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  1. While I am deeply, deeply lost in AC: Valhalla, the chances of me completing a lot of campaign based games this year are slight. So, I aim to filling that void with arcade games via a MAMEcab. 23/1: Ninja Baseball Bat Man You play a team of Ninja Baseball Bat...men. You are trying to get the sacred statue back. You have to play against giant baseball enemies, giant baseball glove enemies, Jack o' Lanterns and....MECHANICAL ALLIGATOR. Also MAKESHIFT VILLAIN. It's bonkers. It didn't take long to clear and features the usual last level bullshit of multiple enemies, but it was good fun. Also, the boss tune telling me to HIT THINGS and rhyming it with HIT THINGS was pretty good.
  2. Does anyone have any advice they can give on setting up a G920 to work with this, preferably on PC? Got my lad one for Christmas, and every game is a wonderful experience except for FH5, which is like driving on ice regardless of road and weather conditions. We can't even take a stock MX5 for a nice drive without it losing traction on the easiest of long, gentle bends in the road
  3. I can't help but hear Frank Spencer and, to be honest, it makes that trailer even better.
  4. I just clicked the cross and read it. Interesting piece.
  5. Awful film, but there is something good in there somewhere. It needs completely re-editing. Thoughts from elsewhere: The main reason I thought it was rubbish was because from a structure perspective, it was backwards. There was barely an emotional beat in there that was actually earned before/when it happened - most of the time the setup seemed to come after the event. It needs a complete re-edit, and whoever chopped this together needs kicking into the sea. For example: A more simple example: And don't get me started on the fucking
  6. The only sensible solution is to own ALL of the consoles and ALL of the subscription services, clearly.
  7. Yeah, I'd clocked that - might need to reset the churches I guess (stickers) but other than that easy enough so far. The way it's slowly introducing the rules is just brill. Playing it regularly certainly helps too!
  8. I'd recommend something like Machi Koro at that age, it's great and even though the base game is simples it means he can come up with repeatable strategies. We're playing My City currently, me and the missus. It's so good. We're only 3 Chapters in, but after it looking like I was going to storm ahead in the first two, Chapter 3 saw her win every game. Playing it in 2 players means a chapter takes around 30-45 mins to complete, and that's perfect for us.
  9. And done. Brilliant show, final scene and shot is absolute perfection.
  10. The gifter very nearly got thrown through a window.
  11. Yes, though it was a sizeable one. Wrapped in tissue paper, placed in a small jewellery type box, and wrapped again in gift wrap.
  12. I agree with Zok that the escalation in that scene seemed excessive, but
  13. Ooh yeah, totally forgot to post here about it sorry! So, I got a piece of perspex cut for the screen, and then used black mounting card behind it to make it look proper. And it does! No expense spared except all the money. I also got a piece of perspex for the marquee, and put a vinyl across it, with some lights behind it. Also in there are some speakers, with an amp fitted in the back. I did some rewiring to get the plug sockets in the cab, and a single switch on the back with a kettle plug. Then I realised I had nowhere to put it. So, I got in touch with Rich again and got him to make a custom pedestal for it. I think he now sells those. It's all gone together well. I didn't wrap all of the pedestal because of cost, just painted it black. If I were to do it again, I'd got for a finished black MDF finish rather than all the prep I did. I could have saved on vinyl and it would have cut down on build time. It's all brilliant though, loved doing it, love playing on it. It is, however, no longer in the kitchen (but could easily be brought back down due to the bartop).
  14. Not completed anything for a while due to a mixture of BF2042 and dropping 40 hours into Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but managed to squeeze this last one in before the year was out: 31/12: Terminator Resistance (PS5) Such a weird, weird game. There's a mix of solid, semi-open world levels that encourage exploration and exploring that evoke the future war setting perfectly alongside more on-rails showboating that are at least B tier in terms of their execution. And then there's the rest, which is less good. But, as a heartfelt love letter to the first two films, and an ambitious, story driven single player campaign, it's pretty damned good. The sex scenes are appalling, however. I enjoyed my short amount of time in it, but as I explored most nooks and crannies, don't feel any need to go back...
  15. I've done them a few times as a diversion, but still having so much if the main game in front of me I've not gotten too carried away. I'm mainly in need of raw supplies at the moment. I don't have enough to do the Christmas celebrations and my main town upgrades. I don't think the river raids grant them, so they're a bit hard to come by.
  16. Nah, you can give back at any point from the world map.
  17. Watched this last night (currently £1.99 on Prime) and it was absolute shit. Bottom tier F&F, down there with 4 and 6; boring, overlong, po-faced and just shit. Dom stinks up every scene he's in, which is most of them, there's a shot where Letty appears to break her CGI'd neck looking behind her and the momentum of the sliding lorry is gave me flashbacks to the runway of infinity. Ludacris declaring "as long as we follow the rules of physics we'll be ok" was a bit on the nose too. These films work when they are self aware, charming and full of personality. This was none of those things. A massive, massive disappointment after the brilliance of Hobbs & Shaw.
  18. Yep, the big climax to East Anglia was somewhat ruined by the fact I'd murdered everyone in that castle an hour earlier.
  19. I'm forty hours in and realised that after 100% clearing 4 territories I was playing it wrong. I was going around and doing the collectathon stuff before doing the quest missions, which meant that when I went back to the quests I revisited a bunch of places I'd already been. Switching that around for the fifth territory. Absolutely loving it though. Level 144 currently, and dropped on the currently discounted season pass too. However, even after switching on enemies levelling alongside me I am now an invincible Viking of godly powers. May have to crank it up again.
  20. Having entirely given up on BF2042 - the gunplay, the specialists, the vehicles and most things are absolutely fine, but the maps are as dull as dishwater - I'm 40 hours deep into Assassin's Creed Valhalla. I intend to make more progress over the break. I'm also play through It Takes Two with my wife and son (pass the controller). My missis is astoundingly shit at it.
  21. Cursed City returns! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/12/20/cursed-city-resurrected/
  22. Well, there's a finite number you can get into a £12000 shipping container even if you assume it's the only thing you're putting into it. My £15 fee was flippant, but there was a great article on the BBC a while back where a toy shop owner explained a toy tractor that cost 70p to ship previously now cost over £7. £30 may or may not be expensive for an entirely optional sheet of plastic, but I'm really not sure how low it could go in the current climate. We've been fortunate that lots of stores and retailers have been absorbing these prices for a while, but everything is going to be more expensive than we want it.
  23. It'll cost about £15 just to get it here from China these days. Not sure how much cheaper it could get.
  24. I'm 20 hours into this and loving it. I've cleared Grantebridgescire and am now lolling about in Ledecestrescire, having just been on an exotic trip to Tamworth. Having played a lot of open world games in the past couple of years, this one is making me chuckle because it's lovely but doesn't feel exotic. Tamworth! They've not even got a snowdome there yet. I'm massively overpowered now for the area I am in, but that's cool. This is just chill gaming for me. "Sneak into here and steal a thing" it says. No thanks, I'm just going to murderise everyone and then clear the town of valuables. Cheers!
  25. @And whatever brings people happiness is my simple thinking, tbh. I think that collection is awesome. You have different happiness parameters to them. I build and prime my models then put them on display. I do that because I love GW minis and the lore that surrounds them. I'll often just stand looking at them, enjoying them, and the process of building and priming them is a mindful exercise that I find incredibly therapeutic (not dissimilar to building Lego). I too have reached a point where I am generally not buying any more though; either because it won't get played or because I have no space to display it now.
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