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  1. Stories of human drama and ghost stories are equally valid in my book, provided they're done well. It's not a case of looking down on one, simply because one is more frequently used in games. What a game can't do, and what Gone Home does, is appear as one and then switch to the other halfway through. There is no harmony between the plot and the setting. Remember, before you even find out about the And it is a fantastic one... For about an hour or two. But let's say you want to tell story of a "90's teenage love drama and a family's struggle through infidelity" as the former poster describes it. You're the game designer. Pick any setting for that, any in the world. What sort of setting would best enhance such a story? If you'd pick a spooky house with thunder clapping, scary sound effects of footsteps, the occult, creaking doors, ominous lighting, legends of a psycho killer, secret passages and links to horror stories then I'd question how you think that would aid such a story. The game actually improves near the end when it's quite obvious the family drama is the main story and the scares drop into the background. Would the game be worse if it were set in the daylight, with birds tweeting, etc? I don' think so. It would be more honest though. This game has a 'lights on' mode for people who don't like the dark. This shows they knew the setting was incongruous with the setting, that some people would be too afraid to play it straight because it dresses itself up as a horror story.
  2. What a conflicted game. On one hand it’s one of the best (only?) psychological thrillers in game land. And on the other it’s a trite teenage soap opera. The first hour is mesmerising. The mood here is spot on, even though the engine creaks and the motion-blur is nauseating (but can be switched off). Length-wise it’s perfect. I’m a nosy bastard so a game about rummaging into someone’s personal life was right up my alley at first. Working out the parent’s lives through scraps required detective work was unique, mature and understated. Had it gone any longer the house would've seemed ludicrous with all its teenage trinkets lying around. And the fact the gameplay boils down to opening drawers was getting monotonous. The game really could’ve used a few more basic puzzles. But the most impressive aspect is that it created a tense survival-horror experience in a game where you can't die/fail! Is that a first? I've been hoping games, at least story-heavy ones, would break away from the failure=death trope and this does that without losing a jot of excitement. I knew I couldn't die in advance but I was still peeking into rooms like a chicken and hunting for light-switches. The game is ominous but doesn't become ridiculous either. This is Stephen King style horror and I loved that other people were going to be the monsters. Who was going to be the baddy? The girlfriend? The weird kid next door? The Uncle? The Dad after he found out about his wife? Or a suicide.. I guess it was worth it for the first hour but I wouldn't have played it had I know how it ends. Definitely a love and hate game for me.
  3. Since the patch, yes it should save there. It will even reappear there if you crash it. I'd steal it as Trevor just in case though as he's the best pilot and he owns the place. As far as I know, there are 2 fighter planes in the army base. One is in a hangar, the other is outdoors. Keep low to avoid the anti-air missiles when you take off. Losing the police shouldn't be a problem afterwards but landing it can be tense (especially if you forget to put your landing gear down like me...) It's a pretty fragile craft though. The first proper time I managed to get it (after being blown up by tank several times and a lot of boring reloading) I was flying around giddy with joy before finally deciding to park it... Only for the bloody breakdown on the runway! I was 100 metres from the hanger. Trevor's rage wasn't as big as mine. I have it now though! It's great for uncovering the map. But I can't for the life of me manage to steal a jumbo jet. I can get in one (though it seems like a bug how I do) but cop cars drive into me and blow me up before I get to the runway. Annoying as I really want to recreate the 70's Airport disaster movies.
  4. Why is it spelt Ryse? Is the main character called Ryse?
  5. Looking forward to tomorrow's final! They need to put this on TV instead of X-Factor. I love seeing my favourites do well. Yeah, even having played GTAV and loving it, I think if I were forced to go to a desert island it'd be a tough call between Crackdown and GTAV, even with the age difference.I hope some folks from from Realtime Worlds got jobs at Rockstar North. I will buy an Xbox 1 if Crackdown 3 is in the same league as the original, no doubt about it, crap console or not. Or even better, if one of the expansion packs for GTAV basically transports Crackdown gameplay into Los Santos with super powers and collectable orbs. Mmmm... PS) If Fallout 3 is game of generation I will realise I understand nothing about humanity and go live on a boulder in the sea.
  6. This programme is the TV highlight of the week for me. Such great comments and people. The fat manchild who sits in the middle with his two fat parents (?) scares me though. He's probably connected to the sofa with tentacles. The posh couple are my favourite too. Always approve of alcoholics with money. They were in that show about bed and breakfast owners too once, which can be equally amusing. Episode is here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/four-in-a-bed/4od#3513217
  7. Thanks for doing this. Really enjoying the... er... controversial opinions. Don't suppose at the end of this you could do a top 5 by format taken from the results so I can quickly see what the best 5 Xbox/PS3/Wii/PC games are according to RLLMUK? Probably going to pick up the consoles I don't have at the end of the generation when they're dirt cheap to sample unplayed delights.
