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  1. 'What are you doing?' 'I am looking for YOU!' Yes, very annoying
  2. So that's it. Thank you. Thank god I didn't save my game after using the FAQ. *tries again without FAQ Thanks!
  3. Yes, and that is weird. Ubisoft Montreal wouldn't want us to complete it by using GameFaqs. There must be a way to find out how to complete it, without using a FAQ or just trying and trying and trying.
  4. ...wow! I think I know how to beat Black Widow. Hopefully I'll succeed without losing to much health, since I also have to battle the Core-X.
  5. Okay, yesterday evening I encountered the weirdest puzzle in The Sands of Time since the start of the game (I'm at 81% now). No, I don't want the answer, I could surf to GameFaqs or so for that. And I did, and I found the answer. But my question is; how can you possibly complete the puzzle without a FAQ or something? You see a statue in the middle of a room, surrounded by water. There are doors everywhere. The only way to get out of the room is to go through the doors in a determined order. I have NO idea how to know the correct order without using a FAQ.
  6. It's very good. But why is it so damn hard? I've just been killed for the 6th time in a row by that bitch called Arachnoid/Black Widow. I hope Zero Mission is less hard, because this sure is difficult. Or maybe I'm just a Metroid newbie
  7. I never played 1080 Avalanche, but SSX3 is great. I've had it since two weeks before release or so, and I'm still playing it at the moment. Great game.
  8. Must...buy...PS2...must...get...Dark Chronicle...
  9. You guys are right. It's almost identical to Vagrant Story (which isn't a bad thing )!
  10. Not much. I'm so lucky to get my Xbox games free. I do buy GBA games now and then though.
  11. I'm in too! Project Gotham Racing 2 Mario & Luigi Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Metroid Fusion Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
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