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  1. I can't think of another game that looks so good in screenshot form but falls apart so badly in motion.
  2. I'll see your Avengers low point and raise the time he spent ten minutes 'describing' Void Bastards without ever mentioning that it was a roguelike or an FPS. I have to agree with the Waypoint disappointment, though. Vinny sounds old and tired and the other two just don't have the energy to spark him back into life. I was about to try the Bombcast again but the above news has scotched that idea...
  3. I've nearly finished and very glad I stuck with it despite a couple of tedious sections, as it becomes a wonderful avant-garde mind-fuck towards the end. I've no real idea what's going on but I know what I like, and It's the closest I've experienced to a playable piece of art. It's recieved an update today too so hopefully some of the bugs have been squashed.
  4. I remember reading that the developer originally intended to make a sequel, but the sales weren't strong enough so Capcom let them finish the story with a piece of DLC instead. Although that could have just been an excuse for charging extra for the ending...
  5. It's the single best piece of DLC I've ever bought, if that helps.
  6. I'm really enjoying it. It's like playing one of those bizarre Eastern European cartoons that would sometimes disappoint you when you were expecting Road Runner or Tom and Jerry.
  7. It's as if different games serve different purposes, where some benefit from allowing the player to skip/power through tough bits while in others that would destroy the point of playing it at all.
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2 is my favourite game to just potter around in.
  9. If true it'll no doubt roll a load of Control's fiction into the Alan Wake world
  10. Same here, it's in my top ten easily. A 4K remaster with the DLC fully incorporated is already overdue. You just need the True Ending DLC.
  11. Trumpets

    Narita Boy

    I dunno, seems pretty good to me so far. Reminds me of Flashback more than anything. Doesn't hurt that it looks and sounds so nice, although I can't imagine anyone playing with the CRT filter on for more than a few minutes.
  12. Why is this game so hard? My ego hates me lowering a game's difficulty but I did it with this game and even on easy it's STILL harder than most games' default.
  13. Yeah, not sure about the snowball rolling one but the others seem pretty good, if even more annoying at times.
  14. Finished it a few days ago and overall I'd say it's on par with the first game. Plays very similarly except it's quite a bit easier, especially if you take advantage of the various upgrade systems - I ended up with so much life I was practically immortal, and the ability to add a second air jump softened a lot of the later platforming challenge. One of the better videogame endings too. I did not see that coming...
  15. I'm still using a PS3 as my main Blu-ray & DVD player, and I've got another one in the bedroom fitted with a Play TV Freeview box. Both still work great, never found a reason to replace them.
  16. "...and then I mistimed the jump off the wall and fatally impaled myself on a bed of spikes. No, wait, that's not what happened..."
  17. This game looks bonkers on a One X. Nothing else that I've played comes close.
  18. Nolan is great for mindbending time/space shenanigans but is essentially a robot. This is what happens when he attempts to write human feelings.
  19. He hasn't made anything good since MGS 4 so I don't care.
  20. .niaga ti ees dna og neve yam I .ngis doog a s'taht dna yadot yltnatsnoc ti tuoba gnikniht neeb ev'I tub sdnim owt ni amenic eht tfel I .erofeb nees sah eno on taht sgniht looc fo lluf s'ti tub ,ti esylana uoy ecno retaw hcum sdloh tolp eht tbuod I dna ssem a fo tib A
  21. I found it a bit of a curate's egg. Some parts felt like a weak tech demo with a quirky character attached to justify its existence, but others parts were much better. The bit in the cannery is easily one of my favourite parts of any game.
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