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  1. Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want To Be Say Anything - Is a Real Boy.. Both damn good. Brand New - Deja Entendu was released last year, but it needs pimping as much as possible. Brilliant album.
  2. Since they've recently brought out singles where there is a CD version on one side, and a DVD version on the other I would say that it's feasible.
  3. Halo

    Consolevania 7

    Gacy's still in it then, I presume...
  4. Hypocrism Did you went to college or something? I'm sure you only came into this thread to invent new words.
  5. So, me finding the reverse engineering of software intresting is sad? The guy who had built the thing to dump the rom has done so to create homebrew software - because of a distinct lack of documentation out there, people are writing it. You do realise the large amount of GBA homebrew out there is due to the fact it was emulated and reverse engineered so early on? Whatsmore, I find it highly amusing that you think I would want to pirate the DS games which are either reasonably impractical to play on a PC, or poor ports of another version. I find it impressive that it's possible rather than having it to play. Also, what relevance AT ALL does blindingly dull MSN story have? Oh yes, and is this a good time for you to check my games list? It's in my signature - I own 377 original games and god-knows how many consoles, spending several thousand pounds in the process. Your turn - you don't care about emulation or homebrew, lets compare my monetary contribution compares to YOUR monetary contribution to the games industry shall we? I mean, on your high horse, I hope it's double or triple my contribution because, obviously, as I'm intrested in emulation it means I pirate games and don't give money to the games industry, yes? In summary: Fuck off. Thanks.
  6. Rumour has it that the Mario 64 floating around is fake, but the Metroid demo is real (but nuked due to the fact it's a demo and not an actual game). More DS dumps are to follow. See http://www.darkfader.net/ds/ for more info.
  7. GBA games were £20 in the US, £35 over here
  8. As opposed to your deep and indepth reasoning as to why I am such a "pathetic bastard" who needs to "get a life". Good job leading the way, sir! Edit: I also didn't pick up on "went to", or "non-pathetic". Irony, at it's finest.
  9. Edit: After rereading this several times, I have decided the reply of choice is "Have a Wank".
  10. Yes, I suspected the Mario 64 was a fake (apparently it was only 96mbit which is more than a little suspicious). Didn't know Metroid Demo was a bad dump though. I don't think nuked is the correct term, since it'll be nuked whether it's real or not since it's a demo.
  11. Halo

    Bastard Steam...

    The evil thieves are using the crack though and their game works fine...
  12. I'm hopeful. It's much, much more likely an emulator will exist when you have something there to reverse engineer. Also, the CPS3 is kind of related to do with the fact there is only about 5 games on the platform, and the interest in cracking it isn't there - particularly when considering how good the DC ports. Also, many believed that CPS2 wouldn't get decrypted, and while arguably it still hasn't been cracked properly, it has been decrypted and made playable. I don't think The Guru is much of a programmer or cracker either - he's a PCB dumper. I'd also like to point out that every other major platform right now is emulated to some degree.
  13. Erm, clicking? You could also associate button shortcuts to stuff like stylus taps. Either way, it's an intresting development.
  14. I presume you could use your mouse. I'm sure people with Tablet PCs are sorted. Erm, why exactly is it impossible?
  15. As above. Metroid Prime has been dumped, and so has Mario 64 DS supposedly. This should mean that working emulators will begin to come out in the next few weeks.
  16. I'm sure it'll get capped and released on BitTorrent by someone anyhow
  17. Well, you can always buy a broadband adapter and rip them yourself. Or buy a Dreamcast development kit and rip the GD-ROM out...
  18. I'm sure all the people who play FPS on PC are really upset that they're missing out on rumble effects... Also, isn't there only two racing and FPS games on the GC...
  19. I think any problems are mainly in pacing rather than the content. Speed the whole thing up by removing unneccessary bits.
  20. Agreed. Those bits were fucking ace.
  21. This has already been integrated into the MAME too without much fuss. If you want to keep an eye on MAME updates, check here.
  22. Now people are starting to finish, the torrent should start flying.
  23. There is a half-decent Saturn emulator - Giri Giri. Not legal, mind.
  24. Yup - I just watched it. Very, very bizarre but funny. BTW, I am seeding now. Downloaded 617 meg, uploaded 760meg. BitComet doesn't support "Super Seeder", and I can't be arsed getting Azureus working so I'll just seed normally.
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