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  1. Sorry guys(if youse are on and playing), I would have came on, I spent all night revising for an assignment I have at college tomorrow and had to get my brother to help over Skype. I expected to be able to play tonight and had no idea how long it would take, I started at 6 and only just finished. Anyway, I will be around for at least one game tomorrow, I have football training before so there may be a small chance that I miss the first game but it is highly unlikely.
  2. Is the formation above 4-4-2(2) with two DM's instead of CM's
  3. Pete :facepalm: you're making the yellow card competition to easy for me!
  4. ok good, what happens if a player isn't bought during the auction
  5. Will try to if i'm around. I assume that Wanderers and Athletic are taking part in the cup this week aswell
  6. If a player being auctioned has been bought, will they get a PM to let them know? If not how does it work?
  7. I played Carlospie early and drew twice so it is good for me he has quit/kicked out or whatever as it means I haven't dropped them 4 points ^_^
  8. And I'm off to Canada tomorrow for 2 weeks so I won't be available for any games/cups that may take place between 19/12/14 to 5/1/15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone
  9. I'm so lucky it actually worked as it was so greedy. (Does anyone have a video of the goal by any chance?) Good games tonight though, will take 4 points versus top any day Also super funny today. (Think I have a catch phrase now)
  10. I'm here and willing to play as ANY if needed
  11. I played my game early versus Carlospie, What'll happen with that?
  12. My goal in the first game against Len must have been by far the worst keeping I have seen on this game. I did a no-look shot (By accident) which just rolled along the floor and right through his keepers legs in which the goalies only reaction was to pull his knees closer to one another, which obviously had no effect. I only have Satnav left to play now as I played Carlospie early, then i'm finished.
  13. I disconnected from PSN guys sorry I would have stayed on for longer if I didn't DC
  14. I got laid back and stopped concentrating fully at 3-1, I thought your fourth was your third so I didn't realise I was losing till like the 88th minute
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