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  1. 24/10: Until Dawn (PS4) Finally worked up the bottle to play this and enjoyed it. The characters were suitable annoying but despite my best efforts I managed to save everyone. Like, even the dog. Properly chuffed with that but Jesus it was tempting to shoot Emily in the face.
  2. Photos of the box stuff have confirmed you can transfer data from your PS4 by just plugging in the external drive to the PS5. No funny formatting nonsense. Great stuff.
  3. Yes! The platforming drove me mad. And all the overcomplication on upgrades. And constantly juggling health > ammo > blood fist > whatever. Bleurgh.
  4. Doom Eternal It's just a bit boring and not a patch on 2016 and I loved that so I am confused and have other games to play.
  5. The video streaming quality through my PS4 is immeasurably better than through my TV. It's really quite odd. I want to get a new TV alongside my new PS5, so I'll be interested to see how they stack up this time around.
  6. The Warhammer Community guys posted up some staff conversions. I think it's fair to say you do whatever is cool. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/10/16/weve-been-painting-mega-gargants/ But what are you going to do when you're not video gaming?
  7. So much good stuff from the preview. I'm gonna hold out though, as much as I want BB, because I really want to focus on making a dent into what I've got already. Should have best part of 100 LotR gobbos done to an entirely shit standard in the next couple of weeks, but done. First time I've done an army, a horde army or rank and file. Once they're done, gonna finish up a couple of WIP bits then make a dent in my Space Wolves.
  8. Thought that was excellent. Speed of loading and switching between games looked super fast. Like the idea of cards. The way the parties works looks interesting - I've not booted the PS4 since this week's overhaul so I presume it's replicated there. Splitting media and game OH THANK GOD. Integrated store OH THANK GOD (especially as I have gone digital). As someone who can barely abide the Xbone UI, them sticking broadly with PS4 themes while overhauling it and adding functionality has made me very happy.
  9. It's a good discussion point, and it's perfectly fine to hate GW and everything they do.
  10. Oh right, but that wasn't the question really. Value's in the eye of the beholder. One man's £120 plastic toy soldier is another man's food for a week. Same applies at £96. Wargaming in general is absolutely a frivolous, optional activity. Nobody has a gun to anyone's head on any of this. That all sounds more defensive than I mean it. These are my personal opinions not those of my employer etc etc.
  11. Counter-point - battle ready Space Marines with 4/5 pots of paint per chapter:
  12. That's the one! No idea at all how you did it in one credit, regardless of the driving sections not being there. Kudos.
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