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  1. I enjoyed it, and I liked the background details, but my wife exclaimed early on "It's The Lego Movie, isn't it?" and it is, but not as good. Really it's a lesser version of that, They Live and chunks of Wreck it Ralph. The thing with the claim "best videogame movie ever" was that...well, it isn't really a videogame movie. The videogame stuff is just a backdrop of incredibly low importance. That disappointed me; moments such as Guy in the skyscraper were few and far between, so it felt like a very formulaic action comedy movie with very little action but a decent amount of comedy and heart. It's fortunate it's so likeable, but there's very little in it that is memorable.
  2. It's a GW product, it's always a rabbit hole! That said, some of the hardcore wargamers at work (who play bucketfuls of different things) swear it's the best system we do.
  3. 25/09: Battle Circuit (Arcade) A young girl on a bright pink Ostrich battles a wealth of villains, including Barbara, Sandra and Dave. It was good. 26/09: Sack Boy: A Big Adventure (PS5) I tired of this enough by the end that there's no way I'm going back through collecting more dreamies to do the bonus levels. The best sections were those that were low on challenge and high on funk. As with everything Sack Boy ever, as soon as it tries to turn into a purist platformer it falls apart. Those best sections were worth the price of entry though.
  4. 24/09: Mutation Nation (Arcade) This was good. Only takes about 40 minutes to get through, has an interesting special moves system and only gets stupidly difficult on the last "fight all the bosses again" level.
  5. If I had to settle one one force I'd go Genestealer Cults or Orks. My son has an Ork army and they're just great, so I'll steal them at some point. The new Ork units are just fantastic too. I think both armies are thematically fun. GSC allow you to throw in some Genestealers too and then suddenly you can expand into Tyranids which I think have the most wonderfully alien looking creatures imaginable. Note; I don't play the game, I just build the models, prime them and put them in my cabinets to make me cry.
  6. 23/09: 64th Street: A Detective Story (Arcade) I didn't really enjoy this one. A limited set of moves, terrible music and repetitive enemies meant it outstayed its welcome pretty quickly.
  7. 22/09: Omno (Xbone) Well, that was lovely. Proper chill gaming.
  8. 20/09: Golf With Friends (Xbone) A truly hateful game in places, like properly designed to just be an absolute fucking dick, but it was lovely playing through all the courses with my mates over a few weeks. Glad to see the back of it though.
  9. I tried to warn you all! I watched The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things last night. It's like someone watched Groundhog Day and then heard about Palm Springs and thought "What if that, but no charming comedy? Let's make it a tedious teen drama instead". Which was a shame, because the two leads were engaging - but
  10. Tried to watch Kate. As good as the lead is, it's just all so dull. I can't muster up the enthusiasm to watch it. Did watch 1922. It was alright. A bit long and tedious, and lacking in any real creeping dread at all, but well acted. Bordered on comical at times.
  11. 18/09: Superliminal (Xbone) What began as a twee Portal wannabee with a different core mechanic very quickly became something really quite unique and special. I very much enjoyed this, and even quite liked the core message it was giving. I only got stuck on a couple of bits, but it scratched a pleasant "ooh that's clever" itch many times throughout.
  12. Yeah, it's that shit it's put me off watching Tom Holland in other things.
  13. 17/09: The Gardens Between (Xbone) A lovely, chill little puzzle game that never taxes too much (I got stuck once) and has a great vibe too it.
  14. Yep, I'd love to see more races get completely overhauled/new sculpts and everything brought up to the 'modern' standard. It'll come in time, I'm sure!
  15. I think that's a fair comment, though when I look back at - say - the last 3 or 4 years there have been some super solid updates across the board. Off the top of my head we've had a new Battle Sisters range, Genestealer Cultists getting significantly expanded, AdMech have received a wealth of new units, a whole new Ork sub-faction and Necrons have received a huge overhaul in terms of sculpts. It's a game with 12 distinct groups (if you clumsily collapse all Chaos Space Marine and loyalist Space Marine factions under those labels, which I'm not sure I agree is the right thing to do) supported via Codexes, and then you've got all the smaller units that can exist within those to add flavour (assassins, BSF releases, Rogue Trader models etc). I can walk into a store today and build any one of those armies without much trouble from scratch, even if some of the sculpts are 20 years old, and they're playable on the tabletop. Sure, I drink from the Kool Aid fountain, but I think that's quite the thing given 40k shares the space with AoS and all the standalone boxed games for support.
  16. 14/09: The Artful Escape (Xbone) Glorious. Absolutely glorious. A triumph.
  17. My lyrical waxing from a whatsapp chat: Ok played some more. Remember when you went to see The Lego Movie and you were completely blown away by how wonderously original, witty, charming, good hearted and colourful it was? How did it so many things you never knew could be done in a cartoon or family film? How you wondered how it took so long to get here, to this? Artful Escape is that, but for videogames. It's an absolute kaleidoscope of colour, of vibrancy, of bewilderingly good script writing, of the most simplistic gameplay elements mapped to an phenomenal experience but you don't care because it's just brilliant and this is what (some) games should be about. My brain is doing cartwheels in my head trying to understand what it is and how good it is, and then I go into a new area and it's built, lit and staged in a way I've never ever seen before. Like; when I played Ghost of Tsushima there is this incredible moment where you ride out of a forest into a field of long grass, and as the wind blows through it your avatar reaches down and brushes his hands through the grass. Married with the 'this is the real game now" music kicking in, it's one of the most perfect gaming moments I've experienced in years. It sent shivers down my spine. Artful Escape is hitting me with that with almost every screen. It's the vista shot from BotW, the first colossus, swapping the controller ports to beat the boss, but all the time. I love it.
  18. 12/09: Donut County (Xbone) I completed a game where I played a raccoon controlling a sinkhole. It was charming, and had a reasonably compelling storyline. I was disappointed when it ended. That is not a combination of words I ever thought I would use. 12/09: 12 Minutes (Xbone) Not good. Easy, but frustrating still. Dull as dishwater having to okay through it so many times to inch forward what is otherwise quite an interesting plot.
  19. Chaos Walking is on Prime now. It's remarkably average and toothless, given the subject matter. Disappointing.
  20. 10/09: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1&2 (PS5) Was good that.
  21. That looks rad, totally up for that.
  22. We've got a Ender 3 v2. It's fine for lots of things, but I absolutely would not print anything to do with miniatures with it. Plant pots, thingie-ma-jigs and many other practical things have been printed with it, along with some busts, but the effort involved in getting rid of the ridges on it along with the print times themselves mean it's a non-trivial amount of effort. I've not tried resin, have no intention to. 3D printing is a hobby in and of itself IMHO. It took me weeks of effort to get this machine dialled in to a good print quality, consistently, and about £100 over the base cost of the machine for extra bits and bobs.
  23. Oh yeah, I forgot about Pariah Nexus. I may see if I can grab a game of the new edition with someone from work and see how it takes me. But, similar to you, I have no idea if any of the Kill Team's I have built (and part painted) are valid any more. I'm not buying new ones just to conform to the new edition, that's for sure.
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