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  1. I always assumed "xenomorph" was a name the marines gave to hostile alien species of an unknown variety. Lt. Gorman comes across as such a child of the military academy I'm sure he'd stick to the proper terms. Anyway, regarding this DLC, I'm actually more interested in seeing the "making of" documentary of the old cast together again in character than anything else. At least until I've seen the reviews. This game has 7/8 of 10 written all over it. It seems to be Bioshock without the imaginative world and story to carry it to higher scores. Just like Aliens Colonial Shite, right now I want to play it more for the sets and movie feel than the gameplay of running away from a scary alien level after level (as previews portray it). Still, getting Sigourney to reprise her hole as Ripley is a damn sight more impressive than throwing money at Lance - need a pension - Henriksen and Michael - career ended so sadly - Biehn. Sega must've thrown a ton of money their way. If the game is good, I'll definitely purchase it as DLC further down the line. Assuming I'm allowed.
  2. Don't want any details/spoiler but does this game have a decent ending? Been playing ot slowly for ages, quite liking the kooky mystery, and worried I'll just be going "for fucks sake" at the end. Does the ending deliver?
  3. I just hope it doesn't devolve into a guessing game, as most modern TV shows do. (What is the island? Who are the Final Five?) I hope any mysteries get played out soon. I was glad Mayor Carcetti's evil scheming was revealed this series. Mysteries get old quickly.
  4. It must be quite rare for the same director to direct 3 sequels in the same series. I can't think of many others who have done this with any other project. Think of the Alien movies, with their insistence on different directors. Marvel, more or less, believe in variety too. It must be the Paul Anderson, Resident Evil, conservatism. And I fucking adore Michael Bay as a balls out American director, but shit man, mix it up a bit. I'd genuinely love to see new, "trending" directors tell me what they'd do with the concept of toy robots that change into capitalist toys.
  5. It will be because of the way games are funded these days but one can hope that's a blip in time.
  6. Her videos are annoying in their lack of balance and in terms of the George Lucas fashion design (meow), but they are rather bloody good at pointing out how immature and banal most games are these days in terms of content, even if that isn't her true intent. She wouldn't need to go on and on about the poor representation of women in games if games gave a damn about art. Fuck, even superhero comics try to do more than games these days. Wake up industry. Games are currently misanthropic, full stop. They reduce men and women to mere cardboard cutout actors, manly heroes, or female victims, nothing else exists. It really pisses me off how anybody above the level of teenage thrills is completely left out by the current gaming industry. I used to worship games as an art form. But now It's embarrassing and completely at odds with its own origins it has become(I've got a separate thread rant bubbling in me but hey). We at least now have an indie scene that is a bit try-hard and artsy for the sake of it, but almost nothing catering for the mature 30+ mainstream gamer who bloody paid for the current industry out of love. Even games like Minecraft are aiming to hook in young kids with cash, they don't have the bulls to have a message or anything. Heaven forbid any male or female these days might want to play a game above the level of racing cars, beating/shooting people, or going on an ego-fulfilling hero quest. As a teen, games I committed to games broadened my horizons. Did I know shit about Japanese culture before Street Figither 2? Nope. Did I know shit about skateboarding culture before Tony Hawks or life in 80s Japan before Shenmue? Did I know how it was to lose everybody you love through the passing of time before Ocarina of Time? Nope. Final Fantasy VII taught me a lot about Asian myth and teenage angst. Ridge Racer taught me about the joys of being a boy racer and Asian racing culture. I could go on and on about how old games presented new life experiences because I loved broadening my horizons. Tell me one game shown at E3 that made the world seem like a deeper, vaster place. (Honest question). Show me a new, high-budget game that wants to show a new slice of life as you've never seen it before. I know I'm old now and useless, but that that doesn't discount what old games did. I learnt a shitload about rallying and current car makers from Gran Turismo 3 and Metal Gear Solid 1-3 had a lot to say about war despite being weak games. Half my teenage education came from whacking cassettes into a C64 and seeing what different humans had to tell me, even if it was laughable. Please, gaming, show a game with genuine human relations in it - male or female aside - tell me something about life I don't know. Tropes vs games indeed.
  7. The Wildlings not using boats is a plot hole, one that could be easily cleared up by a single line of dialogue like "Yeah, and they get blown to shreds from the fort like all the others or shredded on rocks to the west?". It's not a big deal but when everybody north of the wall moves so fucking slowly you start to seek reasons.
