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  1. On 19/11/2021 at 13:16, Bennette98 said:

    I've lost interest in FUT so decided to sell up last week.


    Got 1.2 million coins sitting waiting for my return later in the year.


    Only players I have kept as investments are 1x Sabitzer OTW (bought for 34k, currently 55k) and 1x Rodrygo RTTK (bought for 230k, currently 232k)

    Timed this horribly wrong.


    Still have my Sabitzer and he's now worth 20k (I should have listened!)


    With Rodrygo, his price dropped to 200-210k last week so I decided to buy another 4. Sold all 5 yesterday morning for 245k. Made roughly 175k in profit, nice.


    Only for his price to spike up to 400k yesterday evening when he got his upgrade. Meaning if I would have held on for an extra 12 hours I would've made close to 1 million profit from 5 sales... :facepalm:

  2. 1 hour ago, gooner4life said:

    I'd sell both of them, Rodrygo wont go up much more and upgrades stop after the knockouts, and Sabitzer isn't going to ever be very in demand.

    No upgrades on the RTTK cards after the knockouts? So qualifying and winning 3 of the group stage games are their only opportunity at upgrades?

  3. I've lost interest in FUT so decided to sell up last week.


    Got 1.2 million coins sitting waiting for my return later in the year.


    Only players I have kept as investments are 1x Sabitzer OTW (bought for 34k, currently 55k) and 1x Rodrygo RTTK (bought for 230k, currently 232k)

  4. 12 wins this weekend. Suarez and Lukaku (both duplicate) being the best pulls from my rewards.


    Here's how I set up:



    Was using 88 Koeman (who I have now sold) rather than Alaba and was swapping him and Llorente around in game.


    Got 700k spare currently so looking to make some changes this week.

  5. Got the Benfica RTTK and Tielemans RTTK in my Prime Gaming Pack.


    Here's my team.




    Defence is definitely the weak spot in the side. I have 400K so going to trade up to be able to afford Varane, Kimpembe, Prime Koeman and Lloris. Will leave Goretzka on 8 chem however but I think this will be fine.


    Might actually swap Koeman and Goretzka around in game as I think they might be better suited that way.

  6. 1 hour ago, kthxbliz said:

    A few trading methods I used in years past:


    - Player Contracts: buy Monday and Tuesday for 150/200 coins on bid, sell during Weekend League for 350-450 coins. 

    - UCL common/rare: buy when in supply and hold until they are needed for Icon Swaps. Mega profit, might be a few weeks wait. 

    - SBC solution: look at short term SBCs and you often find they are reliant on common golds, bronzes and silvers. If you get familiar enough with one solution, you can simply buy cards on bid and relist immediately at Buy It Now. You might only make 100/150 coins per card, but it’s instant profit. 

    - League SBC stock up: League SBCs are currently not here but I expect them to return. Anyone who works through these will know that demand for silvers and bronzes goes up massively when they are released. Top 5 leagues are more popular, but Liga Nos and Turkish League can work also. It pays to have some knowledge of the cards on certain teams, eg, Roma might only one have one cheap LB, so stocking up now and holding until the League SBC drops can net massive profit. Note: Roma is an off-the-cuff example, I haven’t looked into that, it’s just to demonstrate the concept. 

    - TOTW Discards: buy up discard value TOTW cards (10-11k) and hold until a good repeatable SBC which required a TOTW is released. The discard cards can easily double in price. Higher-rated ones can also, but since you can grab these cheap low-rated ones at discard price, there is virtually no risk, you can discard at any time for 9600-9800 and restore your liquidity at any time. 

    Does the contract strategy work this year? I think when I had a look this weekend just gone they were still going for 150/200? I used to do similar with fitness where you could buy for 350-500 and sell for 1100-1500. Obviously not able to do this anymore.


    Other tactics sound good may give them a whirl. I've got Bounou the 84 IF GK in my team as an investment. Bought for 10.25, currently at 14ish.


    I can remember one FIFA me and @Tomox predicted the Marquee Matchups being Birmingham v Aston Villa and bought loads of their players players for 150 and flogged them all for anywhere between 1-2k each.

  7. 1 hour ago, Pants McSkill said:

    Mass bidding on silvers works for me. It's dull, it's not clever, but it returns the solid income of about 200 coins per player that BPM was doing.


    Pick a league. Look at the min BIN for any silver in that league. 

    Then just mass bid on all silvers that have a min bid price at least 150 coins below that.

    Relist all you win at that earlier min BIN price.


    This is typically my go to on all FIFAs. Just repetitive dull bidding like you say. Made about 600k this year doing this.


    I usually just go for gold common cards, buy for 300 sell for 450/500. I like to stock up on the criteria at the same time to sell the stock once an SBC/objectives are launched and prices are up. Can sell for 600/650 when this happens so 100% profit (before tax).

  8. On 09/08/2021 at 09:14, wullie said:



    I forgot how much I missed all of this, even during the worryingly long time Forest were winning. What a day


    Think we are sat in the same block, mate. I'm towards the top of block 16. Photo looks like either 15 or 16?


    Went to Blackpool away last Tuesday, was an amazing day out.

  9. Got into Champ 2 for the first time last night.




    My ground game has definitely improved a lot recently but having played a few games in Champ 2 I can see that my aerial game needs a lot of work. Specifically my fast aerials and control of the car when jumping off the wall.


    So many goals conceded yesterday where someone came in flying off the backboard above the goal and I was just sat watching like a lemon.

  10. Played a few games with Wretcherd a couple weeks back and his movement in the air was insane. Could see the micro adjustments he was making when landing so that he always landed with maximum momentum to keep on going.


    Meanwhile i'm still learning to half-flip :lol:


    Have finally decided to bind air-roll right to my controller but I keep forgetting to use it in-game!

  11. 13 minutes ago, BeeJay said:


    Absolutely, let's get some games on. Most weekday evenings are normally ok for me. I usually drop on after eating.


    Will add you, assume your gamertag is SuperStarBeeJay?


    10 minutes ago, BeeJay said:


    I don't really understand flip resets apart from how to counter them (get up early and in their face nullifies the threat. I've watched that video a few times and still can't really understand what you've actually done.


    I'm no expert, that's the only time I've actually hit the ball and it was completely unintentional. I only actually dodged the second time cause I wasn't sure if my flip had reset, then just luckily ended up in the right place


    A flip reset is where you hit the ball with the underside of your car and it then allows you to flip/dodge again. This can be done multiple times through the air to help to travel with the ball.


    So in the video I've jumped of the wall and dodged/flipped right. The ball has hit the underside of my car which has then allowed me to flip again. Meaning I've dodged/flipped twice and very luckily got an extra touch on the ball.

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