dark rum.
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