  8. Yeah, I know it's impossible to come up with a title that works for this thread but I think it's necessary. I personally enjoy finding out what the books do differently AFTER watching the episode as they usually clarify things that seem a bit weird/rushed in the episode. One question I have is, does Sansa flip from being teary wimp to dark witch hardass as rapidly as it seemed in the episode? Or is there more going on to explain her flip? I sensed her transformation was coming but that was sudden. PS) Plz don't spoil anything that might happen in series 5 unless it's blatantly asked for.
  9. Bollocks. Technical play in the first game at Italy had everyone begrudgingly positive, even after a defeat. Tonight was exactly what I expected (and feared) from an England performance alas, the same old crippled warrior, like a drunken boxer who shouldn't go and have that one more fight. Lack of teamwork, as always. Just think about the attitude of Team GB in the Olympics when we excelled, young, keen and humble. No egos. England have a lot of spirit, a lot of the fucking "character" that commentators speak of, but it just doesn't gel as a team. No community spirit. We should have won the last two games but it never looked likely. Too much reliance on luck. My only silver lining is that England being knocked out in the group stages might, miraculously, cause a re-think on how we approach the national team. Right now I wish they could create a separate unique team just for tournaments.
  10. Looks pretty terrible, recklessly judging from a tiny trailer. Videogames - the history - repeated yet again, followed by lots of back-slapping that games are ya, kno, much more important than like books or movies. I will watch it in the hope it can rise above that.
  11. I don't know about his mum stuff but the actual 10th episode didn't suggest he's got a lot to do next series. Stannis and the Onion seemed to have taken over control of Castle Black, meaning that Jon will be back to sidekick role at best? And isn't the actual ginger leader (who got dragged out a door screaming in episode 9) still alive anyway so he's still outranked? If - BIG if - the White Walkers actually get to the wall in the next series, Jon will have more heroic fighting to do but that's about it as far as I can see. I'm sure the writers have tricks up their sleeves, they just didn't show them in that episode so it left me underwhelmed. I'm adjusting though. Part of my earlier criticisms was just annoyance at the end of the series! I still have grumpy short-arsed True King Stannis to cheer on but if he tops it next series, Lord of Light knows who else I can give a damn about.
  12. Probably just confirming that in the next series we get the adventures of the White Walkers in rubber life rings bobbing around the wall one by one.
  13. I found the ending a bit frustrating really, though it had some great scenes and production values. The plot seems to be breaking up into lots of different strands which don't seem as interesting to me. I'm wary about the next series now, starting to feel I should watch to find out how it all ties up, less for sheer pleasure. I used to love the big juicy epic story that was so big in series 1 and 2, gaining control of the Iron Throne, but now the big villains Joffrey and Charles Dance have gone. The remaining Starks are off doing their own thing. The big players are out of it. All we have left is the lesser bods, the Boltons and the Iron Idiots, little forces. There's the Martins of Flower Land, maybe a region of Space Mexicans somewhere, but we barely know anything of them or what they're up to so I'm finding it hard to care. Stannis is sort of a big deal but his plot is so slow. In 10 episodes he got a loan and then magically turned up in the north. I felt that made a farce of the 2 years the Wildlings have tried to get south. Why can't the Wildings just make a boat and ferry themselves around it too? Stannis must have come in by sea or he would've seen the Boltons have nicked Stark Land. Bran's plot line is just weird. Being taught special powers by an old bloke tied up under a tree could be a big deal, or it could be nothing. We can't tell so it's kind of redundant for now. That whole plot line is like a different story really and I've no idea where it's going. Tyrion, probably the main character now, is off sailing away... To do what? He doesn't need revenge, he's had it, and he isn't interested in power. He's just going to bum around on the beach I presume with the bald eunuch? Arya is also sailing off... To do what? She wanted to go north but then changed her mind on a whim so there can't be a big plan there. She'll probably find the cool sword teacher over sipping cocktails but can that lead to anything more than another training montage? I've no idea where Jon Snow's plot is going now. He doesn't seem to have a function or an "adventure" any more. Jamie and Crazy Queen bonking and trying to lead the capital might be fun in a minor way, admittedly. Lady Knight and Podrick are useless. The Hound is on ice until he no doubt reappears like all who die off screen in this show. Moody Sansa and Mayor Carcetti haven't declared their ambitions for series 5 either and Little Finger is a horrid character anyway. I've got Dragon Girl sits in a throne room coming up with bad ideas to look forward to I suppose. Is that one of her dragons is loose supposed to be the big, dramatic thing for series 5? The White Walkers are just a joke so far, pinching the odd baby to take to Castle Greymane and marching in reverse, but really they're main hope for me. As far as I see, only they can tie these threads together if the nation has to unite to fight off zombies. That's what the series is lacking now - a consistent, single plot thread that slowly progresses. They had this going nicely for a while, but then they bumped off everybody I cared about.
