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  1. Well, I have to say, it was awesome. Just finished it and it was really good after all. The last missions are outstanding!
  2. Damn. So what are we (DS owners) supposed to play until then? Super Mario 64?
  3. So, when will this hit the shelves? I can't wait.
  4. Bleurgh. Awful game. I've been playing it for a while now, and it's really, really, REALLY boring. You go into a corridor. You shoot. You run out of the corridor. You shoot. You run into another corrider and shoot again. That's it. THE WHOLE FSCKING GAME! Yeah, the squad control stuff is good. But Brothers in Arms' is better.
  5. For Xbox: Jade Empire, Chaos Theory, Conker, Forza. For PS2: Wanda, Okami For Cube: Teh new Zeldah.
  6. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=78314&st=80
  7. First screens of the interface are here!
  8. Yes, but if you look at it that way, EVERYTHING is repetitive. Every game. Every film. Every single day of your life. The point is that a lot of games change a bit now and then. Different weapons, different enemies, different environments, big story change, etcetera. In Stranger's Wrath, almost everything is the same in the first part of the game. I think that's repetitive. The change comes a bit too late for most players.
  9. Yeah, that's one of the cons of the game in my opinion too; it gets repetitive after a while. The twist comes too late. Some people will stop playing because of it, but they'll wish they didn't. I think Eurogamer's reviewer had the same problem, he didn't play long enough. I thought the same; repetitive shit. The change made everything great though, the gameplay changes alot and the story turns out to be extremely good. 9/10 for me because of that. Oh, and if you're at the laptop boss (you need to get Eugene's laptop you mean?), you still have a long way to go. Sorry
  10. EuroGamer's review is arse. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=58137
  11. Great quote Mac! If you see something move, shoot it. If it cries in German, shoot it again.
  12. PAL preview for me. No full yet
  13. Where are you in the game at the moment? I need to capture a farmhouse filled with Germans now, but it's pretty damn hard if you ask me. D-Day plus two I think. Or plus three.
  14. It seems that a crosshair will be in the final version after all, since I just unlocked it in the preview version Fat chance it'll be available from the start in the retail version. Though I doubt it'll be on by default.
  15. Yep. You can't shoot without it. Well you can, but you won't hit shit.
  16. I've been playing an early version of Brothers in Arms lately, and I wanted to post some impressions here. Nothing big, just a small story. I'll add some more once I've played it a bit longer. First thing I noticed is the beautiful atmosphere. The first chapter really makes a good impression, it shows every aspect of war (well, as far as I can judge that is ). Chaos, dying teammates, other teammates going crazy because of it, bombshells all over the place, wonderful. Although it's not on such a huge scale as the beach landing in MoH:AA, I think the atmosphere is better. The only thing that I found a bit strange was the fact that I couldn't find my crosshair. Ah well, no problem I thought. I was wrong. There is NO crosshair. Not in the options menu, nowhere (not in this version that is, but I strongly doubt it'll be in the final since it'll change the whole concept). Because of the missing crosshair and the tactical gameplay, it reminds me more of Full Spectrum Warrior than, let's say, Call of Duty. In every fight you order your teammates to fire at the enemy targets (supressed fire), so you can flank them and attack them from the side or rear. It's a bit repetitive actually. Don't get me wrong. This is NOT a bad game. NO fscking way. But if you're expecting a Call of Duty of MoH beater, you'll have to adjust your expectations.
  17. I think it's shit. The weapons are awesome, but that's about it actually. Though, now that I think about it; the weapons are the most important thing in a shooter, aren't they? If you look at it that way, it's pretty nice. I guess.
  18. Well, Zelda's shit anyway so don't even bother.
  19. -- Oops doublepost, sorry. Plz delete --
  20. Yes. The PS2 version has more slowdown. I've just picked up the second Ace btw. Great game
  21. http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/books/oddworld/ Fantastic.
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