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  1. Is it even a game though?
  2. 8 or 10 bit for SDR as it will switch to 10 bit for HDR. EDIT:
  3. It seems N64 games are full of problems including input lag, framerate issues, sound delay, and more. Weird button layouts - No controller pak detected -
  4. Or is it going to be a cloud only game for Xbox One now? There was no mention of it in that reveal - only Series X|S.
  5. Really? This is the Elite Chozo we're talking about.
  6. That's as far I've got. Tried for 4 days now, when I can finally get to the QTC I always mess up the parry.
  7. What do you do with the blue coloured doors?
  8. I thought I was watching Spider-man.
  9. https://streamable.com/yb7adg Looks shit.
  10. Metroid Dread's map revealing triggers my gaming OCD.
  11. You have changed the Dolby Vision mode on your TV right (and calibrated it)? Because it will use different picture settings to the HDR one. EDIT: Try using Dolby Vision Home mode.
  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-10-19-new-splinter-cell-in-production-report A new Splinter Cell has been put into production by Ubisoft, according to a report. Serial leaker Tom Henderson, via VGC, has said the game will be a "mainline" entry in the series - which will likely end up being the first in over a decade. Details are otherwise thin on the ground, production is still "early", and there's a "small chance" of an announcement in 2022. Blacklist, the last major Splinter Cell release, was released back in 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360. It received decent reviews but sold poorly. The game featured more action-oriented gameplay, which divided opinion. The replacement of series veteran Michael Ironside, who previously portrayed Sam Fisher, was also criticised. Perhaps more importantly, Ubisoft had hoped Blacklist would sell at least 5m copies. It didn't, and had only shifted 2m after its first four months. Since then, fans have repeatedly called for Splinter Cell to return - only to see the franchise reduced to guest spots in other Ubisoft games and some kind of VR version where you don Fisher's iconic goggles yourself. Plans for a Splinter Cell movie have been vaguely floating around since at least 2011, when Tom Hardy was lined up to play Sam Fisher, while Netflix announced an anime adaptation of the franchise last year. Back in May 2019, our Martin called on Ubisoft to do the right thing and bring Splinter Cell back properly. "Three dots," he wrote. "Just three small green dots, formed neatly in a pyramid. Oh how I've longed for the lights to dim during a showcase and see those three dots fade into life on the screen, accompanied by a fizzing whir of improbable tech being powered up. Dear Splinter Cell, where the hell are you?"
  13. Surprised no-one's mentioned Hitman yet. Apart from the Celebrity Targets most have a passing resemblance to other actors.
  14. Hopefully the next Switch will actually support HDR and make the OLED screen really worthwhile.
  15. Something other than a C&P of what we've already seen.
  16. Oh dear this isn't looking good at all. Seem they just decided to try and merge the last two Batman's into one.
  17. Once you get the morph ball you'll be able to climb into it and morph into a ball.
  18. Yeah I'm stuck on that bloody thing as well.
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