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  1. Daanos

    Kotor 2

    I thought the opening sequence was pretty damn good. Very mysterious and dark, just how I like it No really, why did everybody hate it?
  2. Yeah, you indeed SHOULD be playing this! Awesome game, I know it's my Q1 favourite and it might even be my Xbox GOTY 2005. When I look at the releaselists, I don't think something better will be released this year (for Xbox that is). Playing it for the second time now, trying to get all the bastards alive
  3. Finish off his minions first. He's a piece of cake after that. Well, dead that is. If you want to get 'em alive you'll have to do your very best!
  4. Yeah, a bit... now that you mention it, yeah, it's quite like Shadowman
  5. Yeah. ...uhm, and now? It's not bad. The atmosphere is pretty damn good if you ask me. The rest isn't outstanding or anything, but it does what it has to do.
  6. Like the topicstarter, I never even came out of the garage in Driver (PSOne) Ninja Gaiden is a bitch too yes.
  7. Bullshit. Ubisoft is teh publisher.
  8. Daanos

    Kotor 2

    It should arrive tomorrow. Can't wait
  9. Daanos


    Midway's 'comeback' indeed started with The Suffering last year, which was a great title. So was Psi-Ops, which must have been one of my favourites in 2004. Area 51 looks good, and now that they've picked up Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, I think 2005'll be a geat year for Midway too
  10. I have a debug station, which is hooked up with my PC. And with XDK (Xbox Development Kit) installed, I can take shots of every game I play on the debug No problem mate!
  11. €209.55 at DVDBoxOffice.com! No idea how much pounds that is. You can do the maths yourself if you're interested
  12. The plot twist in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath was a huge 'wow!' moment for me
  13. Amazing. Let's open another topic about it!
  14. I KNOW!!!!!!!111111111111!!11 Because they're fun. No, really. I'm serious here.
  15. That's the big mystery. I think that's one of the biggest achievements, I've never seen such huge worlds without a long loading screen
  16. Where's the old thread ?
  17. HUGE SPOILER!!111111111 Click For Spoiler HE SHOOTS PEOPLE!1!!!!!!1111111111 WITH GUNS!!!!111
  18. Woo, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath got a 9 from EDGE and a 9 from GamesTM. Good, it deserves it
  19. Daanos


    I don't think I'll be able to play this on my 1,7 ghz Pentium 4 with a crappy GeForce 2 card I need money.
  20. Tomorrow I think. Or today.
  21. Yeah, that's about it. It's extremely fun with a clan I guess.
  22. Click For Spoiler What was it with the ending... Sekto died, and was a Steef. Or did Sekto 'posess' a Steef? Because you saw his 'head' or something like it (the jellyfish) escape...
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