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  1. Im a doubt I'm afraid. Got a night out planned in Birmingham and I'm spending the night at a friends so it depends when I get home. depends what time it starts. If it's in the afternoon, like last time I should be all good! heres hoping!
  2. I'm not on, off to see Drake in Birmingham
  3. I've registered and requested to join looks like you've already got your 3 though
  4. Im in! will need to put some practice in though
  5. Could possibly be on tonight if others are about?
  6. Bit late but I don't have the time ATM to commit
  7. Any news on the next RLCS?
  8. Aye (unlike last season, I should be there every week)
  9. Im in is there not a way of using co-op seasons so that both players can play as any?
  10. Apologies for my lack of appearances this season. Should be back this week!
  11. I've currently got 82 English/Scots... thanks Pants
  12. Not about tonight. Get some points lads/lass!
  13. If i'm on fire us an invite. not sure i will be though
  14. Aerial off the wall at 2 minutes is probs my best ever goal
  15. I'm a doubt too, will confirm later if I'll be about
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