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  1. Is anyone around this eve for a few games Say 10ish
  2. Sorry i didnt make it lads my kitchen was flooded and couldnt work out where it was coming from
  3. I will be stepping down as manager at the end of this season
  4. Just tell her to wait until after the games
  5. Ill be on between 9-10 depending on when the kids fall asleep
  6. Can we all get on tommorow for a bit of praccy??
  7. @Jamin @gooner4life you put that we had 5 yellow cards in our home game but there was only 2 ive changed it can you accept please
  8. No probs gerry will be on in the week at some point for practice
  9. Well played city i thought we should have got a draw from the first but 3 is better than none
  10. Anyone missing tonight. Sorry i havent been on this week had lots going on.
  11. I should be on tonight for practice if anyone else is about
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