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  1. I really enjoyed Down the Rabbit Hole, although it was a bit short.
  2. I wonder what it's like on carpet? I want to buy it but think the living room / dining room carpet would be slightly too thick
  3. That video is excellent. I've never played bridge crew but i'll be getting it for the quest tonight
  4. Ultrawings is quite good. I've been trying to buy the elite strap but sold out everywhere. Oculas have them for preorder but a 3 week wait. I'm too impatient for that.
  5. Thanks, i'll give it a go later. Will probably sell my Rift S now if i can get the wireless stuff working
  6. Do i need both the store version and the sideloaded version of Virtual Desktop to play PCVR games wirelessly on the Quest 2? I wasn't going to bother with sideload if i could help it.
  7. Exactly this for me too. That and the fact that i have a decent gaming PC and can play the xbox stuff on that.
  8. Asked for a refund on Steam this morning and had it accepted and returned within an hour!
  9. I've preordered this on steam and played a bit of the beta. Can I get a refund if I've played more than 2 hours of the beta?
  10. I love him, the absolute mentalist. He would be fantastic in the English PL, he would get the space he needs to make the most of his game. I never want him to leave though.
  11. Rangers new top, Castore's first football top. Looks really good with a nice detail on the back of the neck. Cant wait to get one to see what the quality is like.
  12. Really tempted to get one. I haven’t used my quest for a few weeks, no particular reason just been playing other stuff. I really need to get back in to it.
  13. I didn't know this awesome!
  14. I absolutely agree. I'm hoping that the whole OS for both new consoles is built around the SSD tech and data transfer etc. In a way, the new Xbox might be hampered by needing to have new first party games perform similarly on PC, seeing as they're pushing gamepass on pc pretty hard. Sony might have the advantage in that they don't need to worry about that, at least for PS5 exclusive titles. It's going to be fun finding out
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