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  1. I wanted Porto, Jackson Martinez is a god. As expected being number 29 I didn't get them
  2. Yep, it's just shit how That win against Gillingham put us like 5th in the league... Now look where we are
  3. Yep, I went Crewe at the weekend, we were just shite
  4. It's messed this year, I think EA are working on fixing it, my DNF is stuck at 0.63 with the odd game being at 1.00 or 1.13. I haven't quit or disconnected either
  5. I've signed up, is there anything for me to do on my account right now?
  6. When does it start and how does it work? Like game times and stuff like that
  7. i'll try it but I don't think i'll make a very good CB at all? anyone want to come on earier than 9:30? I need some practice!!
  8. I'll be on tonight if anyone is up for a few games?
  9. EA servers are currently working, however I won't be on to play tonight.
  10. i'm ok with playing any, also i'll be at about 9ish
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