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  1. Sooo after a little tweak of the date settings my Pokedex is now 400 caught. Let the Shiny hunt begin.
  2. I know mate, but I just want to get this done, I dont want to wait another 4/5 days for the weather to be right! But for Esp and Umb, I nearly have the Eevess at top friendship so its just a case of waiting for Day/Night to level up and evolve not a prob, same with Pikachu, its the others I would like traded.
  3. 396 Caught! Anyone able to help me finish this off please? I need the following: Mawile Gothita / Gothorita / Gothitelle *(I guess any of these as I can breed a Gothita) Lucario* - Currently trying to increase friendship with my Riolu Drampa Espeon Umbreon Raichu The underlined two I nearly have ready, just need raise friendship, but would save me time if we could just trade Any help greatly appreciated, can be on anytime to get this done. *just evolved/caught
  4. Yes mate hows it hanging. Name was changed when my Jerec PSN was disabled. Then it was re-enabled but I can only change the forum name once a year
  5. Up to 250 Pokemon caught now. 150 to go....
  6. I got a couple of hacked shineys through the Surprise trade. Nintendo dont seem to care as I've heard its been going on for a bit. Theres a Facebook page with a guy selling them for £5 each or 5 for £20 etc.
  7. Sweet, ordered. Got back into this, beat the game and now just filling up the Pokedex to get that Shiney stone thingy....Only 240 to catch...
  8. Nice one Timmo, I'll have a play with that.
  9. That's the sort of prick I'd message and get banned for.
  10. Ha I know, couldn't take the sweats and the cramps, had to get a hit.
  11. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in... Thats my club, now pretty much all out of tradeables over 82, took sooooo many packs to get this guy. Annoyingly, would of much preferred a LB to replace Carlos, but Wan should be better than the flower that is Bellerin.
  12. I think I'm finally done. My whole club has been drained and I've got enough for a couple of last Prem packs, but being on a ban and missing this whole event and not packing anyone of worth, and getting that fucking GK for my guaranteed Prem player has killed my passion for it. Saved me from the temptation of spending on it which is good, a mate of mine had spent hundreds and not got anyone good.
  13. Got the 88 keeper. Brilliant.
  14. Reckon that's it. Still, worst case 90 SBC fodder.
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