  8. For me the PS3 damaged the reputation of Sony. I was the biggest PlayStation fan when the original machine came out in about '95. The PS2 was supposed to be the godliest gaming machine of all time, taking 3D games to a new level and I got one as soon as I could afford it. But then came along the Dreamcast. And for me, the Dreamcast was a trailer for the original Xbox (hate that I can't call it the Xbox 1). It cracked Sony's dominance by showing there is another way, even though it flopped as a mainstream machine. It sounds ridiculous because it's a Microsoft console, but the original Xbox was a bit "edgy". When everybody in the world seemed quite content with their PS2, the Xbox was the alternative option. It wasn't trendy like the PlayStation marketed itself, but it was more like Kraftwerk of something, different, interesting and with a lot of potential. Ever since the Xbox came out, Sony have lacked that cool factor in my opinion (and my friends, who are all Xbox-exclusive gamers). I can still get shivers when I watch a Youtube video of the PS1 booting up and that weird Japanese music it played. But the PS3 seemed to me like a fat music journalist trying to look cool with its David Lynch adverts and I have never been tempted to get one until perhaps the last couple of months, when I am totally bored of the 360. I think on paper the PS4 is the superior console but I'm still reluctant to get one. Perhaps it's the fact that the underdog console is always cooler, or perhaps it's the fact that Sony really haven't done anything to win back hardcore gamers. Their conference at E3 really was only good because it didn't make the fuck ups of Microsoft but when that that appeal wears off, where's the wow factor? Where's the "coolness"? So, Sony marketing department if you're listening, make an advert for the PS4 that awakes the inner alternative teenager in me. And I still feel that Western developers are still Microsoft focused. Probably because the US became the dominant creator of games in the last 10 years, stealing Japan's crown, so the Xbox is the natural outlet for that. In short: I want to fall in love with the PlayStation again. I want to because it was the best console. But it hasn't convinced me yet.
  9. The clothes shop open after a certain mission. If you can't do something yet, chances are it has opened up yet. The in-box map is confusing because it shows everything on there. In other news, did my first Triathlon as Trevor which was worth it just to see him in lycra and a rubber swim cap. To use his phrase "See? The Meth Diet does work."
  10. It's much, much better than GTA4, which I hated despite being a huge GTA fan from the beginning. Anyway, couple of questions (I've just unlocked the second character)... Do different hairdressers have different styles? I was pretty disappointed with the choices for Michael. I can't find anywhere to buy clothes. Even places marked on the in-game map don't seem to be there when I go there. Do they close or something? I broke into the airport, chased by cops, and leapt into the first plane I could find. But I couldn't steer it for shit, let alone take off, and ploughed into the side of the airport causing a massive terrorist explosion. Do I have to do this flight school thing first (wherever that is) Er, yes, I am clearly focused on the plot missions here. (Going to get my hair and clothes done and go looking for a submarine tonight...)
  11. 1. Mass Effect 2 This is like James Cameron in his hey-day got a hold of the first game and made it one of the most fun, addictive sci-fi action flicks around. Beautiful locations, fun characters, great Seven Samurai style story. Loved how it used my choices from the first game and the conversations/moral choices (which make up half the game). 2. Wrath of the Lich King The ultimate WoW expansion for me. The frozen northern island was incredibly atmospheric (much preferred it to crazy space land in the last expansion) and the storyline had a great focus in the war against the Lich King. The new class was a fun addition and the gameplay had just about reached the best blend between being slick and efficient without becoming too dumb and promoting of anti-social behaviour. 3. Mass Effect 1 If the second game is an action flick, this is the more like Star Trek. Clunky but the plot is a gripping yarn and the RPG system is interesting (probably better than the second game). Just let down by technical issues and bad menus. 4. Dead Rising The original Dawn of the Dead is one of my favourite movies so this is obviously going to rate high up for me. The best zombie apocalypse simulator with some nice comedy/randomness to make up for the loose ends. I loved plotting my path through the mall and the sense of danger and that anything could happen with the real-time clock ticking. The immense detail poured into that mall made it feel like a real place and the levelling up made the frustrating parts feel like part of the game. 5. Tropico 4 I doubt anybody else will pick this but I will because I've just poured so much time in it. It's one of the most elegantly designed city building games out there and it runs perfectly well on an Xbox. 4 borrows a lot of its ideas from 3, but it's slightly more refined, so I've plucked for it. And it comes with a really fun expansion. I love chilling out building my little empire on a tropical island. 6. Dragon Age A good story and cast of characters again and a nice, new fantasy world to explore. The fact each playable race started in a different place and had their own tale to tell was great and the choices it throws at you were actually quite thought-provoking. I've had rants with friends about how they solved certain plot issues! The fact your character can't talk gives it probably the best dialogue choices of any modern Bioware game too. The combat, fantasy cliches and technical issues again let it down . 7. Crackdown Pure gaming fun. The choose whatever you want to do goal of the game is so liberating and the game makes you feel like a superhero. Felt like a prototype for an amazing sequel to come though... Which never happened. 8. Minecraft Extremely addicting as long as you can think of something you want to build! And deeply atmospheric too despite the graphics. Truly does feel like you're lost in a woods or underground at times. 9. Skyrim This really refined the questing system and gameplay for me, making it a lot more manageable than Oblivion for me. The choose your side in the civil war thing is nice (if ends poorly) but the star is the world. A whole frozen fantasy world to explore and kickass in. 10. The Walking Dead The first game I've played that had me talking about it and into its characters and plot as much as a good TV series. Arguably it is a dressed up TV series but I agonised over certain choices and I've never done that for a programme. A nice, gritty atmosphere too. Hmm... That'll do.Honourable mentions to Plants vs. Zombies, Company of Heroes, Bioshock and Diablo 3 (despite all its flaws). Working all that out I realise I am a sucker for games about making moral choices and going on quests with a gang of decent characters! Even World of Warcraft was basically all that, just with real people.
