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  1. I'm away on both of those days
  2. I'll be on in 15 to see whose on. Probs still worth jumping on Jam, could still get a bit of praccy in with the four of us?
  3. What Steely said. Fallen Prospect is pretty accurate
  4. Nice looking team Jam. On holiday currently, will be back Saturday. is cup happening this Thursday?
  5. No thanks Steel. I appreciate all the effort/maintenance you go through to run the FTL, I just haven't got the time!
  6. @tomakasatnav some of our team can't get in the club as the don't have your alt account
  7. That's up to the gaffer. I dont usually enjoy playing at the back to be honest but depends what Sladey's plans are
  8. Preferably up top but happy to fill in where needed Won't be on tonight but should be during the week
  9. I'll be on at 10. I can just take Graham's place, Charlie - I do his job for him from the back anyway
  10. Only 4. I played last night. It's good fun but a bit silly. Not going to live up to the Rocket League hype though good fun though
  11. Nice edit, Mack
  12. It is a 2 o'clock start Sunday so I should make it!
  13. You were adamant on there being two teams not one with a few reserves
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