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  1. The idea of the name Super Puzzle Fighter II is to take the piss out of Street Fighter, though. If you remove the piss take parts of the name it becomes... welll... "Puzzle". Super Monkey Ball is because it's the psuedo-sequel to the arcade original called simply Monkey Ball. Half-Life, Amplitude, Frequency are very good. They imply what the games are about without explaining it (plus sound good). I like Resident Evil. Makes me think of TSRs... Evil running in the background. Lovely. Day of the Tentacle is a nice name, Resident Evil is a lovely, lovely name. House of the Dead is also a good name as it vaguely refers to the Dead trilogy and also explains what it is. Beach Spikers is also a very good name. Considering the similar concept, it's a much better name than that stupid DoA volleyball game. NiGHTs into Dreams. I've always thought this sounded really cool. Fable. It's so simple... lovely. Notable bad ones: Max Payne. I mean... seriously, Max Payne. Serious Sam. See above. Crazy Taxi. It explains what it is, but sounds awful. It's a TAXI that's CRAZY!
  2. Okay then, I'll remove "any rom sites" to "any romsites in the last few years". Compared to, for example, Nintendo, Sega haven't done much at all. If they did, SMSPower wouldn't exist. The "represented by" thing might also imply that it was a US piracy organisation rather than Sega though.
  3. They have no point. PocketNES is legal, licenseless (truely open) and has been used in a legal cart sold in Japan. If some bootleggers are using it for bad purposes, that's not the author's problem. Plus, what's with the title? Sega have never, ever been against Emulation. In fact, if anything, Sega have been positive towards it - they bought KGen, created their own Megadrive emu for DC, bought Giri Giri when it started to have progress and has never hunted any rom sites.
  4. Does Virtua On work in Giri Giri (or VO:OT in Chankast?)
  5. 88/89 sounds very late to me... the Megadrive was out in '89!
  6. Amazon don't ship games abroad either. Gameplay and Play do though...
  7. I'm bandwidthly challenged (dial-up fun!). Any non-download way of getting CV1-4 in one Super Mega Hyper Consolevania package? Mmm, I could just about a 50meg download though. Hm.
  8. That',s Composite SCART. The order of signal quality is: RF (Ariel) Composite (Three wires, two audio one graphics) S-Video (Weird prong thing) RGB (Usually only found in a SCART lead) Component RGB is a big leap up from Composite.
  9. Halo

    Every Extend

    I can only get 1.8mill even on heavy. I've only gone to the other boss once, anybody tell me what you need to do to get there?
  10. I strongly disagree with the first statement. Scrubs is teh r0x0r. I strongly agree with the second statement. Sarah Chalke is teh r0x0r. As for Green Wing... it was okay. Not good, not bad. Felt as though it went on 30 mins too long. I'll watch it next week but if it doesn't improve I won't watch it the week after
  11. [conspiracytheory]Am I the only one who thing EA have bought Criterion as a way of reeping the proits from the GTA series?[/conspiracytheory]
  12. Games don't kill people, hammers do Ask any ELPSA spokesperson and they'll tell you it's true It's a fact that games relieve aggression, except when you fail again on that fuckin' mission. You don't believe me? Here's my hype History is full of non-game playing types of criminal, not those that do, For example, Hitler killed millions of jews Stalin repressed millions and millions too, Would Mae West have been bad if she played Pong, or Celine Dion would have cursed us with all of her songs? Would the Moors Murderers been quite as bad, had the opportunity to play some Arc the Lad? But they didn't, they got it wrong, They should have all stayed home and played some Donkey Kong but they'd started, they couldn't stop. So remember kids, don't play MAME 'cause Hammers don't people, just games Hammers don't kill people, games do I read in it the Daily Mail so it must be true, Millions killed playing Sonic 2, Jumped on their heads like in Mario 2. Actuallly... no. It's stupid, and I'm lazy. If someone wants to finish it, feel free.
  13. Get a replacement drive and fit it in. It might fail again after a year, but chances are you'll be able to buy one dirt cheap second hand by then.
  14. Halo

