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  1. Gosh the trailers are so far apart on this I don't know what to believe. I'll have to wait for the reviews. The first trailers painted it as a full of dumb action adventure and the later ones feel more Next Generation (the movies). But considering all Star Trek movies have been bad, compared to the TV shows, I guess it doesn't matter. Since when did people start caring about the movies? I like the Rihanna song, in the sense I like musicals.
  2. I think that's a worse trailer than the first (just the pacing of it) but this seems to me to be a big-budget audition tape for why Mel could have still played Mad Max. I love the latest Mad Max movie but it'll always annoy me Mel didn't play the role, though Hardy would always be my no. 2 for the role. He could still do it! He fucking is Mad Max, doesn't even need to act! Oh well.
  3. Can't remember what it was I read now, (something on the Guardian me thinks), but it totally said the what I had in my head - Jeremy Clarkson invented the current Top Gear formula 100% around him. You cannot just swap Clarkson and co out and replace them and get away with the same formula. Top Gear is a bit like YouTube, it's personality driven. A popular streamer could not just go on a break for a while and let someone else take over. This series was sticking way too close to the Clarkson formula and hoping "fake" presenters could get away with it, Any hope we had that this serie
  4. Liked the Jorah bit a lot and the sea people doing their thing. But Hodor thing one of the stupidest things I think I've ever seen in fiction. Was up there with Midichlorians in the leagues of dumb explanations for something that was just fine the way it was.
  5. This new Dredd movie/TV show is going to be the new Half Life 3 I feel... But damn, that Karl Urban stare...
  6. Sure, as long as you're able to lay down £10 (the current minimum pledge, which is cheaper than it will be!), the game will be yours on Steam. And it's currently ranking #11th overall on Steam Greenlight so we should have permission to launch on Steam soon, not that we're anyway ready Don't want to be an Early Access death story. :-) Anyway, thanks for all the +votes everybody, means a lot. :-) Reading and studying for games for so long had to pay off eventually. I know our trailer is a bit rough graphically, got another one encoding right now in fact
  7. Hi everyone, This is a Kickstarter game that I've been making for the last year or so with a small team. As a regular forum member since 2003 I hope you'll embrace this little bit of forum shilling! Atomic Society is a new city-building game that lets you run society the way you want it. The game is deeply influenced by early Fallout games. I used to love how every town/settlement in Fallout 1 and 2 seemed to have a different character, with its own problems and ethics. I wanted to build a game that lets you make your own Fallout-sty
  8. Has it's good moments, but it's just not original enough for me. Too much riffing on the past to appease a Star Wars fanboy like me. I understand why, it's trying to win back an older generation of casual Star Wars fans and excite kids at the same time. Old-school nerds like me are fed nostalgia and nothing else. My main issue is that it ignored my main delight of Star Wars - the sense of wonder. This is not a new Star Wars movie, more a cool remix of the past ones. Death Star 3.0 was probably the worst. We used to mock it returning in Jedi, and doing it again here was ludicrous, I thought. W
  9. Not for me this game sadly. Perhaps I'm not the consumer for Witcher games (having disliked 1 and 2) although I did complete and enjoy Skyrim. My criticisms are all just about 5-6 hours played. The landscapes are too samey. They make very realistic valley/bog/woods but that type of background becomes tiresome quickly. I've quit at the second zone admittedly, and I know there's a kind of Viking area later on, but this second area (which is huge and takes hours to explore) looks identical at the eastern edge to the way it does at the western edge. It felt like a chore to traverse it, going
  10. I forgot how bloody frustrating this series is. It's basically 100 hours of fantastic foreplay for an epic finale that may or may never come and just when you're super aroused it's over for another year. It's like watching characters enter the ring for the ultimate wresting battle but they haven't made it yet because they keep dying on the way there, or forgetting they were supposed to be fighting anyway and sheepishly walking back to the dressing room. All my frustrations with it are that it's a cock tease supreme.
  11. This film was preceded by a trailer for the upcoming Jurassic Park and Terminator movies, sequels to two of favourites from days gone by, and their modern trailers filled me with the usual horror at seeing something you loved raped before your eyes. I almost wanted to curl up and die in some pungent, closed-down video shop where the additional tortured ghosts of the Alien, Predator, Robocop and Die Hard "franchises" could torment me at night, screaming at why have they been abused so? Mad Max 4 has escaped their terrible fate. That is enough for celebration in my book. This is is a genuinely
  12. Starting to wonder if there's a 90s genre that is yet to be rebooted? Perhaps the developers of Mortal Kombat X are slightly regretting that 2D fighting games didn't go out of fashion entirely so that they could be rebooted. Though really I'm just annoyed Kickstarter's biggest hits are nostalgia cash-ins. Maybe all generations feels like this as their childhood things are marketed for dollars, it bothers me especially. However, it works. Fuck me, their trailer almost took me back to that time I got a brand new N64 and thought the graphics were good. I find it weird psychologically that a game,
  13. Internet celebrity lives on! But yeah, I guess the fact that game drove me to spend zillions of hours writing an FAQ for the first time in my life also stands in its credit!
  14. I'm not sure if having a top 20 vote is a good idea in these threads as after about 5, it all becomes “I have fond memories of it” type thing. 20 is too much for me. Anyway, I've managed 8 random choices this time. Grand Theft Auto 3 A living, breathing city in 3D and the freedom to go crazy in it, the ultimate playground. It basically put every game you'd imagined playing as a boy into a game and draped it in great (for the time) graphics and great music. For me this is the pinnacle of the GTA series and I’ve played them heavily all from the first onwards. All the perks and realism of a moder
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