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  1. Jumping on a 24 CD torrent wasn't a good idea, really. IIRC, they only bother kicking you out based on ratio if you've downloaded more than a gig or something. Anyway, found oinkspp ADDATSIGNHERE gmail.com on the site as a contact addy, try that. They also have an IRC channel - server irc.oink.me.uk:7000 in #oink-help
  2. Halo

    Feel Good Music

    The entire back catalogue of Less Than Jake or Reel Big Fish usually.
  3. Erm, if you're having problems at Oink it's probably because you have a bad ratio. If you have a ratio below 0.5, you're almost certain to be banned. You'll also be banned if you don't login for 28 days. Oh, and if you keep upping bad torrents - ones that are labelled incorrectly, below 192kbps you may also get banned for that. But that's your own stupid fault Thems is the rules. Personally, I've had no problem (ratio of 1.19 and rapid approaching Power User status)
  4. I can imagine the Stereophonics ready in your garden to play, and you going "Oi, you! Fuck off away from my house you cunts!" and then running away all disappointed In other news, their new album is quite good.
  5. You forgot "a lighter and a dustbin to burn the shit game in. Put some alcohol in to make it burn better"
  6. Halo


    The album has been leaked if anyone here cares. Apparently track 3 is b0rked, so I'll wait until a better ver appears before YARRing it.
  7. Why can't they just forward a challenge they have received from someone else, being the dirty robbing pirate-minded person I am?
  8. Ones that haven't been mentioned yet: Head Automatica - At The Speed of a Yellow Bullet (Decadence) Less Than Jake - Last One Out Of Liberty City (Hello Rockview) Say Anything - Belt (Is a real boy...)
  9. Spong.com and VGRebirth.org are games data collection projects. But they both kind of suck.
  10. But then they point out they have Six Feet Under, Scrubs, South Park, Sopranos, The Simpsons and lots of others brilliant shows beginning with S.
  11. Halo


    Still on the website dated March 31st - http://www.toolband.com/index_frames.html
  12. c:\mp3 - 31 gig c:\othermp3 - 4.5 gig c:\progra~1\bitcomet\download - 2 gig of MP3s So that's 38 gig here.
  13. Bought Stereophonics new album from teh Tesco, and 4 Less Than Jake CDs (Anthem, Hello Rockview/Losing Streak, Losers Kings and Pezcore).
  14. It was leaked around 3 weeks ago, two months early. The rip isn't supposed to be the greatest quality. Perhaps I should start threads as soon as these things appear, so people know they're out there. Haven't listened to it properly yet, but I've heard good things about it from basically everyone. Huzzahs.
  15. I've listened to it a few times. It's not utter shit, but it's not very good and it floats below the standard of Cheer Up. I don't think it's a grower, just a relatively poor album.
  16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._..._British_market
  17. In case you didn't know, SimTower got a pseudo-sequel in the form of Yoot's Tower. It's freely avaliable at The Underdogs.
  18. You remove that, and Scrubs loses half its point. It needs the cheesey cliché lesson-me-dos.
  19. Erm, it was leaked 21 days ago - not to piss on your fire at all Apparently the retail will have a new version of Beer instead of Story of my Life. It's alright, not the greatest album in the world. Reel Big Fish have been going steadily downhill for a while now. Still, it's better than it could have been. Personally, I'm hoping that Less than Jake's new album is damn good. Coming soon - a couple of months or so.
  20. No, Sega were the first to introduce the analogue - NiGHTs controller. Then Nintendo brought out the N64 pad, then Sony brought out their analog then Dual Shock pads. The DC pads are based on analogue Saturn pad crossed with the SNES one. The DS1 pad is not the pad that all pads have been designed around since. Frankly, it's a terrible pad design - analog added in a random place so you have to stretch being a key ergonomic flaw. The original Xbox pad has more in common with the DC pad than the DS2 one (triggers, analogue, D-Pad underneath), the Controller S is merely a smaller ver of the big controller and the GC pad is pretty much unique.
  21. Green Wing sucks. Scrubs, however, rocks. I've seen all 4 series, and although lately it has gone down hill a little 'cause they changed the formula slightly man. They can't just change the fomula! The preachiness it part of its appeal. I think a couple of episodes have made me cry. But that may be because I'm a twat rather than them actually being sad.
  22. Caz-Chan's Random Thread Flood o' Fun See how many posts containing little to no content on the random thread in 60 seconds. Onion's Table Game Lots of websites appear on screen. You have to cross out the one containing tables and then redraw it so it looks exactly the same. The No Porn Game Random images flash up on screen. You have to ban the people who put on pornographic ones...
  23. Prisoner of War didn't offend me as such, but the subject matter made me feel a little uneasy.
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