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  1. 08/05: Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order (PS5) Dialled it back to easy, still average. The developers seemed as bored as I was by the second half.
  2. I'm reading the manual now and it really doesn't seem that heavy. I do think the combat tutorials should have been further back in the book, though. But the setup seems pretty straight forward. It certainly doesn't read as being any more onerous than, say, Gloomhaven. I think like Moose says, once you've played it a couple of times the setup stuff will be 15-20 minutes and then you're putting miniatures on a board. In terms of the how to play video - if you want to see a game played you're definitely better off not watching the GW hot to play videos. They are a presente
  3. The battle pass is indeed shit. 6 character skins, one of which is free anyway and 3 you get from the off? Christ.
  4. Now, if we could get the other 20 squads in Battle Royale to do the exact same thing every round I reckon we could consistently win.
  5. We really need to figure out how to capture voicechat. We look semi-organised here, when most of the time we're all just screaming and swearing "BEHIND YOU! ON YOUR LEFT" Arena is fucking brilliant. It's a great way to test out weapons and get used to bullet drop, plus skirmishing in general. I was breaking people two pixels high with the Hemlock and no sights last night. I cannot imagine playing it with randoms, however. We were like an elite tactical unit in terms of our comms: BATTLE ROYALE "Work's been shit" "Look at this shit loot" "Why are you all the wa
  6. Also balance it up on end, leaning against something. Casually, with sunglasses.
  7. My favour but of the absolutely undercooked 'tactical combat' was My second favourite bit was when an elite unit climbing some steps stealthily forgets to maintain silence and our hero just exclaims "Waitupwaitupwaitup". Clearly the trauma he'd suffered limited him from doing the clenched fist stop signal he'd used earlier in the film. Oh and there's a shot right at the start of the film where some elite Navy Seals surface our of a pond in diving gear, and then in the next shot they are not wearing any diving gear and we never reference that again they just wen
  8. It is so, so boring. The most amazing bit was the end sequence Absolute toss.
  9. 27/04: Apex Legends Season 8 (PS5) Been playing this for a around a year now, but it's only in season 8 the bug has bitten me. Playing every day and pursuing the BP challenges definitely made a difference to my game. Thoroughly enjoyed it and quite happy to throw money at a game that's kept me in touch with friends while the world burns. 29/04: Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War (PS5) Campaign was shit. MP feels shit after Apex. Don't care about Zombies. Deleted. Waste of money, wish I had not bothered.
  10. You have to do some weird cartwheels with an algorithm to exclude Day 1 releases (Resogun, Driveclub, Destruction All Stars, OddWorld) as well as re-releases of old games (Control Ultimate Edition), but if you look at Sony exclusives I think Infamous First Light was 4 months from release to PS+ Most others are years between release and PS+ though for first party exclusives.
  11. I think that's how I got them, or at least I dropped it into an open field where two other squads were fighting and I got the kill.
  12. The key to Gibraltar is to drop the bombardment on a downed player, I found. Find two other teams duking it out and hit them. God, I love him so much. A hilarious troll legend.
  13. Finally watched The Highwaymen. Started off strong but eventually turned into overlong ponderous boredom. Disappointed.
  14. And also a bit rubbish and, despite its 2 hour run time, ended wildly abruptly. We enjoyed it with our 10 year old.
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