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  1. EB9CCFC pretty sure I've already got you as a friend
  2. Yeah, I'll trade. Send us a message if you see me knocking about
  3. I'd probably say play each other once too. Two games per could take too long
  4. League might be best if we don't have 8 players. Can always do 1st vs 2nd at the end
  5. Same
  6. Ozil's in my team and I think he's quality
  7. I do actually expect a screenshot this evening
  8. Well, that's a lie
  9. Got Benteke IF and Bellerin from a SBC reward pack
  10. Not tonight but I should be on most in the week
  11. Owners aren't looking to sell. I don't know all the details but it's just a mess i imagine Mowbray could dish out some dirt on them too
  12. We've got no money, with loads of debt on the stadium that we're paying huge sums to rent. And is now owned by Wasps rugby Club. Tony Mowbray (then manager) released 13 players from the team in order to revamp the squad and build a new (his) squad. The owners gave him 1/10 of the wages that he should've got from those players to use to build a new team. And so we've gone from having Adam Armstrong and Joe Cole, to Marvin Sordell. Our training ground is being changed into a housing estate and we've got a very slim chance of survival in League 1. so not much really...
  13. It's already white (with a tad blue added). Surprised there's been no uproar yet having two Birmingham fans start the season playing in a Coventry kit
  14. 4-3-3 (4). CAM on 'Free Roam' one CM on 'Stay back while attacking'. Nothing for the other CM. ST on 'get in Behind'
  15. Yeah I've qualified too. all my games were insanely close. I could've had 8 of 8 from. Equally it could've been like 2 from 8
  16. Before the next one starts, so Friday at the latest. how did you get on? Only managed to play 8, got 5 wins though
  17. doubt I'll be about, but can be on early for practice tomorrow. will post in here if I'm about tonight
  18. Jumped on at half 9 and no one was about. Fennas wasn't (is now) on my friends list at the time, so I couldn't see if he was about. Didn't see Luseth about.
  19. I was about tonight but no one was around.
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