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  1. I'm owed about 3 Moment icons at the mo.
  2. Just seen that Visca and Dzeko are dirt cheap (2k and 2,4k respectively) and seeing as these two go together in 83/84/85 SBC's I'm stocking up. Just takes one to drop that some clever Futbiner configures with them in and pow, triple profits, sometimes more.
  3. Put him in goal, should work better. But on a serious note, I completely agree. Hes dogshit.
  4. Dont do Sane, hes been unremarkable for me. He has been LM in a 3421 though, with TOTY Mane as LF, so thats possibly why...? But when I do have control on him, hes just not special. He is no where near 99 pace, his passing is ok, dibbling ok, shootings good but other than that, a bit Meh.
  5. Unless its a top AAA player its prob always best to sell. And if you really want him, buy him back a few days later on the cheap. My David Luiz that I bought for 1.3 miil? Sold for 985k. You would think I'd of learned by now and practice what I preach.
  6. Sommer? Seen EA the fucking morons have dropped TOTW 24 into packs already? Theres loads on the TM already. I swear they have outsourced the technical side out to Chennai or something, the amount of fuck ups is just unreal.
  7. I certainly had a few games like that, especially on Friday. Rest were the usual. Just depends where the person is you face. I find all Germans and Dutchies have an advantage over me. Had to quit a rivals match earlier because his players were moving twice as fast as mine. Every pass I made by the time my player received the ball and turned, their player was on me. Each time. I played 35 game minutes then quit at 0-0. This was a better result though:
  8. Well done mate. So many games saw with 2 orange bars for the connection. I read up on the Loss Glitch one said you need to tether your PS4 to your phone and then play and if you think you will lose, make a call on the phone and that kills the connection but doesn't give the loss.
  9. My winning match, 27 minute slog.
  10. 3 years in and I've finally made it. The last match was a slog, came back from 4-2 HT to 4-4 FT, then 5-5 XT and then onto Pens. Never been so stressed and buzzing, immense. Now let's get Messi to top it all off!
  11. Catalyst Speed and passing needed. His defence it already top draw.
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