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  1. Mike should be fairly unobjectionable but is annoying in a way that's somehow completely different and more subtle than how Ben is annoying.
  2. Jan has terrible taste in games and his contributions on the Bombcast tend to devolve into him ironically listing Pokemon characters, but he's not that bad, surely...
  3. Yeah, in some ways it's a great experience but the bit where you have to play it is rubbish.
  4. Instruction 1 sounds like something you'd hear in a perfume advert.
  5. Is the rest of the game that pretentious?
  6. And done! An excellent game from start to finish; good combat; good characters and several big (sometimes massive) environments that were fun to explore. At the risk of damning it with faint praise, it's probably the best Star Wars related product since Disney got their hands on it.
  7. Loving this game, but those yellow/orange Nightbrother enemies on Dathomir are really fucking annoying. The hard to kill melee ones crowd around you while the archers pepper you with laser fire, which when you try to deflect it back at them turns out to be a rocket instead.
  8. I've been playing it on the third one up (one above 'normal') and it's been about perfect for me. I certainly wouldn't start on the default if you're into 'Souls.
  9. If you're looking forward to hearing what Brad thinks about Doom Eternal, you'll have to put up with Ben curling off a fresh nugget of inane drivel every ten seconds while he attempts to do so.
  10. I'm amazed at this 24k figure. Would it be internal testing staff dragging the average down or do programmers & artists earn less that I expected?
  11. If you don't give rich individuals/companies a way of paying less tax they just trot off to Monaco/Ireland. You don't have to like it but that's how it works.
  12. Did he explain why 'Most disappointing game' and several other categories were also missing, or why they spent three boring days recapping games they already talked plenty about over the last year of podcasts?
  13. No, I really should, it being my favourite game and all. You may be right that its gating is worse than S3, but that isn't my memory of it since I enjoyed every minute I played, which is kind of the point. It's perverse to want to fight people in a game where the fighting isn't fun.
  14. Having to If the plot/fighting/everything else were better I'd knuckle down and do it, but this sequel (to my favourite game of all time, the only thing I've ever Kickstarted) has ultimately been a big let down.
  15. Nope, bugger this, I'm fairly near the end but I can't do this any more. They basically ask you to do the same long-winded shit at the end of the second location that you had you do at the end of Bailu. I'll Youtube the ending and get on with my life.
  16. I'm experiencing QTE fails at every asking - either my reactions have gone or the timing window is overly stingy.
  17. I'm well into the second area now and while it's impressive what they managed with a crowdfunded budget this simply isn't in the same league as the previous game. The things I've been doing have been broadly similar but S2 had a scope and a feeling of progression and escalation that this simply can't match. I'm still glad to have played it and I'm eager to see how it ends, but it was probably never going to get near my expectations.
  18. I'm just going to skip the day two and three round ups and go straight to the award categories. Soooo boring.
  19. I've finally started playing and the first hour at least looks gorgeous and most importantly feels like Shenmue but on a modern console with improved controls. I've just had a nice evening stroll from the village back to Shenhua's house, where she's cooking me a meal, 18 years after I first set foot inside.
  20. He is, but he tones down the 'humour' for the GOTY podcasts so is much more tolerable. Abby on the other hand...
  21. I think you might be overestimating how many people have even heard of SCP (I certainly hadn't), never mind read any of it. And the shooting is only relevant until you upgrade the ability to fling stuff around a couple of levels - I barely fired a shot from about halfway through.
  22. Shenmue 3, Trine 4, The Outer Worlds and a new PS4 Pro to play them on.
  23. I thought it started well but lost cohesion by halfway and in its eagerness to tie everything up and please old Star Wars fans turned into a well-meaning sludge. Not sure where they go from here. It could do with a Casino Royale style reboot but I'm not sure how you would do that with Star Wars.
  24. Console looks nice but the name is appalling. Should have called it Xbox Alpha.
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