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  1. Aye, I bought 30 Villa players last week for 350 and sold them all at 1200!
  2. You also said to let you know if I had a problem with my position, which is what I did. anyway, based on how we've played so far, I think a couple of those need changing
  3. I can be on whenever everyone else is. Not too keen on playing central/holding midfield either
  4. I'll be on, can't guarantee Sunday though. Think we should test out a few different formations/set-ups as the current clearly isn't working
  5. Speak up if you've got a problem. I'm not the reason we're losing
  6. Played guys, probably deserved all 6 in fairness. Quite lucky to get such a late equaliser, but should've probably already had the lead anyway
  7. 1st vs 2nd played each other at the end. Hogg won 6-2 EDIT - what JDub said
  8. We'll be playing the same amount of games as we usually would in a tournament?
  9. Could set it to a time limit of 5 mins with score limit set to 'first to 5' just think it'll be a bummer if someone loses 5-4 with 30/40 seconds still to go because a limit has been set. plus there's wayyy more goals scorer in 1v1 anyway in comparison to 2s/3s. And you'd still have to wait for the rest if the games to finish
  10. Definately not for 1v1. All it take is two lucky bounces from kick and the game could be over in less than 10 seconds. maybe just keep the extra point if you lose in OT rule? potentially - extra point if you win by x amount?
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