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  1. Hey guys, been a while but thought I should just pop in and say hi, oh and to leave this down below...
  2. So let me get this right? We, as immortal instruments of death and destruction....Have to bake cookies....And delivery them to people all over the Universe...Instead of fighting the ever encroaching "Darkness" that is destined to take our Light and kill us all etc etc etc? Is that about the gist of it? But I suppose its that or take part in an intergalactic snuff game show ala The Running Man?
  3. Can someones do the new dungeon with me tonight please? I dont want to have bought the DLC and not actually do the content I've purchased. @moosegrinder You about tonight pal? 9sih?
  4. Never done a Dungeon before. They any good? Any Mukrs running fireteams?
  5. And that moment when you accidently pull out a Pokemon from the Nursery by mistake, and stupidly soft reset because you can't be arsed with agro to put it back, and then realise you turned off Auto Save. Bye Bye Shiny Gastly...
  6. Kids are back into Pokemon, and as I'm the only one currently with a full pokedex, I am the one that gets to ride around in circles for a couple hours a day, but when this ^ happens for them, it makes it worth it.
  7. Hey mate, happy to jump in on your next run. Only had a chance to go once. Still worth getting check points for the alt characters?
  8. Finished the Shadowkeep campaign. Thought it was the best one of the new three. Few bits to potter around with to get the hand cannon and exotic quest I believe. Does anyone here run the raids still? Will they go too once this new update comes?
  9. Glad Statsis stuff is getting nerf'd, those poxy Hunter grenades and then breakers are just BS. And Titan shoulders too, that was a BS move as well, and still a lack of love for Warlocks, but at least we can slap as fast as everyone else...
  10. I mean do I need to complete the campaign to unlock anything before it goes? I'll probably do it anyway, Destiny campaigns were never overly long.
  11. Is Shadowkeep worth doing? I skipped it for BL to get the Stasis as I was sick of getting Bounties that I couldnt complete.
  12. I think 1334 or something like that, if thats enough and you dont mind a little carrying I'm game. I could also auto level my Titan and Hunter for extra chances too.
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