    Games(tm) -

    I can feel the love.
  15. I buy way too many old games - I'm seriously trying to stop as it's a waste of money as I don't really play them. That said, I did buy the US Tennis 2k2 yesterday as I enjoyed Virtua Tennis a lot.
  16. Street Fighter fans take the piss out of the fact it's had millions of different versions. Plus, since Championship Manager is a stats-based game updated stats are more important than in FIFA. They're the biggest publisher in the world, I hope they do publish a few decent games.
  17. Sports games don't interest me unless they're particularly notable. NHL '94 is still well regarded, I realise this. Played it, doesn't do anything for me. As for Madden, meh. The Sega games are regarded as better nowadays, and I've never understood the appeal of them myself. "Generic golf title"... mmm... I'll definately stick with that. Mario Golf, Everybody's Golf 2 and Neo Turf Masters are fantastic games. I'm not even sure EA own the developers of it either way.
  18. I used that to make a statement because that's the title of the thread
  19. EA are terrible. No-one can tell me anything otherwise. Look at the facts. Look at Road Rash. It was great when I was 7, but play it now and it was a poor to average Mega Drive title with it's themes making it sound a better game than anything else. I played it recently and found it... well... unplayable. NHL '94. It's a generic sports game from 10 years ago. Please. Generic golf game #332423. Give me Mario Golf or Neo Turf Masters any day. Need for Speed, with the possible exception of the original, has always been a poor relation to something else. NFS:U is possibly above average, but it has dodgy glossy graphics and handling. Theme Park was made by Bullfrog and published by EA. As was Syndicate, Theme Hospital and later Dungeon Keeper. Later, EA bought Bullfrog. They then brought out the shite that was Theme Park World, and Theme Park Inc. Bullfrog then magically disappeared. Burnout 3. The third in the series created by Criterion. Started before EA bought them out, previously published by Acclaim. I think Criterion would have done fine without EA. Madden? Shitty sports game. Sorry, but it is. Def Jam Vandetta? I'm from the position that all wrestling games are poor, but even so... developed by Aki Corporation who have a history of wrestling games. Medal of honour? Below average FPS, with the possible exception of MoH:AA which wasn't developed by EA. 2015 inc developed that. Command and Conquer originally developed by Westwood and owned by Virgin Interactive until 1998. The original hits (C&C, C&C: Red Alert) were developed in Virgin's control. EA bought them in 1998. After that, Tiberian Sun was released (which was good) but since then quality has got steadily worse without any innovation. So we have Zany Golf, the original Need for Speed, Need for Speed: Underground, and Desert Strike. For 10 years from the biggest games company in the world. I think I have a reason to be cynical, and I think you need to do research before condemning EA to anything but death. I wish EA would just die.
  20. That photo makes no sense at all. Very odd. Some of the people I talk to say it's fake. Got any more pics with the full cable on to prove them wrong?
  21. Megadrive II: Works fine SNES: Works fine Saturn: Works fine Modded ancient PSX: Works Fine PSone: The flap to keep the thing closed is a little bit sensitive, but it works fne NES: Had to play with it a bit, but it works fine SMS2: Works fine Xbox: Works fine (Philips DVD drive) GC: Works Fine Asian chipped DC: Works fine (a little bit picky about scratched disks mind) GB: Works fine GBP: Works Fine GBA: Works fine GBA Sp: Works fine C64: Works fine Mega CD 2: Works fine
  22. Yet they all sell well and are good games. Shocking.
  23. Oh, and people going "NINTENDO IS DOING A SEGA - GOING SOFTWARE ONLY!1111" make me laugh. Sega was in the red for several years, hadn't had a reliable income like the GBA, and hadn't got several billion dollars in the bank. Nintendo has. Nintendo have only ever had one single quarterly loss. They also make lots of money on handhelds and take an extra slice of the pie as they develop half the software on their platforms. It's much more likely that a company buys Nintendo and forces them togo software only than anything else.
  24. As opposed to all the classic franchises that Sony and Microsoft own... Translation: Gran Turismo, Amplitude and Ico for Sony Halo and a few sports games for Microsoft Nintendo have Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pikmin, Smash Bros, F-Zero, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Starfox, Warioware Inc, WarioLand, Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Excitebike, Paper Mario, Kirby, 1080 Snowboarding and. Mario Party I don't think Nintendo have much to worry about... I might also add that they released 3 Mario games for the NES yet they were hardly going bankrupt or desperate then.
  25. How tacky does the US one look?
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