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    Hellblade 2

    This speeds up development though.
  2. This is my first Diablo game so forgive me if I'm missing something here, but is there a way to get the game to zoom out so you're not trying to fight enemies that are offscreen?
  3. It will simply shutdown if it is overheating.
  4. Thought it was good but definitely not worth picking up at full price.
  5. Been used in plenty of Sci-Fi movies. Contact for example.
  6. You got it. Probably my favourite album ever.
  7. Odd, and both of the other codes give the same error?
  8. Did you have auto-renewal disabled? Double check what subscription you're on and how long runs for.
  9. That's the end for Sony then!
  10. Imagine if Activision collapsed after this and couldn't make COD anymore!
  11. Disable DV gaming. Very few games actually support it correctly.
  12. Not so insane if you don't even notice them then?
  13. You know there's an option to look down as you jump don't you?
  14. But you can't watch anything on the Apple TV itself.
  15. Release boost when you're at the very bottom of the pipe.
  16. How far into the game because I've not had any issues yet?
  17. Probably your TV changing refresh rate.
  18. They're already the most expensive streamer because you have pay extra for HD, UHD or more connected devices. If this also stops me using Turkish Netflix then I'm out.
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