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  1. Oh, and people going "NINTENDO IS DOING A SEGA - GOING SOFTWARE ONLY!1111" make me laugh. Sega was in the red for several years, hadn't had a reliable income like the GBA, and hadn't got several billion dollars in the bank. Nintendo has. Nintendo have only ever had one single quarterly loss. They also make lots of money on handhelds and take an extra slice of the pie as they develop half the software on their platforms. It's much more likely that a company buys Nintendo and forces them togo software only than anything else.
  2. As opposed to all the classic franchises that Sony and Microsoft own... Translation: Gran Turismo, Amplitude and Ico for Sony Halo and a few sports games for Microsoft Nintendo have Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pikmin, Smash Bros, F-Zero, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Starfox, Warioware Inc, WarioLand, Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Excitebike, Paper Mario, Kirby, 1080 Snowboarding and. Mario Party I don't think Nintendo have much to worry about... I might also add that they released 3 Mario games for the NES yet they were hardly going bankrupt or desperate then.
  3. How tacky does the US one look?
  4. The Japanese name - Ninja 5-0 - is so much better
  5. Any chance of getting hold of the 3 Consolevania episodes in some sort of hyper-mega-uber-super-deluxe DVD for the uninitiated?
  6. http://defaced.co.uk/halo/gamelist.htm
  7. Not only is it encrypted, it uses really, really odd hardware. It's one of those things that no-one in the MAME team really wants to do...
  8. To the people who obviously weren't paying attention during E3 the design isn't final - it's a mockup Seen it all before? Maybe so, but nothing better can be said about the PSP - loada sequels, no original ideas. At least Nintendo is trying to come up with something new with the dual-screen and touch-screen ideas, rather than Sony's policy of "the same thing but smaller". Meh.
  9. I love Bust-a-Move, but I find it very hard to play since I struggle to tell the difference between light green and yellow since I'm colour blind. Damn them.
  10. Do I suppose when I walk into a book shop and ask if they've got a title, they'll check? Do I expect them to be polite? Do I expect them to handle what I'm buying well? When I walk into a newsagent and ask them if they have any copies of Edge Magazine around the back because I can't see any, do I expect them to check? Of course I do. Therefore it the person who works at GAME should do something similar.
  11. The Playstation won by default - nobody liked coding Sega's underpowered and overcomplicated platform and Nintendo's platform came too late in the day. The PS2 won because the DC came too early (and people were drawn to the PS2s "impending greatness") and the Xbox/GC came too late to be real competition. So... essentially... by default. And some hype.
  12. I don't remember that at all. Rather, Netscape users were making fun of Internet Explorer because of the useless piece of shit it was. Then MS improved its browser and used underhand tactics like intergrating it into the OS, and giving it away free to companies to deliberately try and make the company bankrupt. When making comparisons, at least get them right. If MS decided to give away its Xbox to everyone for free to stop people buying PS2s, THEN I can see your point.
  13. Erm.. hasn't that already been remade on PSX?
  14. It's real and Lik-Sang sold it for a while - dunno if they still do. Really old news that is doing the rounds again for some odd reason.
  15. Halo

    EFA Linker

    Also: Just because these EZFA carts do all these fancy features, they'll never be as good as my oldsk00l 256mbit F2A cart. Save patching can be a little annoying, but I bet it'll outlive your flash cart by a huge margin. It's all the brand.
  16. I don't particularly. I happen to have 3 NESes because 2 were donated to me as "broken" by my Brother's mate and I'm not exactly going to refuse them, am I? It's also worth noting that NESes are well known to be very unreliable, so you could have chosen a better example. I was responding to the claims that I was a hoarder, which I wasn't fully disagreeing with.
  17. No... I buy cheap duplicates of any games. New, rare, or not. Hence why I have several copies of FIFA '95 on Megadrive, Sonic 1 (including the v1.1 Japanese revision) and, yes, a few rare games. I am sorry for keeping those copies of FIFA '95 away from eBayers as well as some of my less common duplicates. I disagree with buying to resell. Call me a hoarder. I probably am, sitting next to my 3 SNESes, 3 Mega Drives, 3 PSXes, 3 NESes, 6 Gameboys etc. But I get joy out of every single thing I own - no matter what system and I see it as better than buying exclusively to eBay. 2 copies also provides me one to keep mint, and one to play which is the ideal scenario for any pseudo-collector, no? If I obtained a third copy cheaply, I'd probably give it away to a mate. It wasn't a bugbear with you, I disagree with the whole practise. Your reply annoyed me enough to reply to it. It wasn't meant to be personal, but the post seemed very arrogant and it ticked me off sufficiently to bother replying. Do you see? I also wasn't on the Edge forum. If you had, however, posted something similar on TheDVDForums, or when I used to frequent UGV* (are you the same Andy K?) I would have replied in exactly the same way. It's been well documentated that I disagree with buying to eBay and I don't make any secret of it.
  18. Halo