  14. Ideally, in the future of bandwidth, games will be just like Netflix and you can instantly play the first 20 minutes and decide if you want to continue via streaming. I can demo music and movies and almost everything else I buy. Games better follow suit. Ideally gaming will switch to a Netflix/Spotify rental model in my view, as opposed to ridiculous retail prices for something you might hate after 1 hour, but that's a different debate. I used to love demo discs and they used to be one of the reasons ascribed to the downfall of the N64. They probably lose importance though as a console gets older and the array of cheap second hand games grows but at the start, I'd call them essential and overlooked. Hell, an Xbone would be very tempting if it came with a generous demo disc of the first level of all its current games and a few tech demos to show off to the rivals.
  15. This looks amazing. I'm a jaded gamer who has been craving an FPS to pump me up again like I used to be as kid and this looks so close-knit (a single house) tactical and tense. The animation on the hostage was great, maybe too great. I hope the hostage character model is randomly generated each match so you could be trying to drag out a Beverly Hills bodybuilder on steroids or Rolf Harris out of the same location in different matches. Sure all E3 videos are bollocks and CGI but at least they don't tend to be too far behind the original video when they finally come out. This video had a lovely "see what you think of the concept" feel to it Nintendo style, even with its fake, crap acting team speak. Better than just look at the graphics and cutscene bollocks like Assassin's Creed 19. I'd love a console shooter where thinking rather reflexes can win the game and the low-key, domestic setting is more interesting to me than fighting on the back of a moving robot across a city or whatever shite CoD is up to these days. This felt "real" to me watching that video. Possibly over the top wall damage? Who cares. How many times since the age of Doom on PC have I wished to shoot through a wall and kill someone, or at least freak them out. Red Faction was all concept no gameplay. This could be different.
  16. Next episode is 66 minutes long, slightly making up for this week's 50 minute entertaining yet frivolous and distracting Royal Rumble. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/game-of-thrones-season-4-finale-will-be-finest-hour-you-have-ever-seen-9520532.html Hype Train!
  17. I find the series is getting slightly weighed down under it's own stereotypes these days, which is normal for any TV show by series 4 unless they take big risks or have fewer episodes. The more familiar I am with it, the more it feels like just another show (which of course it is) and less awesome. I think the novelty of big-budget fantasy and decent casting is wearing off for me and the story, which has flaws, is having to do more heavy lifting. It's still my most anticipated thing on the box though, despite being frustrating at times. I love GoT to bits, but feel critical of it too. List of petty complaints: 2 episodes to go yet though so fingers crossed. But if the Hound dies of a poxy infection it will be the bleakest death yet because he's ace. I'm presuming he and the girl are still standing by the gates laughing for the next 7 days now.
  18. AMA Reddit chat thing with Oberyn actor here to help soothe throne-free Monday: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/26gtvt/i_am_actor_pedro_pascal_i_play_oberyn_in_game_of/
  19. I think they're vaguely trying to copy this pic? Which would explain Vasquez's stupid pose.
  20. An interesting episode that I found quite boring at the start, but amazing by the end. First I disliked... Then the good stuff. Although I want some serious drama next episode. Hinting at impending danger has diminishing returns as the series roll by. I expect big things for the mid-series episode? Isn't that action movie director back on board at some point in this series?
  21. To credit the writers, I can't actually think of any ending that would have justified the hype of the first 3 series, which promised so much. We escaped lightly with a mysterious/nonsensical ending.
  22. My main worry with the Danny (can't spell it) storyline is how it wraps slavery into its plot, which is a far more emotive and potent topic than Game of Thrones digs into, (but right up HBO's street). I am hoping that Danny's wannabe medieval progressive stance on it is challenged soon, and she stops coming across like a 19th century reformer in a fictional world where such right-on behaviour would be laughed at and ignored by more than just her enemies.
  23. http://www.bungie.net/7_There-are-those-who-said-this-day-would-never-come/en/News/News?aid=11484 It's on their website, but they don't explain why they've fired one of the most talented composers in the business. In typical video game industry fashion, I bet they've fired him straight after he's done the most important work too.
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