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    GBA SP

    Erm, if you bought games from eBay they are probably pirate copies. That's why the eBay market is flooded with cheap games.
  2. That is really, really nice mate. Did you get he unit from Ikea? I wanna do something similar to that when I move. It looks really good. VERY nice collection
  3. No, but ticket touts do spend hours phoning up to buy the tickets, queue up for hours to be front in line, spend time outside of the venue selling the tickets etc. As far as analogies go, it's not a bad one really. Good post epsilon
  4. Also: Where did you get that Wip3out: Special Edition and Destruction Derby 2 double pack? I've never seen that before, and I want both of those games AHA, Gameplay.co.uk sell it for £15. Not bad £12.49 at Special Reserve...
  5. I'd show pics of my collection, but it's all over the place after moving twice in a year - I also don't know where quite a bit of my stuff is. Once I've moved for the third (and final time for a while), I'll shove some pics up.
  6. No... I'm... shock horror... Halo. I've got 250 posts and I frequent #edge as Halo-. I'm on TheDVDForums as HaloMan and NTSC-UK as Halo. I just replied because I thought some of the replies to E-X's admittedly over-the-top anti-reselling-on-eBay posts were taking the piss. They were implying that they were somehow better than people who don't eBay, that buying stuff to resell on eBay requires any form of intelligence and that someone eBaying something should be considered to be a positive thing. Neither of which are true, IMO.
  7. Okay, that's a stark accusation. You don't need to know much about games to know what to buy to eBay - you need a list in your head of what games are worth what. Indeed, because I know what games are worth it doesn't mean I buy them to resell on eBay. I don't agree with buying for eBay, but I tolerate it. And no, I haven't been ripped off on eBay - I buy what I think something is worth preventing me from being ripped off. And yes, I know what Kizuna Encouter is. I also know if I saw a copy of Kizuna Encouter at a carboot for £100 I wouldn't automatically buy it (nothing to do with morals either). You can tell me with your l33t games knowledge why that is, I'm sure.
  8. Yes, it's really good and I don't remember the Japanese text being too much of a problem.
  9. Looking at this thread it's missing: Darxide for 32X - rarer than every other title mentioned here Chaotix for 32X So... f'nar. Okay, you said PSX and Saturn only, but it is 32 bit. I'm slowly picking up all the r@re PSX games I can find as a hobby. It's fun, and quite cheap and the games are enjoyable to play. Point Blank 1, 2 and 3 also haven't been mentioned and they're very uncommon, as well as KOF '98 PAL with Memory Cart and Riven for Saturn. Oh, and Monster Rancher for PSX.
  10. I didn't know that - I learn something every day. Either way, Metroid Prime is well regarded and generally delivered as promised - I wouldn't say it was negative for his CV to have it on there.
  11. For a start, Metroid Prime was nothing to do with Miyamoto. Indeed, it was made in the US by Retro Studios. Miyamoto also has lots of output which is at a consistantly decent standard, and there hasn't been a single game where you can say "this is total shit". Molyneux, however, outputs very little over a long period of time - people are judged on their latest works and he hasn't delivered. Unfortunately, this is one of the problems of owning your own small low-output studio - it also means you have lots of hype built up over time as you can't afford to work on multiple titles. Theme Park, Populous, Syndicate and Magic Carpet are all over 10 years old now. Dungeon Keeper is about 7 years ago. The only thing released in the last 5 years was B&W which was disappointing. People in the games industries have short memories. Whereas, in comparison, Miyamoto in the past 5 years has helped create Pikmin, Smash Bros: Melee, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Warioware Inc, Zelda: 4 Swords, Zelda: Wind Waker, Luigi's Mansion, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda: Majora's Mask, Paper Mario, Smash Bros, Mario & Luigi, Mario vs. Donkey Kong etc etc
  12. People are judged on their output. Black & White has been Molyneux's only output in the last 5 years.
  13. That was a bit hasty. I think he was merely pointing out that while it's great to have an update it's not much use when the intresting stuff is... well... CENSORED.
  14. Halo

    Friday Quiz

    2) A Laptop (either with the emulator or the PC ver), or a Hisaturn Navi (and you still couldn't play it on the bus as it needs a cigarette lighter for power as it has no built in battery) 13) Vibri from Vib Ribbon Of course, Sonic Jam on the bus would be much more intresting, since there would be 3 possible answers then...
  15. Halo


    The Jolt review has been removed. Grrr.
  16. I'll assume that's becomes a "no". I suggested Gamespy simply because they are well known for hosting all sorts of crap: MAME32, Neogeo roms(!), all sorts.
  17. I'll assume the American mob are either IGN GameSpy (very likely) or Gamespot/C|Net (not quite as likely). Either way, neato.
  18. On the Ball for SNES - the much superior arcade version is called Camel Try (go play in MAME) - is a nice weird game by Taito. Go and play it. It's fun. It even got a PAL release, shockingly.
  19. You can use Daemon Tools to mount any CDIs so you don't need to burn them to CD.
  20. This is as bad as just conning someone IMO. This obviously should be cancelled and is very immoral. I hope the person who bought it expected copies and read the description fully before bidding.
  21. I'd feel hardjacked if I traded in those games (particularly the GBA ones). Those can still fetch a half decent price online... you should have done the deal with PS2 games and sold those in the usual places.
  22. What you should have done: Buy a memory card, a USB>Xbox control pad and MechAssault/Splinter Cell/007. You can then use an exploit to load up EvoX so you can FTP your saves to your PC HDD.
  23. It was okay, but wasn't great. Kingdom Hearts beating Soul Calibur is just wrong, though.
  24. It's rather odd that you needed VGRebirth for information on the Dreamcast since it's te best documented system out there. This site is very useful for Dreamcast release info - particularly the link at the top with US/Euro release list and comparison
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