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  1. That collectible card shit is a bit too cashing in on nostalgia for me, assuming it's a proper marketing drive.
  2. Seems pretty clear to me if you're a casual Mario fan, go for 3D World. I don't generally like Mario platforming games but 3D World is so charming and easy to pick up and play that I'm in love with it. However, I imagine If Mario games are the pinnacle of gaming to you, go for the NSMBU. Or get both if you're just into games and have cash to burn.
  3. Today I took back my Xbox One in disgust. I'd bought it for Halo multiplayer, so naturally, I was not best pleased. But the whole console stank. It was too much like a PC dressed up with all the downsides and few of the pluses. It didn't help I had to buy 3 Xbox's until I got one that worked properly! But that interface... Ugh. The games felt distanced to me, not immediate, slow, lacking in playability. So after seeing a mate's Wii U I couldn't get it out my head, it was like the first time I saw a N64 being played. Not my cup of tea at first but irresistible. And that's despite having been out of Nintendo fandom since the Gamecube, It's so nice to get excited about games again! The gamepad... I had no idea it was this good! When it asked to take a picture of my face to help make my Mii (with hilarious results) I had no idea it even had a camera built into it! Alongside the screen, speaker and motion controls. It's also comfortable to hold and docking into a station to recharge is a breeze. Having a quality screen on the controller is something I love, despite not thinking I would at first. Being able to just browse the store or whatever without turning on the TV and console is great. Mario Kart 8 is sensational, it reminds me of when I was a kid and I'd go to the arcades and see 3D racing games and be bowled over by their sense of scale and speed. It plays just as well too. It has the best version of Youtube, touch controls on the screen make it much easier to use. The dashboard in general was a little confusing at first but once I've got it, it's a breeze, whereas I was still baffled by the Xbox UI a month after using it. It's got the best graphics of any current-gen console I've seen, despite being less powerful. It's tiny, takes up half the space of any console, and feels solidly built. Finally I can just play a game when I buy it... Nothing like a 24 hour install and patch phase for Halo. Demos that are under 1GB. Great for testing them out and they're generous too. A lovely social vibe and a great community, in part thanks for Nintendo's draconian policing, but still, everybody is positive and happy online and that's a first. And I'm playing online without paying a penny. That's immense as an Xbox gamer. I bought 4 games with it... 3 of them (Zelda, Mario 3D, Mario Kart) get 10/10 from Eurogamer. The last one, Pikmin 3, gets 9/10 and they fully deserve those scores in my book. Man, I could gush about this console for ages... Feels so good for a jaded gamer!
  4. Felipe was never going to make it to the final anyway. It's a shame he went this way, I would've been pleased in Sugar's shoes, but whatever. Felipe should've defended himself better (for a lawyer). If I asked someone to get me an anatomical (or whatever the fuck the other guy called it) skeleton and they came back with a paper fold-out thing, I'd be muddled. If they then said, he's almost what you wanted plus here's the £200 change (which is still cheaper than the other one) I'd be very pleased. He should've appealed to Sugar's market trader background.
  5. Seems to me the plot will be that young girl and young Stormtrooper kid get a sudden twinge in the Force (aka it awakens in a new generation - there must be some reason why nobody in the original trilogy had the force but loads did in the prequels). That awakening is probably Luke Skywalker calling them to some Jedi Temple to train to be bad asses. The girl is maybe related to Han and Leia, a runaway kid type of character, hence Han goes off to help her get there. No idea what stupid saber guy was about. Maybe he's been awakened too but it went a bit tits up. I can give his sabre a pass as I remember everybody thinking Darth Maul's saber was ridiculous 15 years ago, and it is, but it's now cannon that the bad guy has a stupid weapon. I was quite surprised how JJ the whole thing looked. The guy really does have a visual style. EDIT: One thing that pisses me already is if this film is brilliant - you know it's going to end on a motherfucker of a cliffhanger.
  6. Yep same, little different really, maybe quicker for 1 or 2 matches, but always unbalanced teams, and I've never managed to get 3 games in a row. Also now has a habit of locking up on the loading screen, after you've patiently waited ages for a game, and keeps playing this error type sound effect over and over... Nice. It seems the reason the multiplayer side of the game was a whopping 15GB patch on day 1 was purely because they had no chance in hell of getting it gold to press on to discs for the launch date.
