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  1. 2 hours ago, crocked said:

    I watched a video the day before yesterday and it was saying the series s is outselling the series x.

    Did they name their source because MS haven't released any figures afaik.

  2. 42 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:


    Does this mean you can pay with UK payment methods?




    Much like the Revolut trick of old when using the Argentina and Turkey stores, games can be purchased at face value from the Hungary, Czech, Norway, Iceland and Poland Xbox Stores but using any debit card without the use of a VPN. Naturally, fee free cards are going to work best ie. Monzo, Starling, Clarity and Revolut.

    A slight saving can therefore be had buying this game vs purchasing from the UK Xbox store.


    • Go to the relevant game page on the Hungary / Czech / Norway / Iceland / Poland store and click the blue ‘Buy’ link and log in using your usual U.K. account, this will first ask you to set up an account address for that their region if you don’t already have one set up. Google is your friend.
    • It will then ask you to add a payment option, this is where you add the payment card of your choice.
    • It is advisable to completely avoid the use of a VPN.
    • The game will then be available to download via your console as you normally would.


  3. 7 minutes ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

    If I buy old 360 games with backwards compatibility, if I insert them into my Series X will they be added to my library and playable without the disc? ie can I borrow old games off people for a day and get to keep the games forever?

    Surely that's obviously not going to work otherwise we'd all be sharing around the games without actually buying them!

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