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  1. Wullie and Jaybey, I have left notes for our fixtures. I assume that Jaybey needs to pick his team first though I took you out twice when you ran through, one I went for the ball (admittedly I completed missed), the other was the AI as my marker was being fuckery
  2. I don't recall the ball being passed back to your CDM, you ran through dribbled until you came up to my defence and through balled it to put Lacazette in for a 1v1. sounds like what Saint describes except for a pass instead of a cross
  3. Bennette98 (Benfica) 8 Hello Goaty (Hertha BSC) 0 GG very flattering scoreline, I got very lucky up top
  4. Hello Goaty can you after BAP tonight, if not how about sometime during the weekend
  5. Will there be leagues for both FIFA and PES or is it a complete switch to PES?
  6. Slightly frightened by the fact Kiko has conceded 1 goal so far especially with the fact of how hard defending is on this game
  7. Still can't get over Tomox's header, I keep replaying the start of the video
  8. Your goalkeeper was awful to be fair, we wouldn't have good as many as we did had you would of had even just a half decent goalie
  9. alright, what's your PSN anyhow, cause i'll ask you if I see were on at the same time?
  10. don't think I can do 9 Thursday Pants, I can play after clubs. So 11PM Thursday ok for you?
  11. Pants when are you available? I can do 7 onwards today
  12. Sent Landshead a note on the Sunday and he hasn't replied, can someone who knows him give him a nudge please?
  13. sorry guys won't be able to play tomorrow as i'm going up to Liverpool to see my brother. Good luck!
  14. Andy Whing, Andy Whing, Andy Andy Whing He's Got Red hair but we don't care Andy Andy Whing will be on in about 10 mins for practice games if any wants to start at about 9:15
  15. yeh sure, I accepted your friend request
  16. I had a look into PSV, mainly cause of Depay but I still preferred Benfica
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