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  1. The "de-aging" could be ok, it's really going to be what it's like in motion that makes or breaks it. It's all good having Indy tied to a chair, but what about when a 1 million year old Harrison throws a punch? There are some aspects of getting old you just can't CGI, and the effects on movement are one of them. That said; this looks cracking. That said: Crystal Skull cut a good trailer too. Cautiously optimistic.
  2. I think it'd be possibly to take Svennson's technical approach (the cross hatching) and apply it in a different way whilst still getting the lurid stupidity of it across. It's glorious. Love those pieces by Dana Howl though.
  3. Emma Svennson I'd an obvious inspiration you should look up. Literally what you are trying to do. Away from that, I'd be looking at Tyrannid colour schemes. They have a tendency to bright and lurid, and you can totally lift that and apply it to another model type.
  4. That's fair. I'll change my statement to; it has not improved my technical skills at all, because I am an ape
  5. The Delaque are contrast apart from the bronze metal details and the heads (pallid wych flesh I believe). Escher are 100% contrast, though I recall doing a few models yellow details with a GW glaze. There are more than in the pictures. You can't get that any more and I'd be happy replacing it with the new contrast yellows anyway (perhaps thinned? Dunno). On all of them there was a need to go back and re-base some areas with grey seer. The green details on Delaque, jewels and feathers on Escher. But then it's just contrast back over that. The method works well for quick Necromunda gangs, but compared to a traditionally painted gangs (even just to battle ready) they only look passable on the table. And that was my goal, so I was happy. It's a method which photographs well and gets your models painted. It does not improve your technical skills - at all - and won't increase your speed with traditional methods either. It is, however, very motivating!
  6. I think they're already in the thread somewhere, but these are my Delaque and Escher gangs. Almost 100% slapchop.
  7. "Slapchop" arose from The Honest Wargamer who's a prominent voice amongst a niche within a niche (tournament gaming) and layered with sarcasm. He specifically singled out slapchop as a way to get an army to a table quickly, while it was a viable army, and without spending eons of time on a thing that may drop out of the meta very soon afterwards. By "quickly" he called out that he meant "outside the tournament centre" or "the night before". That the technique has been quickly seized upon is primarily a result of YT content creators needing something that drives views. THG's video was, by an absolute country mile, the biggest he's ever launched and it gained a lot of traction. What then happens is everyone else jumps on to it, some people start exploring how you can push the technique further and JH sits there wondering what he's been doing wrong for the past couple of years to have not had this success. This dogpile for views has actually diluted what was, in terms of the content THW put live, a very competent and clever tutorial. He very clearly talks about how to layer up and create edge highlights and depth, about diluting your contrast paints and a bunch of other things. I recommend using his tutorial against most others. I used it - unknowingly - on my Necromunda figures and it worked well there, but I wouldn't use it on everything. I 100% agree with @Cockythat picking a technique and sticking with it will give you better results over time, so I'm trying to focus on two things now ; a good approach to rank and file painting, and a good approach to character painting. Will see where I end up, but slapchop isn't in the mis really.
  8. I did the same. There's so little of actual value in the Battle Passes they're pretty redundant tbh. The daily missions help spic things up though. I jumped back in for Season 3 and played a bunch on the updated maps and the single new one. Eeeehhhhh. It's ok, it's fine. I'll jump back in for a couple of weeks for S4, but I'm really not that bothered beyond seeing how the re-introduction of the class system rejigs thing, and seeing how the reworking of the docks map pans out - as that and Orbital were the two biggest missed opportunities they seem to be fixing.
  9. You can downgrade, just not preemptively at a discounted offer price.
  10. Solving your requirement is 100% the definition of "nice to have" that I'd let customer services pick up vs fixing through software. It has platform wide implications in so many ways, and I guarantee that an automated downgrading of plan on renewal date based on stacking different sub levels would result in such momentous fuckery across the data associated with your account, you'd end up locked out and complaining about that in 12 months. I also guarantee their sales staff totally decided they don't care about your use case.
  11. Extra is currently waaaay to reliant on Ubisoft games.
  12. Battlefield 2042 coming to XBGPU and EA Play subscribers in December, at the start of their Season 3 battle pass period. It's way better than it was a year ago, but that's not really saying much. They're still working through making the original maps interesting, and will be way into next year.
  13. Yeah, this is why I've binned it. Totally understand what @Radishis saying but it comes across a bit "lol get gud". I am adapting my strategy (insofar as you can with 10 cards on turn 3). I do know my deck. I just don't find it fun with these kind of locations.
  14. Thing is, this RNG bullshit effectively drives the meta; you need a highly mobile deck that gets bonuses, or you need to have a good stack of late game heavy hitters. Building anything else is going to be difficult as far as I can see. Can't complain though. Spent nothing on it, enjoyed my time with it.
  15. Collection level 360, hovering consistently around rank 40, and the locations have ruined it for me. One game Ego plays turns 3-6 for me, alongside a location with a 25% chance of destroying cards played. Soon after; random card to hand, lose 1 power each turn, destroy all cards after turn 3. Game after that; turn 6 can move cards here, turn 3 cards swap sides, after turn 3 shuffle hand back into deck and draw 3. All strategy, deck building and structure goes. Might as well just throw cards at a screen and hope for the best. Enjoyed my time with it, but done now. Deleted.
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