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  1. He also pops up as Pedro Dominguez in Shadow of the Tomb Raider:
  2. The only explanation is that Giant Bomb has turned into some kind of accountancy scam, a la The Producers.
  3. Bearing in mind that Shenmue 2 is my favourite game of all time... Good things about Shenmue 3: - It looks great in a way that is faithful to the previous games while massively improving on them. - The village area is a nice and relaxing place to hang out. - It's amazing that it exists at all. Bad things about Shenmue 3: - It barely progresses the plot. - When it DOES move things on (at the end) it leaves them in a less interesting place then was promised by the end of S2. - There are only two main areas. - The second area makes you do all the stuff you did in the first, again. - The fighting engine isn't fun and not as good as the previous games. - The RPG system adds nothing positive and makes you grind levels. - The stamina system adds nothing positive and stops you being able to run. - Shenhua and especially Ren are badly used. - None of the new characters are memorable or interesting.
  4. I lost ten IQ points just reading that.
  5. I liked 6 and LOVED Like a Dragon (finished them both) so I can enjoy the series, but this one isn't really doing it for me for whatever reason. I'll give it another couple of chapters and maybe it'll click.
  6. When does Zero get good? I've just finished Ch.5 and I'm still not feeling it.
  7. I LOVED the first game and will defend it against all criticism (I even liked the Meat Circus) but this sequel bored me so much I just gave up half way through. The levels inside people's heads are probably more representitive of actual mental health issues that occur in the real world, but they just aren't as interesting as the more literal examples the first game. There's nothing as good as Sasha's level, The Milkman, the Napoleon level, the Spanish painter level etc. They bore no relation to how mentally ill people actually think but they were just way more creative and fun. On top of that the story focusses too much on the Psychonauts internal fiction and backstory, which I don't really care about. Platforming and combat etc are probably on par or even a bit better than P1, but that was never why it was worth playing even back in '06.
  8. I can't think of another game that looks so good in screenshot form but falls apart so badly in motion.
  9. I'll see your Avengers low point and raise the time he spent ten minutes 'describing' Void Bastards without ever mentioning that it was a roguelike or an FPS. I have to agree with the Waypoint disappointment, though. Vinny sounds old and tired and the other two just don't have the energy to spark him back into life. I was about to try the Bombcast again but the above news has scotched that idea...
  10. I've nearly finished and very glad I stuck with it despite a couple of tedious sections, as it becomes a wonderful avant-garde mind-fuck towards the end. I've no real idea what's going on but I know what I like, and It's the closest I've experienced to a playable piece of art. It's recieved an update today too so hopefully some of the bugs have been squashed.
  11. I remember reading that the developer originally intended to make a sequel, but the sales weren't strong enough so Capcom let them finish the story with a piece of DLC instead. Although that could have just been an excuse for charging extra for the ending...
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