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  1. It's interesting reading what people think now, versus a few weeks ago. I'm loving the show now, and am watching it alongside a timeline order rewatch of the movies. We just finished Civil War. The way many subsequent movies and these series are exploring the impacts of 'being a hero' both on the individual supers and the wider world is really neatly done. Walker is a great character. 'Murica and everyone else pursuing super soldiers who turn out to be fucking psychos when given the serum means Steve rises even higher than others - it bounces directly off the themes of his origin and his continued journey through the series' ("Just because it's easy doesn't mean it's the wrong choice" to paraphrase Black Widow in Civil War, just underpins everything about the man). Nobody has learned the lesson that if you don't just want murderous murdering murder machines that are unstoppable, you need the right character underneath them. Walker realising that not only is he not good enough to be Cap, but also even with the serum he is simply not good enough to be Cap was brilliant when contrasted with his declaring he absolutely is Cap in his speech. He's just the Cap they deserve, rather than the one they were fortunate enough to have last time. I'm warming to Falcon and the story about systemic racism and treatment of black folk, and what it means to swear allegiance to that shield is a waaaay more interesting thing to do than the "Yay Black Cap" ending we got in Endgame. I thought the framing of the kids (shouting "Uncle Sam!") and their admiration for him and the shield was particularly touching. Bucky's storyline is perhaps the weakest so far. I'll be interested to see how the atonement thing goes from here on out. I'm still not sure why Zemo was broken out, why he had a mask and why the Wakandan's wanted him. Hey ho. I like him as a character. The whole GRC storyline is nice, but needs to dig deeper. 20 million people being resettled isn't a lot, really, when you consider 3.5 billion re-appeared on the planet last Sunday. I'm not sure they've framed the issue quite right, but I do like that they're framing it at all.
  2. Goosed my hand. Think I'm out of this month's. Boooo Albert coming in and winning so early is also a factor.
  3. Was meaning to do mine while I was off work but obviously that didn't happen so I will have to get at least 1 done and submitted during my "painting in meetings" sessions.
  4. Go on then https://trade.games-workshop.com/assets/2019/05/SpaceMarineHeraldryCardJune2017.pdf
  5. That was me, and to be absolutely clear my comment ("if you want it, buy it when you see it") was based merely on the understanding it was likely to be a busy weekend and popular product. There are enough products on the website that are selling out at release for it to be predictable now. I know absolutely nothing at all about any decisions around future production runs, any issues this one may/may not have experienced in its run up to release or what the comms plan is or is not. But even if I did, I couldn't and wouldn't comment anyway tbh.
  6. Love & Monsters was good in the same way Monster Trucks was decent a few years back. Enjoyed it.
  7. Played Root for the first time tonight. For a broadly simple game it took a while to figure out. Looking forward to a rematch.
  8. So we had another game, late April. 10 rationed events in the deck because WE ARE SHIT and I also took advantage of another thing to make our lives easier. We then cracked on and did a load of stuff. SPOILERS And we smashed it. We still had 5 plague incidents, but it felt like it came easily. And then I managed to put my finger on what I don't like about this compared to S1. S1 was a whole bunch of events that unfold against a narrative that is shaped by your actions. The board tells the story of what you did and didn't achieve, but you are always in control - then something happens which means you adjust and change. There is a story there, but it unfolds against the players' narrative of what they did. S2 feels like the opposite. We were getting smashed precisely because we didn't follow the narrative the game wanted us to. If we'd taken the hint 3 games earlier to explore a specific area, or search more aggressively, then the game would have been much, much easier to this point (we've played 7 games, but only won the first and last of those). And that feels like something very different, We got stuck because of the way the map looks, and were struggling to figure out how you achieve different things because it just seemed insurmountable. And it was, because the game wanted us to take a specific course of action. When we didn't, it punished us for it. I don't like that. It's unfun. We've put it back on the shelf for the time being, neither of us feeling the draw to try and play through it any more right now. I'm certainly not going near Season 0 any time soon.
  9. But what about the game? Lolz Your Adeptus Titanicus box is upside down.
  10. I'm sure they'll be back at some point, and you may be able to get them from none GW stores.
  11. I ummed and ahhhed about buying the new Underworlds Warband because they look gorgeous and now they've sold out, so I just need to appreciate the fact they exist. When all the new vampire stuff gets released for AoS I am in a lot of trouble, I suspect.
  12. My Cursed City has shipped! Hopefully have it early next week then.
  13. Palm Springs 3.5/5 (Prime) Found this lovely and endearing but then the bit in the credits ruined the entire logic of the ending and now I am angry with it.
  14. Just two between us. I suspect it's the area control that's getting us, but combined with most of North America being an infested no go zone we appear to have created a version of the game that's unwinnable. I'm not massively interested in just playing through for the narrative so if we've ballsed it up then so be it. It's just a bit weird, having super enjoyed the first one, we just can't get a handle on this. The mandatory objective is a bit of a killer too.
  15. And another loss, early April this time. It's got one more chance. Fully aware the problem is likely my wife and I but this is just not enjoyable. If we can't win late April I'm chucking it on the shelf and just not bothering anymore.
  16. Pandemic Legacy S2 is kicking our arses. 4 games lost in a row and we're only at the end of March. Half the known world is infested. Do not know how to bring it back. Not enjoying it as much as S1 tbh. This last game we lost 2 turns from victory. Infuriating.
  17. You can't, it's just mislabelled. When you click it says "nope".
  18. It's funny because I just looked on IMDB to see what he'd been in besides MCU, Black Mirror, Altered Carbon and Outside The Wire and he's been in fucking loads of stuff! Like, properly impressive films. And I remember him from precisely none of them. It's like he's entirely devoid of personality or charisma (for me) and so I just totally forget that the characters he inhabits exist.
  19. Believe so, but Oracle preordered from GW direct, so streetdate is when it lands in letterboxes I guess.
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