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  1. It functionally makes sense, yes. But, in a hotly contested area where you're respawning on a squad mate while trying to take a flag, it adds a layer of complexity to that respawn that puts you at a disadvantage and potentially double-punishes you for dying. That DMR you'd switched to CQB attachments for the flag defence? You're back to a 6x scope and less effective ammo now. That's going to be a particular issue in certain game modes. Of course, the opposite is true. You get steam rolled and respawn with your last setup in a different spot and you need to switch back to long range attachments. It's perhaps a fundamental weakness in the loadout system that it'll take a bunch of time playing it with to understand how it affects the game on a tactical level. But combined with the absence of squadmate respawn camera and the absence of the class system meaning you don't know what loadout your squad has, it's a but messy. This is absolutely a game that's going to benefit from tight knit squads that play together over VOIP.
  2. Reading the full post-beta briefing is interesting. The 'big map' feature isn't locked in for Day 1 right now, for instance. https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/news/battlefield-briefing-what-we-learned-from-open-beta Another criticism - that you don't spawn with the last setup of your weapon as per the the plus system - is confirmed as a feature. It reads as if the UI elements needed to communicate who needs health, ammo, revives etc is still a work in progress, but they're at least adding it for Day 1 (but not early access). UI elements around noting friend vs foe are also down to the wire - these seem like points of feedback which caught them on the hop, which is surprising.
  3. 21/10: Disco Elysium (PS5) A long, long time ago I tweeted "God, I wish I had a game where I just had to solve something through exploration and conversation, rather than conflict". And here it is at last! A wonderful, wonderful game, drenched in sadness and loss, which got right under my skin. I was less interested in the world building than some friends, and way more invested in the super-personal nature of the protagonists story. I made choices I absolutely 100% knew were wrong for the game, but right for the story it was letting me play out. Just brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
  4. That's a shit load of improvements that directly address most of the issues I had with the beta. Very, very encouraging - Jackfrags did another video a couple of days ago which was also good. Addition of comms rose plus the factions being available in Portal addresses a huge amount of concerns I had.
  5. Ugh. I'm only up to episode 5. Is it worth continuing with if its cancelled? Does the first season wrap in anything approaching a satisfactory way?
  6. 17/10: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Arcade) Not as good as I remembered it, but also shorter than I ever anticipated it would be.
  7. Is this a new Monday Night Gamnes contender?
  8. I'm coming to the end of the first day, and I've been going through all of the conversation options. Is that the wrong thing to do? Should I be laser focused on staying in character?
  9. This is absolutely the right place for this! Is there an official game/miniature stream for this or is it all abandonware/STL files now?
  10. Yeah, absolute nonsense, watched it last night. I thought the trailer made it look shit and it was exactly that. Black Widow isn't a particularly interesting character at the best of times, but the way Pugh picks apart her schtick was brilliant. But Red Guardian, Milena and Taskmaster (who I knew nothing of before this) were entirely wasted. Even the legion of Black Widows were pretty shit, tbh. Everything was just underexplored, which is incredible given how tediously long the film is. Ray Winstone did the very best impression of your racist uncle that he could, and I thought he carried it well. Christ, he stinks up the screen in everything he does now.
  11. I have actually cancelled my pre-order now. I'm going to wait to see what the response is upon release - what things they have fixed, what things remain and what the longer term plan is. I'd put £90 down on this in July, it was my most anticipated game of the year, and this beta has just not been Good.
  12. Hmmm. So there's one specialist nobody can play with right now, and 5 that are redacted. Maybe there will be two teams of models then (though it still results in 4/5 specialists across 64 players on a single team, so lots of highly identifiable clones running around). The skins/cosmetics in this are gonna be fucking insane, aren't they?
  13. Wait... The "both sides play with the same models" isn't a beta thing? It's an actual game thing? Is that right? If so, fuuuuuuuuuuuucking lol
  14. God this, so much this. I just talked to my son about it before I read this. Lack of classes, loss of so much comms/situational awareness is just catering to the CoD crowd. I'm frustrated I've pre-ordered at this point, there's a lot riding on these other game modes right now.
  15. Sorry, updated my post - have not cancelled my pre-order, it was a joke regarding the post above it. You're right on every point, and I'm hopeful. In DICE I trust.
