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  1. The gameplay I've seen hasn't convinced me but I may buy it anyway and just let it have sex with my eyes.
  2. No, I think I played the first GBA one but nothing after that. Played lots of non-Castlevania SEARCH ACTION games but they never seem to have the same magic, somehow.
  3. Walking out of the prison in Uncharted 4 and seeing the castle thing in the sunlight, covered in ivy, and then climbing all over it. Drinking with Lenny in Red Dead 2. The cannery bit in Edith Finch.
  4. OK, I made a point of listening to the latest Bombcast with an open mind and, do you know, you're right, Ben is amazing! Naturally funny, incredibly quick witted and always interesting, I see now that he is one of the most gifted broadcasters in the podcast medium! The silence that follows all of his delightfully off-beat jokes isn't because they aren't funny, it's awe. Awe that anybody can craft such perfect verbal nuggets seemingly off the cuff! Consider me a huge fan from now on. I was considering getting a tattoo of him but that's not enough; I'm going to carve his face into my belly with a penknife.
  5. They should set a Far Cry game in The Black Forest.
  6. In that case could you maybe employ him as your personal fool/jester and do us all a favour? I'm just looking for solutions here.
  7. I hope they do a better job than the Bombcast this week. Jeff: '...It's just...I don't know...it's...the media, people in the media...er...really disgusting...I...just..I don't know...it's...hmm...it's...yeah, not OK anymore...just...these people get a profile...these, er, people, er...I...yeah...er...yeah' Brad: 'Yeah' Jeff: '...it's like...what are we even doing...I...I don't know...it's...yeah...hmm...yeah...' repeats for another 25 minutes.
  8. I'm currently at about 70% in ROTN and enjoying it more than any game in the genre since SOTN. Unlike most modern Metroid-type games it doesn't dumb everything down for the sake of accessibility, like marking off your next objective on the map, so you really have to explore and figure things out for yourself. There's so much variety in locations, weapons, equipment, shards, enemies etc. that the huge castle isn't growing old even after ten hours. No idea if there's an equivalent of the inverted castle in SOTN, bringing the total up to 200%, but I wouldn't complain.
  9. £500 with a drive, £440 without.
  10. The more female, LGBTQ and BAME enemies the better. What kind of Nazi would you have to be to only want to murder straight white men?
  11. Trumpets


    One of my favourite games of the whole generation.
  12. Donald pitching his revolutionary new lightgun concept to Windsor Davies on the set of Never the Twain.
  13. Mario's Cement Factory Game and Watch clam shell version, bought at a jumble sale.
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