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  1. Which is the good Sonic between Sonic Generations vs Sonic Unleashed?
  2. Yes and yes as long as you set the kids Xbox as your Home console.
  3. 3 x Game Pass, convert to Ultimate, wait a year, add BT Ultimate.
  4. I don't find it distracting but you can choose to not watch the IMAX enhanced version if you want.
  5. I wonder how different Hitman Trilogy will be compared to the current Hitman III with 1 & 2's levels?
  6. This felt completely devoid of emotion.
  7. Wordle 204 4/6 It was 50/50 for try 3 between and and I choose the former.
  8. Xbox Series X/S Stock Alerts ONLY
  9. If you have a queue then it'll carry on downloading in standby.
  10. EU as in European; not EU as in European Union.
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