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  1. Schreier's articles usually feel like one-sided airing of grievances without a broader perspective. He's a level above most gaming "journalism" simply because he has sources that can provide some insight, rather than PR puff pieces or simplistic opinion pieces, but I'd still give it some healthy scepticism rather than taking it at face value.
  2. Definitely agree with that. There's obviously been a driving element that has been cut from the final game quite late in the day - not just the customisation but There's lots of elements that you could nit-pick at but it's fun and surprisingly compelling as a whole.
  3. The original Micro Machines series?
  4. There's a Tetris Effect Connected open tournament going on right now on Twitch. The level of play is insane. Edit: Videos here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/973536510 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/973383867
  5. In recent weeks, I've taken to watching user participation interactive game shows on Twitch (users royal_flush and at_bash) and it feels like something special that should be far bigger than it is. They play both original games or remakes of classic games (e.g. Millionaire/Countdown/Blockbuster/1 vs 100) made in Unity. Audience participation is either through the hotseat, generally via voice through Discord, and/or mass multiplayer through the Twitch chat. It's really fun and compelling. They get 50-100 users, which seems low given the sheer amount of effort put into them and how entertaining
  6. Charlotte doesn’t know how to argue. She has a case of the Katherine’s: posh, extremely nice and pretty useless. Mike is a delight. Staid appearance but the sheer effort, aggressive competence and weird creative streak is perfect for the format. Jamali’s contempt for the format is amusing without being obnoxious. I prefer the cast to last season - there’s no standouts on either side like Daisy or Katherine but none of them are as aggressively boring and unfunny as Richard Herring was. The show is still missing something without an audience but it
  7. Watching House of Games and it’s entertaining watching Shaun Williamson obviously sandbagging to give everyone else half-a-chance. Shaun is clearly really, really good at quizzes and always come across really well - eventually there will be a successful TV format that fully takes advantage of that. BBC Two recently cancelled Eggheads so Channel 5 revived it. Maybe there needs to be a celebrity Eggheads team?
  8. Why isn’t this the normal price? Surely you make the upfront cost as low as possible to get people to buy into the ecosystem? The low upfront cost is one of the biggest selling points compared with traditional consoles - it’s mind-boggling I haven’t seen any ads or bundles that show Stadia, a Pro subscription and half-a-dozen games being the same price as a base PS5/Xbox Series X console.
  9. Not sure if it has already been posted, but it looks like the latest update might fix some of the controller issues: I don’t think I’ve installed it yet so it’s presumably still rolling out
  10. There is a patent but I seriously doubt the patent licensing costs is a major factor in the Elite's price (although it probably is a reason why the stock controller don't have it built-in). This appears to be the relevant patent, set to expire in 2031: https://patents.google.com/patent/US8641525B2/en The "horrible bunch of bastards" is SCUF (now owned by Corsair), who do manufacture controllers with paddles, so it's not as though it's nobody or a company trying to make a quick buck. Not a huge fan of patents in general but this is far from the most egregious example of
  11. Taskmaster NZ has been renewed for a second season:
  12. Nowadays this is usually the most watched show on BBC2, getting over 3 million viewers last week. I’m only mentioning this as it amuses me it does so well. No-one would have commissioned it thinking it would be a ratings hit and it clearly costs barely anything to make.
  13. Halo

    Nintendo Switch

    I meant discounted versions of existing titles ala the range for 3DS rather than them selling half-a-decade old games for £45 a pop.
  14. Halo

    Nintendo Switch

    I hope they finally release Selects versions of games to go with the new console.
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