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  1. Which is the good Sonic between Sonic Generations vs Sonic Unleashed?
  2. Yes and yes as long as you set the kids Xbox as your Home console.
  3. 3 x Game Pass, convert to Ultimate, wait a year, add BT Ultimate.
  4. I don't find it distracting but you can choose to not watch the IMAX enhanced version if you want.
  5. I wonder how different Hitman Trilogy will be compared to the current Hitman III with 1 & 2's levels?
  6. This felt completely devoid of emotion.
  7. Wordle 204 4/6 It was 50/50 for try 3 between and and I choose the former.
  8. Xbox Series X/S Stock Alerts ONLY
  9. If you have a queue then it'll carry on downloading in standby.
  10. EU as in European; not EU as in European Union.
  11. Standby mode enabled and then make sure you enable keep my apps and games updated.
  12. I had deja vu playing it. Wasn't there something like it years ago?
  13. You'll need to redeem it on a device with a VPN connected to the country the code is from.
  14. I use my Series X to change the PS5 controller simply because there's no annoying light in standby mode.
  15. I said 'proper' gameplay. Not once did I see any of the tedious busywork that put me off Zero Dawn but I'm sure it's there again this time around.
  16. Any chance of some proper gameplay footage now we're close to release?
  17. I do this every 3 months to keep mine topped up - 3 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Turkey) (via VPN) - £14.99 @ CDKeys There's no way I'm risking waiting until it runs out to renew.
  18. Outdated already - UPDATE: Microsoft says it has no plans to remove or disable dev mode on Xbox consoles. A number of Partner Center accounts were disabled by mistake. “We are actively working on identifying and reenabling these accounts as soon as possible.”
  19. Even when I had no internet for a few days I just used my mobile as a hotspot to sign in.
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