  16. Ugh, god, pre-order cancelled. EDIT: I haven't, I meant that jokingly related to the server issue above Played some more games last night. The core of this is solid, but my biggest fear is that the map doesn't demonstrate any real subtlety in terms of design. I'll need to play alternative game types on it, but there are a few key examples on this map that are just sub-par. Take, for instance: The sheer number of silly sniper nests dotted around (wheee zipline demo!) B1 is just a helicopter slaughter fest that isn't particularly interesting to attack on foot (and takes flipping ages to get there) The vehicle tunnel between C1 and D2, a dull and featureless alternative route that exists purely to get vehicles through but not offering any interesting alternative attack vector or defence mechanisms The foot tunnel between D2 and D1 is just a meat grinder for the purposes of having a meat grinder, and to offer some cover from the army of snipers at B1 The route from B1 to E1 (the rocket track) is just the largest, most featureless and bland section of a map I've ever witnessed. The multitude of identikit warehouse units. BF4 had plenty of these, but there was variety. This should be the Hanang Dam of the game, but it's not. I hope the other maps are significantly better, and I can see me actively avoiding this one in rotation.
  17. Yeah, there's a real issue with both armies having the exact same models. I'm assuming this is a beta thing and there are actually "opposite" armies in the final game. Played some more of it. It's Battlefield, but back in a near future setting. I'm ok with that. This map reminds me of Golmund Railway; large open expanses with not much between them. It lacks the infantry friendly areas, and that makes it very painful to play. I don't think the verticality of the map is of much use here - it's just three large structures and space inbetween. I can see it being fun in breakthrough/frontlines/rush though. The game itself, with numbers of players and competencies, is already settling down a bit. There are some nice choke points where I thought there were none, but also some missed opportunities - the tunnel through the mountain pass being one. It...exists? It doesn't really create any fun though. I'm excited to see the other maps, and game modes, in action. Conquest is my least favourite mode in these wide open wars of attrition, but that's true of every Battlefield ever. This beta is a hit for me, but the map and game mode are not.
  18. Had a ten minute go. Lots of bots, but we're in hour 3 so can hardly judge. I also don't like Conquest generally, and this map type (large open map) is my least favourite type of BF map - it seems to lack any notable chokepoints for infantry, and has a natural sniper line for the rocket launchpad/warehouse along the hill which will get real old, real fast. It looks absolutely gorgeous, except for the weird lagging animation on tanks. I like the weapon attachment switching. Specialist/weapon selection feels clunky, though. Still, too early to tell. Also how good is it to have helicopters back again? Joy!
  19. To change weapon attachments you use the face buttons to cycle between them.
  20. 06/10: The Touryst (PS5) Just a lovely, lovely game in every way. Brill. More please.
  21. EA are now making the standard edition give both old gen and new gen versions of the game to purchasers.
  22. I take back the "bowing out". As we are at the non-contextual quoting part of an internet debate, I'll skip ahead to the overlong and detailed response that firmly outlines my actions, which will then allow you to selectively quote sections and score more internet points. I installed AdBlock last week as a result of the announcement. The announcement piqued my interest in something I had never bothered with and, while hovering over the subscribe button, I wanted to understand better what experience I may be signing up for. I did that by installing AdBlock. The experience was nice, but it resulted in an experience that out a pop-up on every page saying "Please support us" but there was an easy little link there that they provided which just let me close it and carry on. They've then subsequently changed that pop-up to remove that link and insist you disable as blocker, subscribe or - in essence - stop utilising the site. Now, I don't subscribe to the view that everything should be free on the internet. That's why I've never used a pop up blocker before. However, I do believe there should be choice: Eurogamer are free to choose to tell me how to use their site, and I am free to choose to just disengage as a result. That really isn't a principled stance of any kind at all, and doesn't deserve any kind of galaxy brained sarcasm linking me to civil rights movements. The above hopefully goes some way to explaining why I chose to install it, and why @Strafe's initial sarcastic response was misguided ("I'm sure they'll miss your revenue"). They'd had my revenue previously. That's what your out of context quote is responding to @Uncle Mike rather than me grandly stating "my principled stance". If you still feel it's some kind of misguided principled stance, that's ok too though. We're all stuck at home, a bit bored and lonely, and we have to pass the days somehow, right? That's sincere, i just don't think there's any more meaningful back and too we can have about why I am not going to read Eurogamer anymore and why you think I'm wrong in my reasons. ignore this final tag, my phone won't let me delete it. @Uncle Mike
  23. That does not reflect the experience I have had in the past week, but well done and here you go:
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