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  1. Would we have to buy the coins? I had 1million coins (legit not from buying any coins/Fifa points) and i spent it all on Otamendi IFs as he's gonna get an upgraded card. Bought them all for 25k each and hes at like 50K now (was at 90K before but came down idk why) but his price will go up when he gets his upgrade. So if we were to do this, i wouldn't need to buy them right? i could just use my own
  2. Me and Satnav are on if anyone wants to come on
  3. I was hoping that Hummels would move to United.... Nope.
  4. Ahh ok, it doesn't seem like it would be that messy, i highly doubt Wincho wants any of his players and i would rather Nani to Young. I assume that i can just buy Nani still? (although, i will probably just look at someone better)
  5. Quick question; as Nani is only out on loan to Sporting Lisbon, can i 'recall' him and use him?
  6. I tried to play a 4 at the back formation with Young and valencia playing as wing backs and set the instructions on them to always overlap, this backfired badly Regardless of this, i was shit
  7. Couldn't the people not in the same star rating as Cary still take their pick. Like whoever Gooner, Steely and Jamin pick won't be affected by who Cary picks as they can't pick that team anyway. same goes with Graham, Shalo and Sean but Graham still needs to pick first. Or does it need to go in that order?
  8. With the transfers, can i only transfer in players from British clubs aswell?
  9. When will it start? Also will it be the same as 1v1 in having one game per week with two weeks to play it?
  10. The only other 5* teams are Man city & United. So obviously i'll have the one which Al isn't
  11. I assume custom squads are used then? Cause of the transfers..
  12. For those in UK wanting to watch the episodes before there release in UK use www.stream-tv.co Really good for streaming shows that have been aired in America. When you go on to watch an episode a play button should come up, there is a tiny 'x' above it to close it, then a second button comes up click play on that. Don't worry about picking up any viruses etc. i've been using it for a couple of years and have had no problems. Although it does open another tap with a random website, you can download adblock to prevent this Hope this helps anyone. Episodes for all TV shows are usually on the site the day after they are aired in America
  13. I would definitely be in for this, I like the idea of trading/buying players, which is why I play Football Manager quite a lot
  14. Us at City tried it last night and it sounded dreadful, we only lasted half a game
  15. i'll be there, with Pete not playing i was hoping i could push further forward
  16. Sorry lads, I disconnected from PSN and couldn't be arsed to go back on
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