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  1. That's just the internal resolution not the output otherwise your TV would be constantly blanking while switching resolutions.
  2. Calm down, I just thought I remembered the DF video saying it 4K@60fps. EDIT:
  3. I was, and no you can't download anything on your PC for Xbox.
  4. No, just that under BC they run fine.
  5. We’re excited to announce that HITMAN 3 will be coming to Nintendo Switch, playable via cloud streaming technology. Whether players are new to the franchise or familiar with the series, they’ll enjoy a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox locations as Agent 47 returns for the most important contracts of his entire career. To celebrate the news, take a look at our Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer with some previously unseen footage from HITMAN 3.
  6. Well you can't play a disc game on the Series S so that's why it's not mentioned!
  7. You won't even see a 120fps option unless your Xbox is setup to use your TV's 120Hz mode, which again you won't be able to enable if your TV doesn't support it.
  8. Not really a problem as it'll be fixed on release day.
  9. Is that all? This thread has had me hitting it more than ever. There's just so many trolls it's stupid.
  10. Oh no, the LG 65CX is below £2000 now! Must repeat: "I don't need one".
  11. They've taken their sweet time to check it actual works on the things it's releasing on!
  12. As long as 2 consoles are set up as each others Home console they can share everything.
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