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  1. Enslaved : odyssey to the west Fantastic story and great gameplay (for the time). Streamlined just enough to stop it from being boring or too complicated.
  2. It's amazing. I actually use it when scoping out holidays to check out where the hotels are, routes etc. It's always fun to revisit old places you've been on holiday for a walk around too
  3. Check Wander out, my favourite app on the quest
  4. The new Electronic Mix tracks in Beat Saber are certainly challenging. I cant beat them on Hard yet...Definitely stepped up the difficulty on them.
  5. I was going to buy Eleven Table Tennis but got a warning saying that you need at least 2M x 2M area to play in. Would you say that you need all that space?
  6. I'm not jealous AT ALL! I keep telling myself that i don't want one......then check my email 3 times a day for my pre-order email
  7. My almost 4 year old loves this. Hilariously she’s destroying people online as well.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 1 has a reminder button just in case you forget what you're supposed to be doing. I use it. A lot.
  9. I'm still eagerly awaiting my email. A month or so ago i was adamant that i was just going to sell it on as i didn't need it. Now i just WANT it
  10. Thanks So much of the thread had been about tinkering, which is great but i was getting a bit worried that i'll be constantly starting and stopping games to manually optimise them or even get them to run. It's good that the option is there though to open the system up for whatever you want to do to it.
  11. Without sounding like a total luddite, are you able to fire up the steam deck and just play your steam games without tinkering and adjusting TDP and and other settings? Part of the appeal of the switch (and traditional consoles) is that games are optimised (supposedly) and just "work".
  12. I stopped just after the first boss (mini boss? the wolf guy in the cave). For no other reason than i started playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I'll go back to Elden Ring at some point though i think.
  13. Curry's have PS5's in stock, only as a £750 bundle though. You get the console, 1TB M.2 Drive, extra controller, Logitech wireless headset and GT7 or Horizon (or both for a bit extra)
  14. I’m a 512 guy too. My estimate is July / August.
  15. I think i'll get it on xbox, me and my daughter can couch co-op it
  16. I'm not sure whether to get this on Xbox or Switch. The video's i've seen of it make the graphics look really good, not sure how big of a hit these will take on the switch though.
  17. Not silly at all, i can totally relate. When you strip Destiny 2 down, it's literally doing the exact same mission over and over again with the chance to get a new shiny. I doubt many people actually enjoy the process of doing the same level over and over again, its just mindless grinding. It's like gambling with you time for a meaningless reward. Time that you'll never get back. This inevitably makes you time poor. There are obviously more games that do this, it's just that my only experience is with Destiny. I've had some fun times on the game, but that's mainly when i've been playing and chatting with other people, many on this forum actually, and i'll always be thankful for that.
  18. Destiny 2. I've grown to loathe the game recently. When i think back to the number of hours i've put in to try and get a certain weapon to drop for the latest "god roll", i'm genuinely angry with myself. What finally made me realise and tipped me over the edge was a recent quest that you could only progress if a certain weapon dropped at the end of a 15 min mission but was RNG based....and you need two of them....but the chance at getting this weapon was on a daily rotation. So not only did you have to grind this mission while it was on that day, but there was no guarantee whatsoever that you were going to get it to drop. I miss the days of completing a game and moving on to the next one, so that's what i'm doing now...with the odd game of fortnite because the missus like playing it. It's an interesting topic though and and definitely one with dark undertones with gaming companies looking at ways to draw you in and keep you sucked in.
  19. Preordered this from Nintendo. Free Kirby Notebook and magnetic stickers. Another switch game to go on the shelf and not get touched It looks great from the demo footage though.
  20. 15% playable. Still not keeping it though.
  21. My preorder but on steam is saying Q2 still, presumably because it’s the 512gb one? Definitely will be selling for cost plus postage, can’t stand scalpers.
  22. I've got a preorder in for the 512GB version, ordered it as soon as the pre-orders opened. The thing is, i really dont think i'd use this now that i have a decent gaming laptop. I'd only use this sitting on the couch anyway. It's be pointless cancelling my pre-order now so expect to see mine in the trading forum the day after i receive it.
  23. Thanks for the gee up, just what I needed is there any benefit to resetting the run and starting over?
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