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  1. The problem for RB is that copying isn’t itself banned - obtaining information illegally or, since 2021, doing mechanical tracing using software or hardware is banned.

    The FIA rule book on the reverse engineering rule introduced in 2021:


    17.3.3 Although it is permissible to be influenced by the design or concept of a Competitor's LTC using information that must potentially be available to all Competitors, this information may only be obtained at Competitions or Tests (as defined respectively in Articles 3 and 8.1 of the Sporting Regulations), and no Competitor may design its LTCs based on “reverse engineering” of another Competitor's LTC. For the purpose of this Article, “reverse engineering” shall mean: 

    a. The use of photographs or images, combined with software that converts them to point clouds, curves, surfaces, or allows CAD geometry to be overlaid onto or extracted from the photograph or image 

    b. The use of stereophotogrammetry, 3D cameras or any 3D stereoscopic techniques 

    c. Any form of contact or non-contact surface scanning 

    d. Any technique that projects points or curves on a surface so as to facilitate the reverse-engineering process 

    In cases where isolated features of a Competitor's LTC(s) may closely resemble the features of another Competitor's LTC(s), it will be the role of the FIA to determine whether this resemblance is the result of reverse engineering or of legitimate independent work. The following further provisions apply: 

    e. All Competitors must provide to the FIA, upon request, any data or other information that is required to demonstrate compliance with this Article. 

    f. For all LTCs used during the Championship, the restrictions described in this Article apply to their entire design process, including actions carried out before the calendar year of the Championship. 

    g. The FIA may issue guidance from time to time to define more specifically the requirements and constraints of this Article

    If Aston Martin got lots of publicly available photos or footage of the Red Bull and then either traced it by hand using pencil-and-paper into technical drawings for import into CAD or did a freehand copy straight into CAD then it would be within the rules.


    My guess is that’s what AM did and they knew the FIA would come knocking so they thoroughly documented the process.

  2. The only interesting question is if FIFA have quietly partnered with a major player (someone like 2K or maybe Epic) that will throw money at making a legit EA Sports FIFA competitor, giving FIFA either part ownership or a gross cut.


    If they have, such a game would have had to have been in the works for several years already and you would have thought we’d have heard about it by now, but you never know.

  3. 41 minutes ago, Haribokart said:


    It is a terrible name but I imagine it will be marketed as EAFC which works pretty well tbh.

    I would imagine (hope?) it will just be “FC 23” etc akin to the other games. All their major franchises, including FIFA, are technically prefixed wirh “EA Sports” already.


    Using an acronym handily sidesteps localisation issues which is probably why they chose it.

  4. 31 minutes ago, Siri said:

    Yeah, that's the real shocker out of this - Even if the game mode is gross microtransaction gambling hell, it's absolutely synonymous with EA's football games at this point and would have been a slam dunk to just rebrand it as that overall. I guess they want to expand the mode to their other sports games (even if that in itself is, well, disconcerting to consider)

    I don't disagree but Madden Ultimate Team and NHL Ultimate Team are already things to be fair.

  5. EA will just rename the game their game and spend a small fortune launching their new football brand (something ultimate team, probably). FIFA will lose out on a lot of money as they got a bit too greedy and got their bluff called.


    It’s a bit of a lose-lose really.


    Edit: Just saw they are calling it EA Sports FC which is an awful awful name.

  6. Got around to playing and finishing this (inc all the coins, with limited cheating) - it’s fairly polished but pretty bland, uninspired and forgettable, sadly. A couple of the secrets could have done with a bit more signposting to prevent the need for said cheating.


    It’s better than NSMB2 but that’s not saying much - I wish I’d spent my time replaying one of the SMB1-3/SMW/NSMB instead.


    I hope they have some better ideas when they next dust off the corpse of 2D Mario.

  7. I don't like the branding. I get why they did it - Plus is very successful (and Now is not), it allows for upselling, and it's vague enough to give them flexibility - but "Plus Extra" and "Plus Premium" are not great names to sell a service and its benefits.


    Not saying "Xbox Live Gold", "Xbox Game Pass", "Xbox PC Game Pass" and "Game Pass Ultimate" are ideal either, but it does at least sell Game Pass as a distinct entity and it's a little less vague than "Extra" and "Premium".


    You can also tell the difference between Microsoft, who have commited to this is the future, and Sony, who clearly don't and are being a bit non-committal about what the service will contain.


    It also feels like no-one is really committing to making streaming a success - it feels more and more like a dead end. Maybe I'm wrong and this will be quoted as being embarassingly wrong in 10 years but right now, no-one is making the effort and investsment needed to convince end-users to make the leap.

  8. On 25/03/2022 at 13:47, Dark Soldier said:

    Tiny Tina is the absolute worst character. Give me 50 hours of the God awful Claptrap over that 

    I thought Claptrap was a fun contrast against the dismal depressing darkly humorous world of Borderlands 1 and was the right side of “deliberately irritating”… then they seemingly made every single character Claptrap in 2, with Tiny Tina being the worst of the lot.

  9. Couple more started over the past two weeks:

    • One and Six Zeroes - Sundays, 6pm on Channel 4 - hosted by Dara O Briain, it’s a trivia quiz where getting a question wrong decimates your answer by removing a zero. The mechanics of the game are fine and Dara is agreeable but sadly it’s a slow, boring slog.
    • Bridge of Lies - Weekdays 4:30pm on BBC1 - A quiz where players have to get across the floor within a time limit by selecting correct answers. Hosted by Ross Kemp. None of that sounds appealing but the twist is that it’s actually good, more than fills it’s time and is genuinely exciting. Recommended if you get the chance to catch it.

    Reposting in spoilers below in case you block Twitter:


    HUGE NEWS: introducing our new streaming service, Taskmaster SuperMax+ - the new global home of all things #Taskmaster.

    You can now watch all episodes of Taskmaster, ad-free!

    Sign up for a 30-day trial at https://t.co/9lw1Jl9N4m.

    Your time starts now! pic.twitter.com/chvYBCNw2x

    — Taskmaster (@taskmaster) March 4, 2022


    And yes, the plan is that EVERYTHING will go there eventually - Taskmaster New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Croatia etc etc. That's the plan. All in one place. But will also be on YouTube etc. It's for those who want an ad-free Taskmaster home. https://t.co/k0UEQgXbCd

    — Alex Horne (@AlexHorne) March 4, 2022


    £5.99/mo or £50/yr.


    I like Taskmaster a lot but this seems somewhat niche.

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