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  1. Do we think Ronaldo is going to start against Newcastle? Articles suggest he's going to be on the bench
  2. Think we are sat in the same block, mate. I'm towards the top of block 16. Photo looks like either 15 or 16? Went to Blackpool away last Tuesday, was an amazing day out.
  3. Got into Champ 2 for the first time last night. My ground game has definitely improved a lot recently but having played a few games in Champ 2 I can see that my aerial game needs a lot of work. Specifically my fast aerials and control of the car when jumping off the wall. So many goals conceded yesterday where someone came in flying off the backboard above the goal and I was just sat watching like a lemon.
  4. Played a few games with Wretcherd a couple weeks back and his movement in the air was insane. Could see the micro adjustments he was making when landing so that he always landed with maximum momentum to keep on going. Meanwhile i'm still learning to half-flip Have finally decided to bind air-roll right to my controller but I keep forgetting to use it in-game!
  5. I think 4 wheels sounds right actually.
  6. Will add you, assume your gamertag is SuperStarBeeJay? I'm no expert, that's the only time I've actually hit the ball and it was completely unintentional. I only actually dodged the second time cause I wasn't sure if my flip had reset, then just luckily ended up in the right place A flip reset is where you hit the ball with the underside of your car and it then allows you to flip/dodge again. This can be done multiple times through the air to help to travel with the ball. So in the video I've jumped of the wall and dodged/flipped right. The ball has hit the underside of my car which has then allowed me to flip again. Meaning I've dodged/flipped twice and very luckily got an extra touch on the ball.
  7. The timescale is purely based off when you check you stats in the tracker. That's when it updates. We're both on Xbox these days, BeeJay so can party up at some point? I'm a D3/C1 in 2s and a D2 in 3s these days
  8. Been playing a lot of this again lately and I may have (very luckily) scored my first reset flip yesterday. Could potentially even argue that it is a double tap? What do we say rllmuk, can I count this as a double tap flip reset?
  9. Yep can see it now. When I checked on Friday I'm sure GW26 wasn't a DGW, will Triple Captain this week
  10. Have all of the double gameweeks been and gone now? Still got my bench boost and triple captain to use
  11. Ah thanks for letting me know, presumably the live chats were with Argos to release the funds and not with your bank? I will have probably to do the same to get mine sorted too.
  12. Oh yeah its terrible, from how they've described it the order was never raised just the bank was successfully contacted. So my funds are in a situation of pending and will eventually fail to return to me but Argos can't do anything as there isn't an order and they haven't received my money (and won't). Whether they've said that just to fob me off is a different question
  13. Argos took payment from me this morning but didn't provide me with an order confirmation (it did say there was an error after checking out) have contacted them and they said the order hasn't gone through and I need to wait 3-5 days for the money to return to my account :/
  14. My experience is that best time to buy is Sunday evening when Weekend League is coming to a close and people are selling their teams. Then it starts to rise (not significantly) Monday morning when people get their Squad Battle rewards and pre-order packs. Then another rise on Thursday when people get their Division Rewards and Weekend League rewards. That's my take at least and I could be wrong as I've heard other people talk about it being the other way around. EDIT: For example, I picked up Messi on Sunday for 550k (on Xbox), and can now see that he is now going for 565/570k and would expect it to be more tomorrow/Friday. That said there is a general market decline going on at the minute so it won't be as noticeable currently
  15. Yeah it's profitable but can definitely feel like a bit of a slog/chore at times. Depends how well it's working at the time, sometimes everything sells instantly other times it involves waiting around, sometimes you get out bid a lot and other times you bid on 50 and win all 50. I've not noticed a pattern but the prices still fluctuate so I sometimes find that i've bought 50 for 650 each and then there prices have risen on the market so I sell them for 900/950 each. There are other times where prices are up so I pay 700 each and then a decline happens and I sell them for 750 each in the end. Even its self out over time and profit is profit I guess. When they are down at 650 I tend to keep one of each player in my club as an investment and then once they rise to 900/950 sell them on to maximize the profit.
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