  7. Because of hope it might be good. It's a big screen kind of movie, I've got to try and see it at the cinema, but it was a risk.
  8. Trailer also made me a bit sad that Michael Crichton is dead now and can't see this. He was ace.
  9. At least it wasn't boring, that's the best I can say. I dreaded going to see this because the trailers painted it as such a serious movie that went on for 3 hours. So right now I'm just relieved I didn't spend my time staring at the dark ceiling wishing it could end. It was all right. But apart from that, nothing really to love about it at all. Like the soundtrack, I felt it was leading somewhere, but it never really delivered. A couple of interesting visual effects, a couple of nice sci-fi ideas. But at least it kept bouncing from one plot idea to the next that I couldn't get bored for long. Liked the utterly random Star Trek system with 3 completely wacky planets and a black hole. The bookcase stuff reminded of Signs. I guess it has the problem that certain other modern directors seem to have, they're clearly film buffs and they want you to know it. So great, he can impersonate Malick or Tarkovsky, or whatever. Well done. Now go make an original movie. Christopher Nolan has got a pass before because there's this threat that if we don't let him continue doing big-budget plot movies that Michael Bay will take over the world, but that also gives you the Nolan problem - he's stuck in the middle. He makes blockbusters that hold back under their need to reference great directors, and art cinema held back by its unoriginal ideas and cliched action. He's a pretty unsatisfying director but I'll probably be suckered into seeing his next movie because it will, again, have the promise of being Kubrick meets Spielberg. But it won't be because he ain't either of them.
  10. I look forward to seeing how they use the giant plastic golf ball car to get into some caper.
  11. http://uk.ign.com/articles/2014/11/24/343-aware-that-far-too-many-are-not-seeing-halotmcc-improvements The kind of talk you'd expect from someone trying to finish a game after it's been launched. They say the Rumble playlist is now live, but I can't see it my end. It's there, I missed it. But I still don't like it when game makers sound like politicians trying to justify something bad for the country.
  12. Argh, this horribly buggy game is so easy to forgive when it actually works. For the first time since a LAN party about 12-3 years ago I managed to have a proper tense, evenly-balanced Halo 1 Team Slayer and it was absolutely brilliant. So stately and simple especially compared to the later games but in a great way. But now, of course, I can't find any more games. I've been allowed my one dose of the day. Still, that was probably enough to make me hang on to it a while longer.
  13. I haven't read certain interviews around launch, so the lag on plugging in a 360, thereby ruining most of the games on it, was news to me when I tried it. It's horrible. I don't have a Kinect so I can't test that but the games do feel sluggish to me in a way I can't put my finger on. 0.5 sec is admittedly an arse figure plucked out of my forumville, I'm not Digital Foundry here, but I thought Halo at 60FPS would be a revelation but it isn't. It feels worse than the old one did. Something's going on. Having read up on other people feeling input lag on the Xbox One, which to me makes perfect sense as the console is running a heavy UI all the the time and constantly recording in the background.
  14. The Xbox One, I've discovered, has at least a 0.5sec built in latency on everything it does. All I have to do is run my old 360 through the Xbox One to be granted with this lag full in the face on games that were otherwise instant. Others have mentioned this online. 0.5 second, on top of all the other lags (TV, internet) adds up a lot in an intense FPS like Halo. At least this became clear during the 5 or 6 games I've managed to have online, because it's okay to release unfinished games these days.
  15. I reckon Sir Hopkins will play the Richard Attenborough role for the new Jurassic cowboy park. Which probably won't be cowboys but where people get to fight robot ISIS members dressed as Collation soldiers, in-between going to orgies and eating at fast-food restaurants, where the main employee are Steve Buscemi and John Travolta. Those actors give the main characters, (the cast of Harry Potter) advice on how to survive and enact the best possible cliff-hanger ending whilst the back catalogue of Al Green and Tom Waits plays on over slow motion footage of Yul Brynner's face on an Ipad.
  16. Delta Halo in the original 10 years ago was when I started to realise the game really wasn't finished. You could tell they'd spent more effort on the earlier levels, it looked like an N64 game in places. I'm not surprised it's a massive improvement now. Meanwhile, matchmaking is still completely broken for me. Can't find a single game. Am I alone suffering this or are people just generally not fussed? I thought there'd be an outcry after other recent online failures. The multiplayer is a huge part of Halo and it just doesn't work at all.
