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  1. I've turned off Crossplay. A tad longer wait, especially for the matches that aren't Control, but it feels more balanced. Oh and can someone please add me to a fekkin clan!
  2. It is extremely op in Crucible. Shame though, time I actually get around to owning one, D3 will be out.
  3. Is there any point doing 7 wins in Trials if it isn’t flawless? And I still can’t work out how I die so fast to people using Hand Cannons. I mean I know because it’s headshot/headshot/headshot/dead, but how they do it is just beyond me, I can’t use them for toffee no matter how many times I try it!
  4. Guys can someone send me a clan invite pls, would like some games this weekend if possible.
  5. TBH no idea, this was actually what my mate sent me the jammy turd. Hes pulled some outrageous players already, I'll stick his team up below. I'm skipping FIFA 22, the last one was just a joke, plus my wife said if I do, its over. Team below plus he has about 700k on the bank. And he pulled Rashford in a 2pp after this was taken.
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