    EFA Linker

    You should be patching your ROMs. Check http://haggar.emuunlim.com/fix/ for details. It's slightly annoying, but nothing too bad.
  19. Hmmm... never heard about that SCART thing. I know they provided RVB SCART leads as standard with French Megadrives, but I didn't know they were ever bundled.
  20. I'd buy it and keep it next to my current copy, because that's person I am. I wouldn't eBay it. *points at his dupes of Puzzle Fighter II, Parappa etc* I still argue I'm not trolling (I was pointing out a clash of intrests in my view), but as I don't know the exact pikies you are referring too, I cannot make full judgement. I've known perfectly pleasant pikies before. However, I still think that carbooting takes little skill and I don't see anyone trying to make a living out of it as any eviler than others who buy to resell/eBay. Anyway, I find Cash Generator and it's ilk much more fruitful and easier to get to than Car Boots nowadays. They always seem to have something reasonable in cheap, but I'm not expecting to find anything pre-crash.
  21. >>Accusing me of trolling >Never! OOOH! USENET formatting. Fancy. I seemed to have mucked it up here, but that's because I don't think the forum is designed for it. BTW, The smiley was the key to that post. Rolleyes. Do you see? >> you're any better than the "pikey scum". >Ah the difference is that people on here: >1) Leave stuff behind - the pikeys don't. Erm, consolepassion owns a store. Of course he doesn't leave stuff of worth behind. I also doubt most of the people in this thread would. >2) Don't take 4 kids out to run about and pick up everything of worth, thus my "winged monkeys" name. Erm, I've taken friends to carboots to help me rummage through the stuff. OHNO! I AM TEH EVIL! Seriously, you seem pretty bitter that someone has managed to get 4 kids to go and find stuff of worth, it seems like a rather efficient way of doing it from where I'm sitting, actually. I'm not bothered who gets it, really, if the end result of it is being resold. I'm sure if you had 4 kids spare, you'd do exactly the same thing. >3) Only goto pick up games OHNO! ONLY GONE TO CARBOOTS TO PICK UP GAMES. Seriously, that's a really lame reason. I'm sure most of the carbooters on this thread go to these things for the games over anything else. Hell, I exclusively go to buy games. I don't see any harm in that at all. >4) Don't do what male pikey was doing Sunday and diving in the back of motors >just pulling up at the behest of His missus as I'd beaten them to a CDI and She >looked dagger sat me. Sorry, I don't understand that. >5) I've not given up all work and am attempting to keep 4 kids and a wife on the >proceeds from buying items at a car boot sale! Ah, but my point is that someone reselling is doing the SAME DAMN THING no matter whether they are working or not. >I do prefer the phrase winged monkeys and if the pikey Wife pushes my missus out >the way like She did the other week and is as wonderfully rude as she was then I >should think My missus will clock Her - I noticed the wife had a row the other week >at a sale with someone so it certainly isn't just Me thats being rubbed up the wrong >way. Erm, you say they're bad and you're considering physical violence towards them? Then, frankly, you both need help! >I think I'm pretty polite at boot sales, I'm patient, nice to people and not annoying, >trying to unload peoples cars before they've even got their table set up! >We are better, just deal with it son. You sound more bitter to me. >Oh and This: >>Buying/selling takes very little real knowledge or effort, afterall. >Is bollocks and an explanation would be wasted on you, why don't you go and do it if its that easy? I have done in the past, and if I have chance to go to a carboot I still go. I can't justify the effort. I buy to extend my collection, never to eBay. It takes no real knowledge or effort to know what games are worth what. Just because I don't buy to resell doesn't know I don't mean the prices of games. There is hardly any more skill than a Where's Wally book. You go to a car boot in the morning. You look around car boot. You find Wally (Generic Pseudo-R@RE Game #3432423) and then you buy it. It's not really rocket science, or particularly difficult.
  22. Accusing me of trolling I just found it very ironic that you can call people names and using your "status" of having a games website you make to say you're any better than the "pikey scum". I just decided to make my post short and sweet as at the time I couldn't be arsed to justify it. But... to me... it's the same end result, at the end of the day, whether it goes into the pockets of the "pikey scum" eBayers or the shoppers on your website paying a premium for the products offered. It doesn't give you any more right to do it whether you've been reselling for 4 years on a website or been selling on eBay for 2 weeks, afterall. Buying/selling takes very little real knowledge or effort, afterall. Threatening physical violence is crossing the line, but if someone jumps you to a bargain I'm not offering you any sympathy.
  23. Ah, but you're pikey reselling scum too, so you're no better than the other pikies.
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