  17. 12 hours to install and patch the game and matchmaking is completely broken as far as I can tell. Had 1 match in an hour of trying. I know this will all get fixed but it sure leaves a sour taste in the mouth. I've been waiting years for to relive Halo 2 online. :-(
  18. That trailer looks so fake. I mean, in a world of CG animated movies and ridiculous superhero movies, that movie looks worse than a generic videogame cutscene. The Hobbit 1 was meh, the second was sigh, I'm out for the third part. Much as I want it, this isn't going to be Lord of Rings again, which all the marketing wants you to believe. This is truly a case of George Lucas syndrome all over again, saved partly from Phantom Menace levels of horror purely because he's basing the story on a well-loved novel and not his own imagination. Is there a director out there who done do big-budget Hollywood spectacle without compromising the story any more? Possibly the Pixar guys but they're on fragile ground.
  19. Anybody who puts this second behind Mario Kart 8 for the year has convinced me. That is high, high praise. So the horrible marketing cutscene skater punk junk that put me off doesn't get in the way?
  20. One of the best features of this is that the Halo 2 multiplayer leveling system is applied to all the games (from what I've read). The only Halo game where defeat affects your level as much as success, and unlike an RPG, it's rewarding to level down because you get easier opposition. Occasionally, given the psychology of an average Xbox Live gamer, you get dicks leveling down so they can pwn when they get to the newbie ranks, but it's still a free victory when you meet them! Halo 2 was my favourite online game, ever (after World of Warcraft, which doesn't' count). So pumped right now. Even with my 300k download rate, which means a 20gb patch is going to take a wee while...
  21. This game had me at hello! I was cynical about it, but when I heard that music, and saw art direction, I became a facehugger on the TV. It was so Alien. All it had to was not anything above "complete cack" to satisfy me. Walking around the familiar sets at the start was so bizarre for me, someone who has adopted the movie as part of his mind, actually walking around such faithful recreations was weirdly like being an actor in the movie. Interestingly my first encounter with the alien reduced me to Lambert. I sat crouched down in the shadows and started weeping/moaning for it not to see me. And I don't think it was even there... I just thought it was. Other encounters have let me understand the psychology of the characters in the first movie is spot on. Still, haven't been tentacle raped by it yet, but I'm hoping for more rapey subext later on, hopefully before the crappy Minecraft wannabe crafting system gets on my nerves. So far, only a few hours in, it has earned its price of entry as a life long Alien fan nutjob. Even if the plot is more like the Alien spin-off novels than the movies.
  22. Halo 2 single player isn't awful, if separated from the shadow of its illustrious peer. It's main problem is that Bungie didn't finish it, let alone test and perfect it. The game we got is like an alpha version 6-12 months earlier than it was supposed to be released. The levels are increasingly unfinished and unpolished to the point where it's completely random and ends abruptly. The plot is utter gubbins naturally, but I'm just about over that particular point now. Regardless, it will be a lot of fun in online co-op at 1080p/60fps 10 years after it came out.
  23. Tesco should, but I'm guessing I'd have to take back the entire console, not just the faulty controller that came with it? I can't be bothered to pack it all up, get a new machine that might not work, etc, the updates alone take hours...
  24. What a fucking saga getting an Xbox One has been for me! Last week I tried to get one on ShopTo but they wouldn't take my card and couldn't be bothered to reply to my emails for assistance. So I decided to go to SimplyGames instead when they had a cheap offer, but they decided not to dispatch my order and it just sat there, despite offering next-day delivery. So I cancelled that and went to Tesco in store as they have an offer of an Xbox and Alien for £330. Bought one, got all the updates, installed my games, only for the hard drive to shred itself in 12 hours. Sigh. So I take it back, get another brand new Xbox One, come home, install everything all over again... AND THE FUCKING CONTROLLER DOENS'T WORK! Start and Back both do the same thing so I can't use them in game. Jesus Christ. Now have to post the controller back to MS and buy an replacement controller in the meantime just so I can play with my new toy. Anyway, I did ask for one of those lovely referral codes ages but didn't any get email or notices unfortunately, so could someone else please try referring me. My Gamertag is El Zilcho. Hopefully I'll get to use it this decade.
  25. Bummer. I can hear mine on the far side of the lounge even when it's just idle on the dashboard.
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