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  1. I've just got my Xbox and I'm a bit concerned about the noise of the hard drive. I can hear it going. It's not super loud, and I wonder if I'm being fussy, but I've heard this can be a problem and I'm finding it hard to block out. Is it normal for the hard drive to be rumbling/crackling away noticeably during quieter moments?
  2. Whoop. That is a great change. But that game sharing thing, where a mate can play a game I bought on his machine if I share it, and vice versa, that's gone, right?
  3. If I have Xbox Live Gold, but my wife (who has her own gamertag on the same machine) doesn't, can I sort of give her the ability to play online when I'm not using the console? I have a vague memory of hearing that this was possible on Xbox One. It's a bit annoying if we both need separate gold subscriptions considering we won't be playing together.
  4. I'm hoping to upgrade this weekend. Going into Game to see what they'll give me for the old 360. I'll let you know. Decided in the end it's not the most powerful machine that matters, I can live without the latest graphics, but what my buddies wish to play, and they wish to play Halo!
  5. The animation on the alien seems rather stiff, no? You can see it decide to do something, then move in accordance. Animation is poor in too many games. Then again, no free roaming AI could match with the sleekness of the movie alien I guess. Looking forward to getting the Bone version this week.
  6. Robin Hood, as a character, isn't any weaker than any of the other superheroes who've produced successful trilogies and comes with a lot less contractual baggage. Plus British actors in medieval clothes is right popular at the moment. I can sort of see the weird business sense of it but it's going to be hard after Ridley Scott failed to do Gladiator 2 with Russell. The Sheriff of Nottingham stand alone movie could be decent (in my dreams). Or...
  7. I was actually pumped when Halo 2 was new on the scene and the single-player looked like it had become a lot more cinematic and big-budget than the scrappy "indie sci-fi movie" of the first game (which was so good, surely a big budget would make it 10x as good?!!!?) . It's what I wanted at the time. It just turned out, as it does with most AAA games, that game designers aren't actually as good at epic storytelling as specific, one-off, genius Hollywood movie directors. And if you're not that good, it's painful to see you try.
  8. What do people actually want from a Star Trek movie anyway? What could they do that would be (a) a worthy continuing of the Star Trek ideal, and (b) earn a shit load of profit? For years as I was growing up, the ST movies were basically considered to be the inferior off-spring of the TV show, something they did to bring in an audience and make a little extra money. You'd see them on TV when they had nothing else to pad out the schedules with. Now they're everything Star Trek is. It's weird how in an era when serious TV dramas are more popular than ever, blockbuster movies are considered to be the defining avenue for this particular franchise. I'm not sure how "good" Star Trek could exist in the modern age anyway, considering it was so tied to the 60-70's scientific utopia ideal from its origin. Maybe, possibly, they could do something about the early exploration of Mars, but they've already screwed up the prequel idea. I reckon people actually used to think "that's probably how the future will be" when they watched Star Trek on TV. Now it seems like complete fantasy. So, I suppose, Star Trek is truly screwed until the times change.
  9. Are those make-up heavy, edited, beauty queen photos of Emma Watson behind the quotes supposed to be some sort of ironic commentary on the purely visual treatment of women? Edit: Said Emma Thompson originally. Am stupid.
  10. As I see it, Halo 3 had a better single player than 2. A slightly worse multiplayer. The main problem with Bungie games is the bombast, hype and seriousness they surround themselves with these days. I'm convinced some of the wonder of Halo 1 is that it came out of nowhere, from an unknown team, and was a complete gamble. If Bungie could've stayed an indie studio, they'd be one of the coolest in town.
  11. Someone working at Blizzard has (had?) a rather twisted imagination. It was more the way you'd be happily doing generic fantasy hero quests and then be asked to torture someone or murder their children to set an example.
  12. Amazed no one has mentioned Shenmue. I loved coming home at night after work and basically going on a tourist trip to some random housing estate in Japan merely by turning on my Dreamcast. Relaxing and evocative. Also, it's still uncanny how GTAV basically creates a miniature version of LA. I no longer watch movies set in LA region without thinking of places from that game. The landmarks seem to be spot on. I'll continue to buy any GTA game simply to explore the setting, regardless of the actual gameplay. A bit weird, but the 3 cities from the first ever Driver game (back when open-world games had 3 different cities!) still evoke those places whenever I see them on TV, even though the fact the backdrop was a pixilated bitmap and the buildings popped in. And, although they're basically kitsch versions of their real-life counterparts, Paris and Scotland from Broken Sword and New Orleans from the old Gabriel Knight point and click game. I think it's their atmosphere more than anything.
