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  1. See http://www.chanka.org I've tested it on my 2.6ghz P4 and it runs Ikaruga at almost fullspeed and is supposed to run some 3D games at about half speed. It only runs mounted CDI files or copies as obviously running GD-Rs would be impossible. You need the DC bios too...
  2. And upto something stupid like 30 hours if you put a longlife battery in. But considering that the DS is going to be permanently backlit, I thought the 8-10 hours comment was somewhat appropriate and a reasonable comparison.
  3. Educated guesswork suggests a low figure by the sheer fact that Sony has already announced an external battery pack for the PSP. On top of that, someone I was talking to on IRC already said that they talked to the Sony representatives at E3 who said that it would be about 2.5 hours battery life. Then again, lots of bullshit is spouted by people on IRC... Nintendo have speculated a 8-10 hour battery life - the same as the GBA Sp. I have a tendancy to believe Nintendo in these matters since they don't usually exaggerate that much. At the moment, for me, the DS is sounding the better prospect. I like Mario 64, and I'd rather have pseudo-original games without any loading times (due to them using cartridges) than the sequel-a-thon with waiting times that Sony will enevitably release. No doubt the DS will be cheaper as well. I can also guess that Sony will block the release of many 2D games like they did with the PS2 in the US, which is slightly sad too. Another thing that scares me on the PSP is that the screen looks easy to scratch, whereas the DS is nice and fold-away. I can also play my GBA flash cart on the DS. And the DS is looking cheaper. So... lets just say the PSP has to bowl me over.
  4. I have these on my list. I can't confirm them, but they sound right: Cheesy SLES-00053 Total NBA '96 SCES-00067 X-Com Terror From The Deep SLES-00077 Onside (Complete Onside Soccer) SLES-00079 Supersonic Racers SLES-00080 I also have a feeling these ID numbers and the ones that Sony give when they are approving them. Maybe the games were completed but not Sony approved and were sent back for improvement?
  5. If you didn't know, each of the demo disks also had numbers on so those 3 you mention may be demo disks. There was a time when I was going to create a PAL PSX release list... but never did end up doing it. Striker '96 is SLES-00023, Hard Boiled is SLES-00033 if that helps at all. bubblewrap is right about the Sony published thing btw
  6. I suck at these, so how about... Strike of the Robots
  7. That people stole thread ideas from other forums and posted them here. Oh wait... maybe that isn't just a rumour...
  8. I own 4 copies of Sonic 1 for Megadrive if that counts... (well, that's not strictly true or quite as stupid as it sounds. I own 3 PAL copies and I own a Jap v1.1 copy with the scrolling clouds) I also recently bought F355 Challenge for Jap DC despite the fact I already owned the superior PAL version and didn't particularly like the game. But it was only £2 so I couldn't really resist...
  9. I've never understood people who didn't like cats They're so cute, and loveable. Okay, they can be right bastards at times... but so can everything (even people).
  10. Neil? Oooh, funky name. That's the problem with cats is that they always like to mess with crap Anything you want to keep minty mint you need to hide away
  11. I love mech games so much. Didn't like MechAssault though... I love mechs so much, in fact, I named my cat Prime (after the Transformers legend). 'twas intresting when I went to the chinese.
  12. Games rating are bollocks. As stated previously, there is no legal reason why a games publisher has to submit a game to the BBFC for classification (which costs quite a bit of money)... they do it to get an 18 certificate and in turn get more sales for the game. I'm 16. I play 18 games. I watch 18 movies. Oh no, somebody write to the Daily Mail! I just don't understand why it should be illegal for me to buy a movie (such as Battle Royale - on C4 on Monday folks) that is an 18 here, but is a R-15 in Japan, for example. Can 15-year-olds in this country be influenced more than those in Japan? Or is the whole concept of a rating system complete and utter bollocks? I think I'll vote for the latter. It's not as though it matters, anyway, since all age limits can be avoided by buying online with me debit card anyhow, and usually at a cheaper price... and this excludes the huge online second hand market. No age limits are going to stop me getting something I wanna watch/play. Although what the hell a 15/16 year old was doing buying that piece of complete shit is beyond me. The majority of 18-rated games are awful anyway - GTA and Manhunt being the 2 major exceptions. Oh no... I'm "missing out" on BMX XXX, Carmageddon, Backyard Wrestling...
  13. I remember having colour-blindness issues with Puzzle Fighter and Puyo Pop on GBA. The colours are similar to the point I can't really tell the difference between the yellow and the green, making the game near-impossible to play. I can still play them on a TV or emulated on a monitor, I just can't play 'em on my GBA. Frustrating, since I love the games. I've had the green/yellow thing on quite a few puzzle games in the past... it's very annoying since I love puzze games. Since I often play games at night, so I have to turn the sound down, coupled with the fact I'm slightly deaf, it annoys me when devco's don't put a subtitles option in a game. It's not exactly a difficult thing to do, and would make life much easier. Hell, sometimes I can hear the speech but don't understand what it's saying.
  14. Halo

    Kung Fu Chaos

    It's alright, but Power Stone 1 and 2 are better games - easier to pick up and play and, IMO, much more fun. I do like the mini-games though - played them for ages with 4 players.
  15. Yeah, I sent something but didn't get a reply. Should I expect a reply or should I take it as "Okay, not what we're after. Thanks anyway"?
  16. They are worth about a fiver each... not many people collect the Saturn promo's.
  17. Halo

    Soul Calibur

    I think you'll find that if you play something like an FPS, even a newbie will frag someone whose good at the game every now and then... but the experienced player will still beat the newcomer. FPS and Fighting games differ by loads anyway. You have a huge advantage if you memorise the levels of an FPS.
  18. Halo

    Soul Calibur

    This is what makes SC such a gem though. Anyone can do half-decently at it within a few minutes of picking it up, and occasionally win. However, ultimately, the better player prevails over the weaker one. The game feels like it gives everyone a fair chance, which is why it's so great in multiplayer.
  19. The Zelda bonus disks on the GC and the NES games on the GBA, as well as those built into Animal Crossing etc Please, please fuck off. I'd argue that all the consoles in this generation that are out only have a handful of exclusive genuine original and intresting games - the Xbox is no worse. Either way, this isn't the thread to argue it.
  20. Nintendo actually listening to its consumers and releasing the GBA Sp Nintendo recently releasing commercial emulators, dispite the fact it's always called them illegal. Microsoft actually being a competitant competitor in the console marketplace.
  21. The pulled version of The Getaway isn't worth anything extra, the same way the pulled version of Revenge of Shinobi with Batman isn't worth anything extra. Why? Because it's impossible to tell the games apart without actually getting to the cut sections. The boxes are identical, the disks look identical. You've got to play it through to find out if the section is cut and obviously people don't want to do that.
  22. Maybe it's due to their size as well. My 25-odd unboxed SNES games looks a lot bigger and more impressive than my 40-odd unboxed GB games.
  23. I dunno. I assume it's because of the relative difficulty in obtaining games, but I think the platform just doesn't intrest collectors. The average car boot might find 2 or 3 Gameboy games compared to several dozen Megadrives and I think this does affect it's collection aspect, particularly with the quantity of games. All I know that in comparison with most formats (not all) GBX collection isn't very popular.
  24. Again, about a fiver. This is despite the fact that I have seen more copies of Mario Land 2 floating about than any other GB game (including Tetris) As for that autograph, it looks genuine if you compare it to the one found at the bottom of this page
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