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  1. Guys can someone send me a clan invite pls, would like some games this weekend if possible.
  2. TBH no idea, this was actually what my mate sent me the jammy turd. Hes pulled some outrageous players already, I'll stick his team up below. I'm skipping FIFA 22, the last one was just a joke, plus my wife said if I do, its over. Team below plus he has about 700k on the bank. And he pulled Rashford in a 2pp after this was taken.
  3. Hey guys, after a few shite seasons of Cold War I decided to reinstall D2 and buy everything. They have done well, loads of things to crack on with in game now, I have I think 3 story modes to get through (just killing Barons at the mo) inbetween Crucible which is still as fun as it is frustrating, caught the end of Iron Banner sadly, always enjoyed that and Gambit which is really good fun and where I seem to have gotten all my good loot from, but it seems capped at around the 1270 mark. Anyone still about? Wouldnt mind a Raid or two over a weekend?
  4. Got Moments Butra from the Icon sbc after putting in Beckham from which I got from the same pack earlier. I did the Swaps 92+ icon grind. Got Beckham. I did another Icon SBC, stuck in Beckham. Got Giggs. I'm done.
  5. I'm done with Fifa, this weekend league was unplayable, even with 17ms ping I couldn't do anything. I'm just gonna piss around with SBCs on my phone app, but the games done, time to uninstall.
  6. Couple of cheeky Player picks!
  7. And in other news, water is wet.
  8. That Gold 2? I only had time to get to Silver 1 and best I got was Shaw, which isnt terrible.
  9. My club is jam packed with fodder because of these. I'm all Gold out now up to my 83's.
  10. I got Moments Rivaldo. Not terrible, but I can't see him starting a game, unless its for shits and giggles.
  11. Areola meant to be top draw too
  12. And a red dupe so I had to pick that shitty Australian ST instead.
  13. I got one of those, guess which one? The other was Kimmich.
  14. My packs were Casemiro (88+) and Hummels (90+) Pretty meh. But silver linings and all that...
  15. Unbelievably shit content for Ligue 1 from EA.
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