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  1. That's the SBC I got packed a TOTW from. Built an Everton side for around 5k
  2. Have a look at pricey silvers. You should be able to buy them significantly cheaper than there minimum buy now. made 15k profit selling 3 Iheanchos over the weekend. Although I feel the Sterling SBC had something to do with that
  3. Just packed TOTW Bernardo Silva from a Squad Builder pack. When would be the best time to sell? Currently worth 15, wondering if it'd be worth holding on to him until he's out of packs
  4. I'll be on tonight for some games. Happy to give ANY a crack too
  5. I've qualified for the weekend league. Im away for the weekend...
  6. There's a few more but at a lesser profit
  7. No Spurs players costa, paid 61 sold 73k (1day after a bought him) Batshuayi paid 11.5 sold 20 (3/4 days) Mandanda (17... 22 3/4 days)
  8. I've been using it with great success. My transfer profit is at 300k. Managing to get players frequently at about 1.5k and selling them between 3.5/4! anyone see a huge price increase occur yesterday? Sold a few of my prem players for 5/10k more than I paid for them and can't understand why all the prices increased.
  9. Lost in the second round of the online draft last night and packed Courtois from one of the reward packs!
  10. If anyone is/was interested, I've updated/improved the Trading Doc. Now includes a template, two examples and a final tab to work out total profit! Note: when deleting all values inputted in one of the tables, be sure to manually enter the values into the profit table, as once the values are removed, they'll be wiped from the profit table too.
  11. Created this Trading Doc if anyone is interested. Don't know how useful it will be. Worked well back in the day, before prices ranges. Essentially you pick a player (recommended to be of a relatively cheap price, approx 3-8k) and watchlist multiple of them, then record the price in which they sell for. The sheet will work out the average of that player, and then you'll need to buy them for under the average after tax, and sell them for (or slightly more than) the average price. Calculations at the side to work out your total profit too. Prices will need to be restarted/refreshed fairly frequently to keep it up to date. It's not organised very well, and I have a very basic understanding of Excel/Sheets but it has been useful in the past. I'm sure someone on here would be able to improve it! I have included an example. But it will most likely work better once the game is out and the prices are steady.
  12. Mines been dispatched today! Currently have 15k and some players whose prices i'm hoping will increase. Sterling is currently 18.5k, bought him for 13.25k. Ramsey is currently 5.5k, bought for 4.3k Navas is 2.5k, bought for 2.5k (If he doesn't rise i'll keep him, should still increase though) Slimani is 3k, packed him Guardado is 2k, packed him Based on current prices, I have roughly 45k!
  13. 1:00 was ridiculous! Nice outro too! Copycat
  14. Haven't got a team but I have 30k across two accounts. decided to buy Sterling for 13k in the hope his price increases closer to release. He's the same rating as last year and was worth 50K+ at the start last year
  15. 1:15. Amazing
  16. Well I packed Slimani (83) and Guadardo (82)! Very nice start! Edit - Went on my other account and got Falcao (81) and Pato (80) too
  17. Next tourney should be 1v1, that'll get the number of teams up!
  18. He was talking about me, not you. noob
  19. I'll give you a 1v1 Angel? Maybe next time I see you on. im nowhere near as good as I am on 2s and 3s but feel I'm fairly decent.
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