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  1. I'm buying some dice for Pathfinder ACG because the video tutorials I watched pointed out it's better with extra dice and now I want to buy a DICE CHEST which will be like one I saw at Moose's and was jealous of yet the £3.75 one pales into insignificance against the £20 metal one I've found oh god help me.
  2. Well, first of all I'd disagree that Halo had a shit story. It had a fairly compelling central thread that admittedly meandered through a couple of levels, but there was generally a pace and urgency to situations. At the very least, you had an idea why you were doing the things you were doing. I'd also argue that the combat, while excellent, doesn't have the depth of Halo. There were more tactical options in the opening level of Halo than there have been in my first few hours here. The decade you refer to also saw Bungie evolve as a game maker. The narrative of ODST was leagues ahead of this, yet equally bitty and episodic. Reach was, frankly, fantastic. For me, this is a step back from both. And I think that's where all the negativity I'm feeling is coming from. It's a step back from where they were in many ways. Still brill, and I'm still loving every second of it, but I'm not sure direct comparisons to Halo CE are particularly relevant in the way you're implying.
  3. We don't know why the events of 1-3 wouldn't happen but, based on what we see, they didn't. The Sentinel programme was cancelled, the future war didn't happen and Jean Grey didn't die. That in itself suggests that the events depicted in films 1-3 didn't occur as we've previously witnessed them, but somehow Xavier pulled them all together. Basically, Bryan Singer just retconned the entire series.
  4. Be interested in hearing how Infinity plays (though I know Wiper has posted some stuff too). I've got Mercs (board and tabletop) coming next year off of Kickstarter though, so between than and Deadzone I'm probably sorted for skirmish games for a long old while yet.
  5. I was using the urban dictionary definition, not the Oxford dictionary one. It's just an interesting - by which I mean arrogant and superior - tone you've decided to take from the outset, really. Doubled up with your "Chill out mate" line it's wonderful passive aggressive pub banter that's just too depressingly common to bother engaging with.
  6. Defiance did MMO shooter better, Halo: Reach did tactical shooting AND story better, Diablo did loot better, Borderlands did loot better and had more character... Yet, I'm still having a blast with this. I'm disappointed in many aspects of it - it feels lacking in comparison to even Bungie's own output - but, I dunno. I ventured down into the moon (I don't really know why, the game isn't giving us much of a driver to do anything at all) and the environments were stunning. Absolutely stunning. I ended up covering my ghost again while he decrypted something and that should have made me sad that the mission ended the same, but I loved horde mode on Reach and this is more of that so it's great. And I was headshotting knights at 10 feet with my sniper rifle and causing over 1,500 points of damage. That arbitrary number was very exciting. Back on Earth I went to do a patrol and it lead me into a high ranked area where I had to have a massive battle to scan the area, then it wanted me to head home. Screw that, I thought, and headed towards a light which took me to a cave entrance which took me underground which lead me to OH MY GOD SO MANY HIGH LEVEL ENEMIES RUN! RUN AWAY! These environment are huge. PvP is a bit hit and miss but it feels better to me than Halo ever did and nova bombing a flag and killing 3 people as I got headshotted in my very first match kinda made me love it loads. So, yeah, lacking. But what a base they have to build off over the coming months.
  7. Like I said, a rumour. I guess if GW engaged more with their community they wouldn't run away with them.Edit: I didn't actually say it was a rumour, but if you have a cursory look around various forums that's apparently what GW staff told people back in 2009/10. Thanks for the rolled eyes. Reminds me of my wife. So does the bit where you take my words - hopelessly overestimated - and twist them into something else - failure. That wasn't what I said at all. I can still buy Dreadfleet right now without even hunting (last one in stock on Amazon). I've seen it in multiple stores and multiple websites. I'm pretty sure it was in this thread, discounted, at some point in the past few months. I wasn't passing comment on how many units they sold, I was passing comment on how many they didn't - important for a limited edition run. As this very thread evidences, in the context of what I said, that's not the case for Space Hulk.
  8. If only there were a discussion thread on a videogame forum you could read to gain some insight!
  9. This is a good guide to compatability https://infinity.disney.com/en-gb/compatibility
  10. Picked up the replacement figure I need for £10 so I'm not bothering. You guys are in for a hell of a treat though.
  11. Tried this timed playlist PvP thing - I (lvl7) got grouped with 2 level 10/ against a level 20, 22 and 24. That didn't work out well at all.
  12. I was impressed that I did the intro, then I did the second mission, then I did a patrol and flew around on my sparrow shooting things, and then I did the third mission, and then I did another patrol and flew around on my sparrow, and then I did the fourth mission and it linked me up to my spaceship so that I could summon my sparrow and fly around on it. Still absolutely loving it though.
  13. Apparently PS4 is getting exclusive content of some kind.
  14. Do you mean you got those other figures free?! EDIT: Just looked at the website and it's Hawkeye, Nick Fury OR Iron Fist free. Still, that ain't bad at all.
  15. I liked the screams. And the wince on Cage's face as before he tries something for the second time. And the heroes journey in it is perfect. And the failed heroes journey. And how they reintroduce danger and it really works and makes it tense.
  16. I did the same this week after seeing those posts. My PS4, which is in the same room as the wifi router anyway, normally connected at 6-7MBs. I chucked the homeplugs in at opposite ends of the room and it's double that, it's just sucking up as much as it can. Everything on the dash loads faster. It's great,
  17. Thought this was absolutely brilliant, the best Verhoven film he never made (minus the squibs). The tone and way it handles its central mechanic is absolutely spot on.
  18. This is the thing I can't figure out. Why can't I put my reticule onto a player (especially if we're clearly on the same mission) and invite to my fireteam at a button press? Or can I?
  19. Except for the opening action sequence, the closing future action sequence and quicksilver, this was a terribly dull, saggy and wordy film. And not in the good way that First Class was. Wolverine was wasted, the setting was wasted, the conflict between Xavier and Magneto was wasted. It wasn't awful, but it was a huge missed opportunity. It took me a day or so to realise, though, because of the exceptional future battles and that quicksilver moment, which were sublime.
  20. I really hope they stop teasing BF 2143 soon (Carrier Assault? Floating tanks? Mechs?) and just get on with making it.
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