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  1. How hard is it to start with the plot set-up and genre and work outwards? It can't be beyond his abilities to write down the important points about a game in a list so he can talk about it in a structured way.
  2. I hope the remastering process included removing the daft Junctioning system and replacing it with something sensible.
  3. I was sure today would be an anticlimax after doing well yesterday, with the new ball making the difference. And then when Broad got out it was just a matter of time before AUS retained the Ashes. Blimey.
  4. He's definitely right that having to live each day as Ryo; find accommodation, get a job, ask directions etc really puts you in his shoes in a way you don't feel so much in other games.
  5. Trumpets


    It ran badly enough on PS4, so I can't imagine how poor the Switch version is. Lovely game anyway, and once you're finished I recommend reading the Eurogamer interview with the director that explains a lot of the thinking behind the game.
  6. I don't like Tarantino all that much but I loved this so my ranking is Once Upon a TIH > most of his other films > Kill Bill 1&2
  7. I gave up after 20 minutes and deleted the episode. What an absolute dullard.
  8. At the end of the game it's revealed that the whole thing has taken place up Kojima's bottom.
  9. I wondered this. Does he talk to his parents like that or does he have a normal voice he can go back to? Communicating with him must be like talking directly to the internet.
  10. Thank God that's over. It gets a bit better after the open world closes off and the plot becomes more substantial, but apart from the baddie the characters never become interesting and the storytelling is incoherent. If it wasn't my favourite game series I wouldn't have persevered with it. I'll still play whatever XVI is but I hope it uses something a bit closer to the standard JRPG template, like the Dragon Quest games continue to do with great success.
  11. I was worried ACE Team had gone normal after their recent Actraiser clone, but obviously not.
  12. Best film ever. I should really go and see the Final Cut but I'm already so familiar with every scene it seems like a waste of time & money.
  13. I thought it was an enjoyably plotless wallow in 60s Hollywood, with some great acting. I'm very glad I read the Wikipedia entry on Sharon Tate (who I'd never heard of) before watching though as her character would have seemed completely pointless to the film otherwise. As it is she barely seems to say anything, just dances a bit and smiles, but perhaps that's just how she was.
  14. Why hasn't some dictator done this for real already?
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