  13. That was the one of the tensest episodes of anything ever. I'd avoided spoilers and the only thing I knew was something happens that caused 800 people to complain and newspapers to have the Bake Off on their front page, etc, etc. I was expecting a massive explosion of swearing and cock waving to break out any moment among the pastry and British flags. The actual "drama" was so anti-climatic after my imagination's work that I actually felt sexually aroused by the sight of a red-faced man with a bin.
  14. The unused 2001 score by Alex North is on Spotify Alex North – Music for 2001: A Space Odyssey (The Original Score by Alex North)
  15. I bought the UK box set and had no idea it was cut until you just said, so I don't think it makes much difference. Still loved it to bits.
  16. It's out on the 22nd over here. I thought it looked shit from the trailer at the cinema the other day, and Scarlet is often a sign to avoid a movie in my book, but that was before I saw who the director wasand realized I'd totally misjudged the tone of the footage. 10% of the brain comment would annoy me with most directors, but when it's Besson, you know it's going to be totally pulp fiction and exploit comic book stereotypes in an entertaining way. So now I'm excited.
  17. Didn't one of the latest consoles show a real-time version of the pre-rendered REmake lobby in their launch show? I have a memory of it. It's probably where that screenshot on the last page comes from.
  18. It's odd but my love for Star Wars is based on projects that spin off it - making my own adventures with the toys as a kid, the (occasionally good) videogames, the comics and novels. It's one big melting pot and so many creative hands have dipped into that universe. The films are secondary to me. Empire is a great movie, but the others are good/above average - but it was the world with its mythical storytelling tropes that remains the real masterpiece. I hope the new movie creates a new sandbox that captures the imagination so that others can play in it. The characters should be merely vehicles for people to play with in the proceeding years. I want classic archetypes. That's partly why the prequels sucked, because they didn't expand the universe greatly. In fact they closed off parts of the imagination by explaining away the mysteries. Give us something to dream about, to tell stories of our own with. I think that's what kids want too, they like making up their own stories, they just need the "tools" to do it.
  19. I felt that was a little too action focused (I need more than car chases to make a good movie) but what action! I'm so excited about a new Mad Max movie. I've been a fanboy since the first movie. The explosion at 2:14 looks incredible. I didn't like seeing Max being a prisoner for most of the trailer but I'm glad that they might be passing on the baton, so to speak. Shame if Mel isn't in the movie somewhere as he is Mad Max. Here is the original Mad Max 2 trailer for comparison. I went to Namibia where they filmed some of the movie and it's beyond perfect for the setting. Truly like stepping into the Max Max universe. Can't wait. Just hope it isn't like when George Romero got a big budget to make another zombie movie.
  20. Just watched this and thoroughly enjoyed it after a ropey beginning that seemed very one-dimensional and overly 1984. But after a while I stopped questioning the logic of the world and enjoyed it more. Some great action. After about 30-40 minutes though it develops quickly and catches you off-guard and continues to surprise. My favorite part was the school room carriage. It has a real comic-book style to it, some decent casting and a pleasing amount of WTF, which I believe every movie should have! If I were in charge of 20th Century Fox I would give this director the next Alien movie to direct.
  21. Love the imagery, the sense of India is definitely there. It reminded of Top Gear's cinematography, and not in a bad way. The mash-up of 80s culture plus a quite rural setting is interesting. I could feel the heat of the place. First thought I was, is this is City of God for a new decade (assuming it all works). Downsides (and these are merely impressions based on a tiny teaser), is this going to be just another typical gangster movie in a different location, Lock, Stock stuff? And the dialogue was a bit cheesy. Most of the trailers I watch, the dialogue features the characters in a stage of doubt, asking questions (which the movie is supposedly going to answer) rather than characters declaring their life message. Interested though. Would definitely watch if it had some positive word of mouth.
  22. Interesting but worrying. It's very cliff-hanger focused and seems to be mashing together so many different staple sci-fi plots that's I don't feel reassured it's going to be good series yet. If it were just a one-off thing, six episodes say, I'd feel assured it's going to have a good Twilight Zone style ending. However, if this is supposed to go on and on, I fear we're in for a Lost style situation. However, positives are that it's slick, doesn't patronize the audience like so many other contenders for sci-fi series of the moment, has high-production values (zero-g scenes aside). And it's nice to see a strong, female lead character. It isn't hammy, has a HBO level of seriousness. I'd watch the next one, but I have to find something to care about in it other than the core mystery - aka, what the fuck is the main story supposed to be about?
  23. To Kill a Mockingbird has been released on Kindle and is free on Amazon.co.uk right now. No idea if it's out of copyright or it's a pricing error but I grabbed it.
  24. No, no game has moved me as much as a great novel or movie, and I've enjoyed many. A couple have come close when I was younger (FFVII), and more naive to what the world had to offer, but nothing since. The only "game" to come close is World of Warcraft, purely because the living, human players within it can - if you get close to them - spin you out beyond any novel or movie.
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