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  1. Just posted about this in another thread. The Green and Black's is CRAZY stuff. So strong, so lovely. Man.
  2. I had some Green & Black's 70% Cocoa fancy chocolate the other day (they gave my Dad some because he kinda works with the Cadbury people). Woah. Surely that's chocolate? Insane stuffs
  3. BTEfnet apparently isn't dead. Their channel is saying "BACK SOON!11ONE". In the meantime, there's still Pirate Bay.
  4. Halo

    The Foo Fighters

    Every time I hear this I think it sounds like a track by Gratitude. This is a good thing.
  5. Halo

    The Caersars

    Brief run-down from what I know: * Band called Caesars Palace used to exist in some foreign land * They released the song "Jerk it out" on one of their albums back in 2000 or so * They started getting international recognition. They were forced to change their name to Caesars/The Caesars because the casino "Caesar's Palace" didn't like it * They released their compilation album of their first 2/3 albums as "39 Minutes of Bliss (in an otherwise meaningless world)" * iPod advertisers use "Jerk it Out", get it rereleased as a single * Release new album Paper Tigers, and they're suddenly a "new band"
  6. Halo

    The Postal Service

    Fantastic, fantastic album. It has a wide ranging appeal. Indie and Electronica combined into a nice poppy package that most people can appreciate. Loveliness.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consolevania
  8. Halo

    Weezer - Beverly Hills

    I completely disagree with oglim, it's a great album. Peace is great, and Pardon me is decent. Damage in Your Heart and We're All On Drugs are, IMO, the weakest songs on the album and those are hardly terrible. There isn't an Island in the Sun or Buddy Holly on the album, but those songs have never been particularly respective of their output - maybe Beverly Hills is supposed to be that void.
  9. Halo

    Gif Fight

    Although I have no artist skills, can I sugget you do a few more than return back to Sword Man so it loops infinately and is l33t. BTW, looks pretty damn aces.
  10. I love the milkshakes whatever they're made of. Based on the above, I hope equally you don't eat Haribo, jelly etc since it's made out of boiled crushed animal (cow/pig) bones, hooves and "connective tissue". Besides, milkshakes at McDonalds are made from (according to Snopes):
  11. It was funny, it's just a shame that it's shockingly similar to a joke I've been using for ages about a Passion of the Christ 2: The Reckoning which I can't use anymore without being called a rip-off merchant.
  12. Halo

    Weezer - Beverly Hills

    None of the other tracks on Make Believe are anything like Beverly Hills. Seriously.
  13. Halo

    Weezer - Beverly Hills

    I've decided I quite like the album after two or three listens. However, it reminds me of a different band and I'm not quite sure what it is. I think it might be Feeder - particularly on "Peace". Hmmm. No. I'm not sure, but the album definitely reminds me of another indie band's music.
  14. Give me triple figure enemies on screen. And give me a rocket launcher.
  15. To me Hardcore is a genre of music and pr0n...
  16. Halo

    Weezer - Beverly Hills

    The retail ver of the album has leaked now. Hope it's good...
  17. Halo


    I heard they were manufactured by Polydor on the back of The Killers' success.
  18. Halo

    Xbox 360

    Yet the eMac and the PS2 are exceptionally ugly.
  19. Halo

    Weezer - Beverly Hills

    V. poor quality ver of all the new album songs has leaked if people are interested- a bootleg from a listening party-type thing. Supposed to be suprisingly not that bad.
  20. Halo

    Bad Lyrics

    Lots of songs don't need good lyrics though, as it's the sound that carries the song rather than any meaning. The words are just there to adds something to the sound.
  21. I said it was real two months ago. I WIN!
  22. ***Removed 26/12/2008***
  23. Having seen the full version having imported the DVD a while back, I thought it was unfunny shite. Meh.
  24. Getting invites at Oink is insanely difficult. You get 5 invites as soon as you become a Power User (upload 10 gig and ratio above 1.05), and that's it. Hence why people are extremely relunctant to give them out. Oh, and I'm not a power user before you ask.
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