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  1. Microsoft have confirmed that UNO and Cloning Clyde will be released for the XBL Arcade during E3, but they haven't said anything about Street Fighter. But you're probably right, I guess it'll be available together with those two.
  2. I wonder when Street Fighter will become available for download...it was supposed to be released in March after all.
  3. Well, it's finally installed I don't like the start of the game that much, it really just throws you into the deep and you need to figure everything out for yourself. Normally I don't mind, but with such a complex title I can't really say I like it.
  4. So, finally got the 360 version yesterday or so and started installing it a few hours ago. All was well until I got the POL-12288 error which means it can't update. Argh. Reinstall required. It'd better be worth it.
  5. Thirty hours, in which I became the Thieves Guild master, the Fighters Guild master, the Arena Champion and the Dark Brotherhood Listener Level 20 by the way.
  6. You just have to place your squad in cover all the time, that's about it. And that's really easy, just aim at a certain spot and press up on the d-pad. I agree it looks quite complicated from time to time in the video but it's actually quite easy when you're playing it for yourself.
  7. Well, the first Ghost Recon wasn't, and was quite complicated. The second one was more about the action (and therefore easier imo ). Advanced Warfighter is somewhere in between, and really not that hard to get familiar with.
  8. Wow, that's one of the highest scores for Full Auto I've seen.
  9. I suppose it will automatically adjust to your personalised control settings, but I'm not sure since I haven't customised it on my debug unit.Anyway, there a three controller schemes available, A, B and C. But they only change the function of the buttons, no thumbstick thingy. Does that answer your question?
  10. I'm really, really, REALLY liking it. It's a previewbuild from january so it still has some flaws (sometimes my squadmates just refuse to obey my command), but it's obvious to me that this'll be my favourite Xbox 360 game for quite some time. It's really intense, you have to think before you act, because the A.I is amazing. You'll need to flank your enemies like in Brothers in Arms and Full Spectrum Warrior, but it feels way better in GRAW and you have to be more careful as well, since the enemy tries the same from time to time. I don't know why, but the game just has something special...I'm in love with the videofeed in the upper left corner of the screen, by the way. When hell breaks loose it's quite cool to see your how your teammates react in the videofeed. Complete with rustle when they run for cover, ofcourse. Oh and it looks FABULOUS, duh. http://www.gamer.nl/images/content/Jaapvan...139911311_7.jpg http://www.gamer.nl/images/content/Jaapvan...139911311_4.jpg Edit: Sorry for the big screens. I'll make links of them. My favourite moment thusfar (2nd mission spoilers):
  11. I'm playing it with the HUD turned off at the moment, so yes, it's possible.
  12. At how much points exactly do you level up from C to B?
  13. Well there are some completely INSANE achievements: you need to be #1 on the leaderboards for a certain achievement. Another game in which getting the 1000 Gamerscore is almost impossible. Other achievements are playing 5 hours STRAIGHT online, making 1000 kills online (etc.), and the basic 'finish singleplayer mission X'.
  14. Daanos


    Well, at least the producer of the game makes clear why the Burnout-tricks were removed: Yes, that's unreadable for the most of you since it's Dutch so I'll just sum it up in English: He thinks Black's a pretty serious game and with the points system thingy it would be less serious, and it would add nothing to the immersion. Uhm, okay...
  15. Daanos


    Received the retail version today. I'm enjoying it, although I'm also quite amazed by the enemies which seem to need a full clip to actually die. I'll put it in my 360 later on, to see if it works on it.
  16. NFS Most Wanted and Ridge Racer 6 on Xbox 360, and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (I've got to finish it before I'm gonna play Partners in Time ) and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow on my DS. Ace
  17. Black Black Black Black Black.
  18. I still haven't finished GTA III. So how long is that? 4 years?
  19. Hill 400 on Veteran is a total BITCH.
  20. If I tell you I'd have to kill you
  21. It's just a BIG FAT faceplate No it's a dev kit.
  22. Best PS2 Game 1. God of War 2. Resident Evil 4 3. Soul Calibur III Best PSP Game 1. GTA: Liberty City Stories 2. Lumines 3. --- Best Xbox360 Game 1. Call of Duty 2 2. Perfect Dark Zero 3. Kameo: Elements of Power Best Xbox Game 1. Jade Empire 2. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 3. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Best GC Game 1. Resident Evil 4 2. --- 3. --- Best NDS Game 1. Mario Kart DS 2. Advance Wars Dual Strike 3. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Best GBA Game 1. --- 2. --- 3. --- Best PC/MAC Game 1. F.E.A.R 2. --- 3. --- Best Online Game - Mario Kart DS () Best Developer - Infinity Ward Best Publisher - Ubisoft Hall of Shame 1. --- () 2. --- () 3. --- () Most Wanted Game Of 2006 - Gears of War (X360) Indie Game of the Year - --- Game of the Year Overall - Call of Duty 2 (X360)
  23. We own a HDTV as well, but since it's in the living room and I don't want to annoy my parents (I still live at home) with all the awful sounds that some games make, it's hooked up with an normal TV. Which is also nice. Sorry for the crappy mobshots.
  24. I've been playing Call of Duty 2 and Perfect Dark Zero all week. I've finished both, but I'm trying to finish CoD2 on the Veteran difficulty setting. Perfect Dark Zero is inserted in the 360 almost every evening for some online fun.
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