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  1. I’m absolutely loving the 3ds just now. So much so that I’m preferring it over my switch. I love the 3d effect, it adds so much to the games for me.
  2. I've just started this on PS5 based on this thread. I've no idea why i ignored it for so long, i guess i thought it was just a Last of Us clone with motorbikes. I was very wrong!
  3. It's the first game i plan on playing on Steam Deck
  4. Enslaved : odyssey to the west Fantastic story and great gameplay (for the time). Streamlined just enough to stop it from being boring or too complicated.
  5. It's amazing. I actually use it when scoping out holidays to check out where the hotels are, routes etc. It's always fun to revisit old places you've been on holiday for a walk around too
  6. Check Wander out, my favourite app on the quest
  7. The new Electronic Mix tracks in Beat Saber are certainly challenging. I cant beat them on Hard yet...Definitely stepped up the difficulty on them.
  8. I was going to buy Eleven Table Tennis but got a warning saying that you need at least 2M x 2M area to play in. Would you say that you need all that space?
  9. I'm not jealous AT ALL! I keep telling myself that i don't want one......then check my email 3 times a day for my pre-order email
  10. My almost 4 year old loves this. Hilariously she’s destroying people online as well.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 1 has a reminder button just in case you forget what you're supposed to be doing. I use it. A lot.
  12. I'm still eagerly awaiting my email. A month or so ago i was adamant that i was just going to sell it on as i didn't need it. Now i just WANT it
  13. Thanks So much of the thread had been about tinkering, which is great but i was getting a bit worried that i'll be constantly starting and stopping games to manually optimise them or even get them to run. It's good that the option is there though to open the system up for whatever you want to do to it.
  14. Without sounding like a total luddite, are you able to fire up the steam deck and just play your steam games without tinkering and adjusting TDP and and other settings? Part of the appeal of the switch (and traditional consoles) is that games are optimised (supposedly) and just "work".
  15. I stopped just after the first boss (mini boss? the wolf guy in the cave). For no other reason than i started playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I'll go back to Elden Ring at some point though i think.
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