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  1. anyone had trouble updating to 3.5 ? my ps5 version seems resolutely stuck on 3.05 . i’ve tried deleting and redownloading it , but nothing! boo!! edit - or is 3.5 actually 3.051.000 as it shows on the information bit ? i’m so confused
  2. Bit busy with the pesky kids playing up tonight , but i’ll get some big screen game time over the weekend. ( big screen currently occupied by Frozen 2 at the mo )
  3. the EA friend thing doesn’t seem to let you add ea friends on the same platform ? is that how it’s suppposed to be ?
  4. i’d really appreciate some autolog friends for this please ! Help an an old man out and add me on ps4 michaelemm , thanks !
  5. michaelemm


    Nearly got the world tour out of the way, and my ridernet thing is still pretty empty, i thought more people on my friends list would have got it by now. I would be glad if anyone could add my gamertag (michaelemm) so i can be easily defeated by your scores and sklils!
  6. We've had to go away visiting friends in far places for a few days and I really miss this lovely game already. Seriously, I don't think I've felt like that for years. Can't wait to get back for a some good ol' fashioned OCD action
  7. Can't wait for this to arrive- the timing couldn't be better for me, I've got a couple of weeks off between work projects. My wife pointed out that I haven't even turned the wii on since last year (must have been mario galaxy 2?). Then she sang some mario music at me, to prove her point.
  8. Well, i just finished it and it's, y'know, kind of OK and instantly forgettable i suppose. The 'Break-me-up Before You Go-Go' tech is fantastic though. Very glad i rented it in an unexpectedly quite work week, there's only about 7hrs of single player entertainment in the main game though. It's no RF Guerilla, in terms of size, enjoyment and free-form destructo- mayhem. I think my main problem was the feeling of being trapped in a low ceilinged cave for about 70% of the game.
  9. Yeah, the 'dispatching soon' thing seem s a bit off. My console and games all arrived (in separate deliveries) early this morning, but amazon still says they're going to arrive on monday. Time travelling jiggery pokery, i reckon.
  10. Well, mine just turned up from amazon (although it still says 'dispatching soon' on the site!? ). No games yet, but i'm hoping they'll come along in the 'real' post later. Will I be able to resist opening it before i do all my important work today?..... *tearing card open sound**
  11. Had to order this in at my local shop, they'd never even heard of it. I only had 30mins to spare so just a quick go, but it all seems really lovely. And the music! It's just so good and, in the bit i played, filled with little jazzy phrases that react to what you're doing, or something. Surprised to see other people on my friends list are playing it also, but i'm a bit worried it's going to go largely ignored.
  12. Hats off to everyone! Here's a couple, when i really should be working. http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/1958/contra3turtlegobang100.jpg http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/7969/gngwoo2.jpg
  13. Can't resist it at that price. I'm sure it wont be my GOTY, but it just looks so sweet.
  14. Having just this afternoon completed FF13 i've had my eye on this, but all the reports of the terrible tutorials had me worried. CosmicGurus's explanation don't make it seem difficult at all. Thanks! I think the hand-holding of FF made me forget i've got through thousands of hours of incomprehensible JRPGs in my life. Might see if i can get a cheap copy now, zavvi sold out though
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