  12. Very entertaining and some great editing that embraced the farcical nature of the programme. I could've been watching a well-scripted drama at certain points. Jordan seemed to get smaller as the episode went on. I didn't even realise he was a midget until this particular episode. A genuinely insane person. I can only imagine that he volunteered to go and win the Apprentice to get the publicity/money for this app company that he doesn't own and has a "gentleman's agreement" with. I did want him to solve the Rubick's cube though... Sugar seemed to be blubbing after getting rid of "will have a breakdown soon" Neil. I had him pegged to win since the beginning so I'm glad I haven't been able to guess the result. Nice to see Margaret again too. I've skipped the Apprentice for the last few years but this series feels fun. Some of the new tasks were really entertaining to watch. The away-day episode was the most cringe-worthy/funny thing I've seen on British TV for years. But now it's turned into Dragon's Den at the end and I think the two surviving contestants actually have some business sense, which makes it feel more like a proper competition than a reality TV show. Pitching their own plan at the end is a great idea (and nice for Sugar, as he'll have a bunch of guests to vote on what to invest in).
  13. Infinity Ward is the most secretive game developer? Surely not.
  14. I'm swayed back to Sony despite being an exclusively Xbox gamer since Halo 1, and on Live since PGR2. I'm too skint to buy new games all the time and rely on renting them. The fact they're stopping that means that the Xbox One is redundant, no matter what games come out for it. I'm also pissed off about being charged Gold for Netflix and the lack of ITV Player on Xbox. I preferred the Xbox One's line up of games (especially Dead Rising 3) but that's about it, and I'm sure some of them will defect over time. PlayStation 4 for Christmas, and Xbox One maybe a year or two later, when it's hopefully much cheaper and Microsoft will have caved in and done something to make up for their greed at launch. EDIT: I meant PlayStation 4 not 3. Not used to writing that yet. :-P
  15. Can't see that this has been posted yet. Shows GTA style vehicles. Looks great, probably my most anticipated game.
  16. The bit in Mass Effect 2 when you...
  17. Most classes that start out weak end up extremely strong in Mass Effect 1. The sequel is more balanced throughout.
  18. 1986's classic Manhunter, directed by Michael Mann, is on US Netflix for the next 8 days.
  19. I reckon this new DLC is going to be mushy fan-service but I can't really blame them as it's the last bit of DLC for the trilogy/characters. So I'll just have to get mushy too. And perhaps I'll get to find out the galaxy-shaking consequences of hacking the casino terminals in the first game at long last. As it's being set on the Citadel, I hope it fills in a few more blanks in the story, such as... At least the top-secret Council Archives sound like they might have a few interesting bits, especially if it's anything like the Shadow Broker's terminal in 2.
  20. Half the point of Mass Effect 3 is seeing your choices from the first 2 games reach a conclusion (albeit not always in an interesting way). I tried to play the third game without a save import and after a short while I just gave up, I couldn't see the point. Apparently Mass Effect 1 on the PS3 has improved textures/frame-rate too.
  21. Seemed quite logical to me that human Bishop could still be talking/standing after the wallop. It wasn't that big a hit. My believability is tested more by the giant 90's VHS camcorder one of the scientists is using! "No pictures!"
  22. How do you access all these films you watch, Cookie, if you don't use pirate sites? I'd just assumed that you downloaded half the toss you watch as no one would pay any money for them.
  23. Merge this thread with the other one? Although having two Alien threads at the top of the Film/TV forum is rather impressive.
  24. That's the thing - every time I watch Aliens it's almost like the first time, which is the sheer magic of the film. I'm right there with Ripley, living in the horrible, tense moment. The marines entering the colony is the spiritual successor to the Nostromo crew entering the derelict in the first film. I wouldn't have wanted a scene of the Space Jockey discovering a Face Hugger before we cut to Ripley, Dallas, etc, climbing out of their sleep pods either. The turret scene is wonderfully edited (the flashes between the ammo counter, faces, zooming in) offset with the great deadpan comments from the team, but it doesn't quite work at that particular point of the thrill ride. I imagine Cameron was pained to cut it. I don't agree that it shows the aliens intelligence (as I recall), as someone said, in fact it suggests the exact opposite, it is their most cannon-fodder moment. Their intelligent was much better displayed by them crawling through the ceiling space. And yes, Ripley is beautiful. I wanted her to be my Mum.
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