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  1. Steely 4 - 3 Bennette GG Steely, The pace of Dortmund killed me off, Very good games and very close!
  2. I'll cover again as ANY again if needed Hannay
  3. Sorry about that guys with the party, I would have played but the two people who followed into the party would have just stayed and constantly kept being twats and pissing everyone off
  4. Cheers man, the game did seen very biased in my favour. Unlucky, the played way better than the score line suggested but your keeper is what pulled you back
  5. Bennette 4 - 0 Kiko Kiko 1 - 6 Bennette GG Kiko, you seemed to have gotten fed up at the end, I feel I deserved to win both games but your keeper was utter shite for all four goals in the first game
  6. The keepers are absolute shite on this version, my first in the 3-2 against Bleeders is a prime example as my pea roller shot goes past his goalie as he slides at it with his feet
  7. GG Sladey game was a lot closer than it sounds.
  8. Sorry Sladey, somethings come up again going to have to rearrange! Sorry again
  9. Will try to play tonight Sladey but might not be able to, will message in here later to keep you updated
  10. Can do most days from 10, how about tomorrow? I already have you as a friend
  11. Did we decide who was telling Hannay he couldn't play for us no more
  12. I got very lucky the second game, you should have got 4 within 4 minutes GG
  13. Jaybey can you check the note I left for you about the 1v1 please...
  14. oh alright, my bad then I misunderstood. I thought you just couldn't do it It is a shame that there needs to be a rule for such a stupid thing anyway cause of how fucked the game is
  15. I also only attempted the KO run once, right after you scored, Every other KO I passed to my winger which you intercepted!
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