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  1. Mine's crap. Got 200k worth of Turnips to offload.
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/13/missed-indomitus-well-make-you-one/
  3. It was limited to 3 copies per order. The 6 copy cap was reduced earlier in the week.
  4. Yep, though not a 'limited edition' in the...err...collectors sense as such. This is the launch set billed as being for existing players. It means it's got loads of models in it and the rulebook, but it doesn't have things like rulers, dice and a playmat.
  5. I just grabbed the rulebook in the end. Indomitus appears to have sold out everywhere exceptionally quickly. Exciting times.
  6. The Old Guard - decent little flick, this one. Nice story, decent acting, some good (though too few) action sequences.
  7. Unfortunately I can't really discuss this much more, because my speculation as a fan could be misconstrued as commentary on our business decisions. I think, however, looking at the 8th edition digital publications and linking that directly to the 9th edition app offering is mixing up different things.
  8. Also, to be clear, you don't need to subscribe to access the codexes you have bought and redeemed a code for. That's yours to access in the app at no additional cost.
  9. This is a slightly separate thing, I think. The digital codexes (as in, ebook versions of the codexes, not the app) are cheaper than the physical versions. In terms of the app and its interaction with codexes, you buy the physical book for the normal price and get a code in it to redeem within the app.
  10. Yes. Though on day one you'd have the rules for each of those games factions (and all of the others) as 8th edition rules updated with 9th edition amends. As the 9th edition specific codexes get released, you'll need to buy the book to get a code to redeem in the app to give you access to their updated rules. The old 8th edition rules for that faction in the app will be retired and unavailable at that point.
  11. 07/07: Universal Paperclip (web) This genre can fuck off/10
  12. 06/07: Resident Evil 2 (PS4) First third was terrifying, middle third was weirdly offputting, last third was a bit boring if I'm honest. Enjoyed it, but in no rush to play more RE for a while.
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